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Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny
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Why is it that women, who are so competent in all other areas of their lives, cannot find the same competence when it comes to matters of money?

Suze Orman investigates the complicated, dysfunctional relationship women have with money in this groundbreaking new book.
With her signature mix of insight, compassion, and soul-deep recognition, she equips women with the financial knowledge and emotional awareness to overcome the blocks that have kept them from making more out of the money they make. At the center of the book is The Save Yourself Plan¡ªa streamlined, five-month program that delivers genuine long-term financial security. But what¡¯s at stake is far bigger than money itself: It¡¯s about every woman¡¯s sense of who she is and what she deserves, and why it all begins with the decision to save yourself.

Money maven Suze Orman's latest book, Women & Money addresses the complicated (and often dysfunctional) relationship women have with personal finance. Orman's direct, non-condescending style is perfect for this subject matter--she begins with the premise that "Women can invest, save, and handle debt as well and skillfully as any man" and then tackles the important question--"So why don't they?" Designed to educate and inspire, Women & Money also offers a "Save Yourself Plan," a five-month program that "delivers genuine long-term financial security." Want to know more? Watch a video message from Suze below, and take a gander at the first chapter of Women & Money--you'll be "controlling your destiny" in no time. --Daphne Durham

An Exclusive Video Message from Suze Orman

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For Women Only

I never thought I'd write a book about money just for women. I never thought it was necessary. So then why am I doing just that in my eighth book? And why now? Let me explain. All my previous books were written with the belief that gender is not a factor on any level in mastering the nuts and bolts of smart financial management. Women can invest, save, and handle debt just as well and skillfully as any man. I still believe that--why would anyone think differently? So imagine my surprise when I learned that some of the people closest to me in my life were in the dark about their own finances. Clueless. Or, in some cases, willfully resisting doing what they knew needed to be done. I'm talking about smart, competent, accomplished women who present a face to the world that is pure confidence and capability. Do you mean to tell me that I, Suze Orman, who make my living solving the financial problems of total strangers, couldn't spot the trouble brewing so close to home? I don't think I'm blind; I just think that these women became very, very good at hiding their troubles from me.Why not? They had years of practice hiding them from themselves.

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Customer Reviews:

  • What a great resource!
    This book answered so many questions for me. I had a few people telling me they had heard bad things about Suze Orman and others say she had practical advice that most people could understand, I fall into the latter category. This book dispels a lot of the fear and confusion about understanding money and personal finance. It's simple, explained well and geared toward me as a woman and the issues I face. Not only does she offer practical advice, she tells you how to get there, step by step. I checked this out from the library as a CD book first, then bought it here as it was simply too good not to have as a constant reference....more info
  • New Possibilities!
    I never imagined in a million years I would pick up a book on personal
    finance. I had an idea that investments and numbers were just too hard,
    something I'd never understand. Reading Suze Orman's "Women & Money"
    turned that notion on its head. Her warm, funny and no-nonsense book is
    not only informative and empowering, it is also really enjoyable to
    read. While she offers plenty of detailed and helpful financial advice,
    the underlying theme throughout -and what really impacted me- is that
    control of your financial destiny begins with you. How you treat your
    money is an extension of how you treat yourself. Her 'Save Yourself
    Plan' is about letting go of the old excuses that say 'I can't' and
    letting go of the shame and blame of past decisions; it's about
    empowering yourself with knowledge and starting fresh from exactly where
    you are in this moment.

    A wonderful companion book to Ms. Orman's that expands on these
    ideas is Ariel and Shya Kane's Working on Yourself Doesn't Work: The 3 Simple Ideas That Will Instantaneously Transform Your Life. Their inspiring approach to
    living in the moment (instead of in a continuous loop of worry about
    the past and the future) gives you the tools to dissolve those old,
    limiting stories about yourself ("I'm not good with numbers!") and step
    into a life that is easy, alive, and full of possibility. ...more info
  • another good book to add to your collection
    She did it again, another great book. This is great book to help you get a great finanical setting for yourself. Each of her books gets better and better....more info
  • Best Product for Women
    If you are a woman, you need Suze Orman's 'Women & Money.' It is a must in order to gain knowledge about your finances, so you will not have to rely on someone else or pay a huge fee for attorneys or financial assistants. Great - great product....more info
  • Must read book.
    I am going through a difficult time in my life financially and reading this book has helped me in every way. More than i thought possible. She has a lot of great tips and resources to help you. I would recommend this to anyone male or female. ...more info
  • Not the best I've read
    I love Suze Orman and as a 26 year old woman I was more that excited about learning how to control my own destiny by learning all I could about my money. The problem....I would like to enjoy it before I retire. Suze should change all the names of her books to. " Suffer now, Retire rich part 1, 2, 3 and 4" because that's the philosphy of her books. I am more interested in learning techniques that can produce results in 3-5 years. 35 years is too long to reap the harvest. This book has it's place but it didn't help me much....more info
  • Complaint
    Thought I'd ordered a CD, per the other items I ordered that day, was sent the hard copy & had to send back. It was an inconvenience and cost me $4.

