Mounting Fears
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New York Times¨C bestselling author Stuart Woods returns with another page-turning thriller.

President Will Lee is having a rough week. His vice president just died during surgery. Confirmation hearings for the new vice president are under way, but the squeaky-clean governor whom Will has nominated may have a few previously unnoticed skeletons in his closet. And Teddy Fay, the rogue CIA agent last seen in Shoot Him If He Runs, is plotting his revenge on CIA director Kate Rule Lee¡ªthe president¡¯s wife.

Plus there are some loose nukes in Pakistan that might just trigger World War III if Will¡¯s diplomatic efforts fall short. It¡¯s up to President Lee¡ªwith some help from Holly Barker, Lance Cabot, and a few other Stuart Woods series regulars¡ªto save the world, and the upcoming election.

Customer Reviews:

  • mounting fears
    This book was great to read and interesting. Even though I havent read all of his books I really enjoy Will Lee stories.
    Sherry Florian Ingleside IL...more info
  • Oh So Sorry
    Don't let this book influence your opinions of future or past works by one of the all time greats. I found this one a bit ho-hum. However Mr. Woods will deliver in every other novel novel he has created. And I've read them all....more info
  • Stuart Woods: "Mounting Fears"
    I've read all of Stuart Woods' books and this is the best by far. Loved it!...more info
  • Great transaction
    This book came on time and in the condition promised. Will definitely do business with this seller again....more info
  • Mounting Fears
    Thanks for the reviews, they seem to mirror the reviews from his last book, Heat Lightning, which I had to agree with. Also, a Woods fan, and have read all his books, but guess I will save my $9.99, until his editors tell him the truth, or he gets his house paid for and returns to something more worthwhile.
    ...more info
  • very weak effort
    no real suspense. no character development. i am a stuart woods fan an usually like his light style but i think he wrote this one in about two days. i hate it when authors write weak books seemingly to fill out a contract...more info
  • A quick, exciting story
    In Stuart Woods's latest novel, MOUNTING FEARS, President Will Lee is facing a tough re-election bid, while serious surgery looms for Vice President George Kiel, who steps down from his spot on their party's ticket. Lee's wife, Kate, is the CIA director and receives grave news about a Taliban threat in Pakistan, with a nuclear warhead reported missing. Juggling both foreign and domestic issues requires Lee's full attention.

    Political turmoil enhances his personal struggles when situations rapidly deteriorate. When Kiel dies, Lee must appoint a man who will serve as current vice president and will uphold the party's political advantage in the approaching election. California Governor Marty Stanton holds the right credentials for the job but confesses in private that he and his wife will be divorcing. He denies the possibility of either having had extramarital affairs, and a clean confirmation appears in order.

    However, the FBI background search on Stanton uncovers questions with no easy answers. Did his Mexican mother really give birth in a San Diego hospital? How does political favoritism play into the hiring of a bright, young California lawyer in the Attorney General's office?

    Troubles compound when an American journalist is found murdered in Panama City. A photograph on the dead man's body reveals the image of a rogue CIA agent who had declared revenge against Kate. Agent Teddy Fay had been certified "dead" by the agency but had reappeared alive twice before. Assistant Director Lance Cabot and cohort Holly Barker gear up to discover the truth. If Fay is living, what is he up to? Barker visits the editorial offices of the National Inquisitor, flashing FBI credentials in the face of editor Willard Gaynes. Gaynes confirms that the dead reporter's assignment had been to interview Fay in Panama. Barker leaves the office with copies of the photo and her FBI ID card, court order and search warrant.

    Stuart Woods stuffs plot complications with sufficient detail to satiate the reader's appetite for adventure. Primary Washington characters possess qualities that make them believable, and telephone conversations between the president and foreign leaders lend reality to troubles written into the plot. Like in earlier Woods books, Cabot and Barker are problem solvers in MOUNTING FEARS. Both enter the pages with sleuthing skills one can visualize in contemporary government.

    Minor characters drift across the pages and spice up the plot line. A sexy Hollywood actress campaigns for her boyfriend's life sentence for rape and murder to be commuted, contributing one million dollars to the Democratic National Committee to fatten her cause. President Lee still has another obstacle shoved before him when the Senate confirmation hearings for Stanton commence. While the domestic scene reeks of political turmoil, matters both in Pakistan and Panama boil.

    Cabot's agenda is to protect his boss and her husband from political fallout that Fay may instigate. At times, the international Taliban threat seems to fade in importance to the president's homeland problems. Late in the book, a third-party candidate emerges in the person of Reverend Henry King Johnson. When the man becomes an assassin's target, intrigue intensifies.

    Before the ink has dried on its final words, MOUNTING FEARS sees its issues resolved. When one is a chief executive, minor characters carry out orders to eliminate problems. The villains retain their tarnished personalities, despite a reader's cry for justification. This is a quick, exciting story, full of suspense, anxieties and personalities in chaos. Woods has crafted a fresh addition to his collection of bestsellers.

