A Darker Place
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The New York Times¨C bestselling author and ¡°dean of intrigue novelists¡± returns with a remarkable novel of espionage and revenge.

A famous Russian writer and ex-paratrooper named Alexander Kurbsky is fed up with the Putin government and decides he wants to ¡°disappear¡± into the West. He is under no illusions, however, about how the news will be greeted at home, having seen too many of his countrymen die mysteriously at the hands of the thuggish Russian security services, so he makes elaborate plans with Charles Ferguson, Sean Dillon, and the rest of the group known informally as the ¡°Prime Minister¡¯s private army¡± for his escape and concealment.

It¡¯s a real coup for the West except for one thing: Kurbsky is still working for the Russians. The plan is to infiltrate British and American intelligence at the highest levels, and he has his own motivations for doing the most effective job possible. He does not care what he has to do or where he has to go . . . or who he has to kill.

Filled with suspense, driven by characters of complexity and passion, A Darker Place once again proves that, in the words of the Associated Press, ¡°When it comes to thriller writers, one name stands well above the crowd¡ªJack Higgins.¡±

Customer Reviews:

  • Where's Sean?
    I absolutely love the character of Sean Dillon. It's been fun to watch his character grow and change since he was first introduced. But here, his role is barely that of a cameo. In fact, when the trouble comes up on the train, Sean SLEEPS through it?!?!?!?

    And I'm going to have to find a hard copy and see if it ends in the same place as the Kindle version. I know the review with the book description said that the3 final dustup was rushed... but the last page in the Kindle version doesn't even feel like and ending. I thought maybe the next book was intended to pick up the story, but after reading the description of the new one coming out in July, that doesn't seem to be the case.

    BRING BACK SEAN!!!...more info
  • Not his best work
    I have almost finished this book, on Kindle (last chapter to go yet). While Jack Higgins has been one of my favorite authors since "The Eagle Has Landed", this not his best work. The plot is totally unbelievable. A Russian soldier/author is asked by Putin to defect to the west to spy on top secret English spy group. They are completely taken in, arrange for him to be smuggled to London and once there shower him with money, weapons, disguise, a place to live, and a vehicle. No debriefing takes place, and he has free reign to go where he wants.
    The characters seem like cardboard cut-outs and no better than the plot. If you can't find anything else to read, consider "A Darker Place", otherwise pass it by for a brighter place.
    ...more info
  • Higgins Quick Thriller
    Jack Higgins' books move quickly and enjoyably. Darker Place had more interesting and contemporary plot lines than many of his other novels. If you're looking for a lot of Sean Dillon, you'll be disappointed. But if you would like to get more of the tragic Giles Roper, this is your title....more info
  • Not His best!
    Although I'm a Higgins fan, this was not his best. Characters are developed beyond necessity, lots of meaningless dialogue that does not move the plot forward, less action than his previous books, and Dillon does not emerge until late in the book. Is Higgins training a newbie to take over his franchise?? In places it does not even sound like the Higgins we know and appreciate....more info
  • The Devil's in the Details
    Not one of his best efforts, "A Darker Place" shows evidence of slapdash writing by Higgins. To wit, Kurbsky, according to Higgins, is shot by Ali Selim in his left hip on page 330. However, on page 332, Kurbsky says he was shot in his right hip. Oops! The devil's in the details.

    I also found the Russian soldier's abrupt fling with the maid at the hotel where Kurbsky was staying when he defected a bit contrived--as though the maid/lover was thrown in as an obvious plot device (she "happens" to see Kurbsky when he makes a run for it at the hotel and she notifies the Russians who were guarding him).

    That being said, despite its jerry-built sections, "A Darker Place" is better than most thrillers, even though it's not Higgins's best.

    As for Sean Dillon, he seems to have mellowed out in his old age. He doesn't have that devil-may-care attitude he used to have. In this particular book in the series, he is, in fact, irrelevant.

    --Bryan Cassiday, author of "Fete of Death"...more info
  • Not Very Good
    The story ideas are interesting but this book left me wanting. This is the first Jack Higgins book I have read. Maybe I should have started with something else. The dialog is not very realistic. I have never heard anyone, anywhere speak as cartoon-like as they do in this book. And what's with all the drinking? Is seems like no character can go 5 minutes without having a vodka or whiskey; morning, noon, or night. What should I have started with instead?...more info
  • A disappointing read
    Higgins' books today are not as good as the earlier ones. It seems he does not take the time to think out the plot ahead of time and instead makes it up as he goes. Unfortunately he is in a rut of repeating plots over and over again. This is another example. I am hooked on reading all of his novels hoping for the spark of the Higgins of old but this is another disappointment....more info
  • The All-Star At Bat
    To me it's like baseball. Jack Higgins is my designated hitter; the big league writer I go to when I'm looking to see something happen on the field and in the thriller field the veteran writer scores again with a solid hit.
    A DARKER PLACE is typical All-Star Higgins with the familiar line up of players taking the field and a few new ones to make the game interesting.
    While some critics might complain that the book isn't a homerun swing it still delivers with well paced action and a Pro's touch to storyline.
    One line from the book though had me wondering if maybe the old pro is questioning his writing aches and pains. It is when his Russian writer, Alex Kurbsky, is asked what's next after he has written a noteworthy book. His reponse is '...any writer lucky enough to write the special book will tell you the most urgent question is whether you can do it again or it was just some gigantic fluke.'
    From the man who gave us THE EAGLE HAS LANDED, EXOCET, STORM WARNING and so many others he has proven that it's no fluke. Jack Higgins has given us a number of special books over the years and luck has little to do with it. It comes from the kind of hard work, dedication and skill that few writers or spotlighted rookies can muster with any degree of style and grace which is why I say he's my designated hitter in this game. Higgins has stepped up to the plate with his latest book and gave us a hit so I'll just sit here in the bleachers and once again applaud.
    Now, if I can just order a beer? ...more info
  • Is Jack Hungry?
    Not up to Jack Higgins standards!!! Sean Dillon was basically nowhere to be found, unless it is at Cambridge with his new girl friend. Jack are you punching out the novels just to write something? You are too good to have this book published as it was....more info
  • Bored, so painfully BORED....
    I was so hoping that this would be a good read - I was waiting and waiting, but to no avail. Where are the characters I loved? What happened to them? Did their clones take over? Where they in a coma, because they were not in this book. Higgins is still putting this book in the Sean Dillon series, but I don't understand why - he was barely in the book.

    Dillon in love - fine, but where is Dillon!?!?!

    Higgins - word of advice, if you don't want to do Dillon anymore than drop him. If you lost the ability to write well - stop, because this is weak and pathetic. ...more info