    Brooke...more info
  • Suze Orman understands women
    I loved this book so much I'm giving it to a friend as a present. Suze Orman understands the emotional attachment women have when dealing with money. This book points out how our spending habits are sometimes a result of emotional strings that are attached to others. From reading this book I understand that by organizing ourselves financially, we are showing much love to our families....more info
  • woman and money
    Easy to read and understand
    The examples are not outrageous like some books, not everyone makes 100,000 dollars a year....Suze uses more doable salary quotes...more info
  • Suze Orman Fan
    I love Suze Orman and in this book she puts investing in layman's terms. I'm now going to buy her 9 Things to Know book....more info
  • Promotes Financial Accountability for Women
    This is an excellent book that I would recommend to any woman who wants to gain organization and control over her financial situation. The book is written is an easy to understand format. It clearly explains what actions need to be taken each month, for five months, to create order surrounding your finances. Buy this book, get out your highlighter, mark the steps you are going to take, and check them off as completed. ...more info
  • Easy and Clear!
    The first couple chapters are kind of sappy and did not really apply to me, but her monthly plan is clear, easy to follow and necessary for EVERYONE! I am so glad that I picked up this book!...more info
  • Strong material
    Suze Orman provides an excellent perspective on women and power/money. Very useful information with interactive website. Nice....more info
  • wonderful
    Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny

    I've been looking in stores for this book for a while and decided to just order it online. i got it at a great price and in new condition. GREAT!!!...more info
  • I recommend SLAM! 68 Seconds to Wealth! (Get for FREE)
    Suze is great! I loved loved loved loved SLAM! 68 Seconds to Wealth! This book is about creating abundance with the Laws of Attraction.

    Download for free!

    ...more info
  • Great Book!
    I read this book when it first came out in 2007, but purchased another copy for a relative. Suze supplies wonderful advice and easy to follow steps for those who need to know where to start to get their finances and business affairs in order! A must buy!...more info
  • Women and the Psychology of Money
    In my opinion, Suze Orman has done a great service for women by telling them they have a responsibility to themselves to care about their financial well-being. No one has done this as effectively as Suze and I applaud her effort. Somehow, the women's movement dropped the ball after it urged women to burn their bras, put their kids in daycare and climb the corporate ladder. Although I do not agree with every recommendation made, this book, like all her previous books goes beyond the practical to the psychology of money and how it affects women.

    Readers will gain confidence while learning that money decisions they blindly leave to others is their responsibility, and as Suze suggests will begin to take an active interest in preserving and growing their wealth. She wants women to love themselves as much as they love others. She hopes they will pay themselves in a way that shows they value their work. She urges them to have boundaries around money and limit what others can extract from them. She has a nurturing voice and a compassionate writing tone that engages women while simultaneously holding them accountable. There is an urgency to her message.

    I see Ms. Orman as a social engineer who by sharing this collection of tools and teaching the language of wealth educates and empowers a group undervalued in this society. To permanently help those who have been outsiders to the financial world, Suze shares information using the buzz words of the industry. She is a pioneer, giving women the ability to negotiate and self-protect wealth they did not know they had a right to. This is clearly a woman on a mission who has done a wonderful job communicating to her readers. ...more info
  • Right on the nose
    If you're thinking, why do I need a book for women...isn't anything to do with finances universal? Then you NEED this book... Read it, you will thank me....more info
  • Great resource!
    I purchased the audio book, which I was able to get through in about a week during my lengthy commute to work each day. After listening to it though, I ended up buying the hardback book as well. I needed something in writing that I could refer back to. So, I would recommend just purchasing the hardback so you don't end up spending double, like I did. ...more info
  • Suze Orman Book
    The book arrived in a timely fashion and is in good condition. Professional Service!...more info
  • Pleased with service
    I am very happy with the service I received when I purchased Women&Money by Suze Orman. The book arrived within a reasonable lenght of time, and was in very good condition as promised. ...more info
  • Good common sense advice
    As an accountant, Suze did not teach me anything I am not already aware of. However, I really do like the way she communicates with those that really need to take responsibility for their lives. She dishes out good common sense practical advice that many people need to heed. I would highly recommend her books to anyone who does not already have a financial background as her books are well written, clear and concise.
    Angela Coldwell - author of 100 Essential Steps to Career Success and 100 Essential Steps to Less Stress and Anxiety...more info
  • Never taught how to Manage Money
    Was Never taught how to manage money. Was able to connect immediately with what Suze was saying. The language she used is down to earth and it is simiple to understand what she is communicating.
    Would definitely recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • Don't buy it
    I bought this book because I saw her on PBS. The book is just her speech she gives every time. I wanted the book because there was supposed to be a code in it that you could put in the computer and get a savings account that would pay you $100 after 12 consecutive months of savings. There was no code in the entire book. Her website said it was on page 85. It was not there. I read the entire book and never found it. Very disappointing considering I thought the book would pay for itself. ...more info
  • Every woman should have this book!
    I never learned a thing about money managment or personal finances while growing up. Now in my late 20's, this book is helping to take steps to get control of my money and focus on what is important financially. I wish I had gotten this book 3 years ago!...more info
  • Every woman should read
    Suze Orman really provides a tool to help and encourage women to financially be responsible for themselves. It is a powerful reminder that be should not rely on spouses alone...more info
  • Great book!
    This book is AWESOME for women and men - everyone should read it and follow Suze's advice. She rocks and so does this book....more info