    --- Reviewed by Judy Gigstad...more info
  • Rushed story
    Woods' starts the story with a presidential nightmare--a nuclear nightmare. Perhaps the nightmare has something to do with Kate's (his wife) rushed departure for Langley in the early morning hours after receiving an urgent phone call. Kate is the director of the CIA. Will Lee, President of the United States, is preparing for the Democratic convention where he expects to be selected as the parties candidate for a second term. A few hours later, Will Lee is giving his staff a pep talk when he is notified that the DCI and DDO are waiting for him in the Oval Office. Trouble in Pakistan--nuclear trouble. Al-Qaeda has been naughty. The story is off to a very good beginning.

    Will Lee has a second problem. His vice president is ill, cancer, and he must quickly find a replacement before the convention. A short list is prepared and quickly pared down to Martin Stanton, the governor of California. Ah, but, in our politically correct world where candidates are scrutinized under an electron microscope, can Stanton pass the "smell" test? There are two problems: his place of birth and women.

    Where was Governor Stanton born? Everyone agrees it was near the Mexican-U.S. border, but on which side? Governor Stanton can't say for sure, for he was a little too young to remember. An old radio show began with, "Only the Shadow knows." In the story, only the chauffeur knows, because Stanton was born in the back seat of a Cadillac on the way from his parents home in Tijuana to a hospital in San Diego. A nefarious person coaches the chauffeur on what to say. Will the opposition find out? Stuart Woods has hit a major nerve, one that can be described as "grabbed for the headlines." For those who don't know, President-elect Obama's place of birth is in question. Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard a second case behind closed doors. Several more lawsuits challenging Obama's eligibility to meet Constitutional eligibility requirements are working their way toward the Supreme Court. Stanton's place of birth story line had great possibilities, however, Woods let it die at this point. Did Woods know about the bending Obama birth certificate issue when he wrote the book? Woods had to have completed Mounting Fears in 2007, because we discussed the nuclear detonation at a book sighing in January 2008.

    Governor Stanton is getting a divorce, and so far there is no other woman on the radar screens. But, is there a second woman? If so, how would she be discovered. This part of the story is well plotted with interesting characters.

    Teddy Fay returns, and his adventures provide a good element of the story. Will Teddy always lurking in the shadows of Will Lee's world?

    While Will Lee and his staff cope with Stanton's growing problems, al-Qaeda is busy in Pakistan. Two Pakistani missile site with nuclear warheads are attacked and things get interesting. Lee has to decide whether or not to intervene.

    Woods is not a military thriller author, so one should overlook a couple of minor errors. I am pointing them out to note the correct facts for readers, not as criticism. The Hiroshima atomic bomb had a yield of 12-15 KT. It did not reach its design yield of 20 KT. This means that the Pakistani nuclear warhead was about 75 % of the Hiroshima bomb, not 50%. And, SEALS would be armed with a Javelin missile, not a Hellfire, which is a missile launched from an aircraft. All are minor details important only to fans of military fiction.

    My problem with Mounting Fears, and the reason for four stars, is that the ending appeared to be rushed, cut off in order to meet a deadline. All of the subplots were very good, and deserved to be better developed. Writing three books a year, even for a master like Stuart Woods, is a very daunting task. Writing three excellent books even more so....more info
  • A Quick Thriller
    In the aftermath of the vice president's unexpected death, President Will Lee finds his efforts to select a replacement hampered by a contender's secret misdeeds, a rogue CIA agent's vengeful plot against the first lady, and a nuclear threat in Pakistan. BT.
    This is the first Stuart Woods novel I've read in years. I can say that it was a quick read. It was also an entertaining read. The thing about it was that the story moved a little too quick. It didn't give enough to ratchet up the suspense. In other words, it seemed that the author could have spent a bit more time on this novel. Alas, I did finish it and found the second half more to my liking. ...more info
  • Mounting Fears
    Very disappointing. Always can't wait for next Stuart Woods' novel, and even pre-ordered this one. Like it was just an outline for another book or something. Not up to snuff....more info
  • porn
    I previously enjoyed wood's books, but this was terrible. Lacking a decent story, he lowered himself to writing porn. Terrible, since he did not even do that very well....more info
  • Mountin Fears
    A story that had potential but stalled at the end. A real disapointment!
    The author's notes at the end of the book is so arrogant that I will never buy or read another of his books. ...more info
  • Hard to Put Down
    This is the first novel by Stuart Woods that I've read and I found it to be a fast paced, exciting political thriller with international intrigue. Even though all the characters were new to me, I had no problems with who they are or their place in the plot, which moves at an impressively fast pace around timely topics of intrigue including a POTUS running for a second term with a new VP while dealing with an international crisis and threat to the homeland. I'll definitely get a couple of Woods' earlier related books to read now.
    ...more info
  • Weak
    one of his worst not nearly as good as Mahogany. The plot is so weak....more info
  • not his best
    a thrown together plot with little development and an obvious foil for a sequal. further, seems to be written more as a plot outline than a complete story....more info