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Shopaholic & Baby
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With over eight million copies of her beloved books in print, Sophie Kinsella is a true phenomenon. Now Becky Brandon (ne Bloomwood) is back, in a hilarious new Shopaholic novel!

Becky’s life is blooming! She’s working at London’s newest big store, The Look, house-hunting with husband Luke (her secret wish is a Shoe Room)...and she’s pregnant! She couldn’t be more overjoyed—especially since discovering that shopping cures morning sickness. Everything has got to be perfect for her baby: from the designer nursery…to the latest, coolest pram…to the celebrity, must-have obstetrician. But when the celebrity obstetrician turns out to be Luke’s glamorous, intellectual ex-girlfriend, Becky’s perfect world starts to crumble. She’s shopping for two…but are there three in her marriage?

Customer Reviews:

  • Okay for a summer read
    I have read all of the other books in the Shopaholic series. While I am the first to admit that there is not a lot of concentration needed to read these books, this one seemed even more predictable than the others. If you need a book that you can pick up and put down while on a plane or by the pool, this one will do....more info
  • She's a red headed Bitch and I HATE HER!
    Can Becky get any funnier? Why yes she can! There's a baby on the way and Becky is ready to shop! And of course get into the practice of a celebrity obstetrician! Imagine her dismay when the doctor turns out to be one of Luke's ex girlfriends! And she's after Becky's man! How in the world will Becky handle this one? And will she manage to get everything the baby needs in time? The fifth book is wonderful and you'll love it just as much as all of the others!...more info
  • 3.5 Stars
    I started reading the Shopaholic series in 2004. I loved the first book, Confessions of a Shopaholic and immediately jumped into Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, which is still my favorite of the series. It's filled with humorous situations, however it takes a real look on the consequences of impulsive shopping. I read books 3 and 4, but when Shopaholic & Baby was released, I started it and then put it down.

    Fast forward to 2009. It's two years later and I've finally picked this up again to read. I decided to listen to the audio book and the narrator, Rosalyn Landor, did a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life. Becky and her husband, Luke, are expecting their first child. Always wanting to have the latest "in" thing, Becky convinces Luke they must have Dr. Venetia Carter as their OB-GYN as she is also the physician to the celebrities. During their initial visit, Becky learns that Dr. Carter and Luke are former school mates and previously dated! Becky is stunned by the news and gradually begins to feel insecure about herself and her marriage.

    True to the series, Ms. Kinsella fills the pages with humor as we read about the predicaments Becky finds herself in. Having doubts about her marriage, Becky hires a private detective, only what he discovers is not what she asked for. Becky learns that things are not always what they seem.

    So is it a girl or boy? I guess you'll have to read Shopaholic & Baby to find out!

    ...more info
  • Sloooow shipping.
    I was very disappointed to wait ten days to receive this book. Another book ordered the same day from another vendor was received four days earlier. What was the delay? I will go with the more efficient vendor in the future....more info
  • Absolutely my favorite out of the entire series!
    I could not put the book down! I stayed up until 1:00 am to finish it. I absolutely loved it. I found myself hysterically laughing at so many parts in the book (Becky's mum and Janice talking about what labor was really like & the names Becky told Elinor they were considering.... so funny!). The story brought so many memories back of my own first pregnancy and the fears I felt about labor and being someone's mother. Also, that first time you see that little baby and the feeling that comes over you - Sophie Kinsella hit it on the head! Then there was the serious parts too when Becky thought she had lost Luke (and I don't blame her for feeling that way either). All around, it was just a FABULOUS book! I know Sophie Kinsella has said she will bring Becky & Luke back, I really hope this is true (she just HAS to - too much is left unfinished)and that she does it sooner rather than later (that's for my own selfish reasons - LOL). In fact, I hope she brings them back in several more books (for those who think the story is over, you don't have to buy them - there are plenty of us who will GLADLY keep on reading them)....more info
  • Kinsella pleases again!
    I have read all the books in the "Shopaholic" series and was not disappointed with this newest installment. Once again Becky only wants the best and will spend whatever she has to, to get what she wants. Even if it almost causes doubt in her marriage. I hope there will be another book in the series just so we can see if the newest member of the family will be as "spoiled" as mom =)...more info
  • Hideous!
    I have directed my dear sister to never, ever use me again as guinea pig should she want a "guy's reaction" to a book. I can only hope that this expression of so-called chick-lit is not the standard by which most women are entertained. Ms. Kinsella has, as we say in pre-school sandlots, a bit of a potty-mouth, and has transformed this into a genre that I title as "Wants to be cute so she swears." OK, we get that you know all the FCC-forbidden words. We get that your characters think endlessly about consummation of, well, just about any enounter they encounter. My recommendation for Ms. Kinsella's penalty is that she must stay on a desert island for one full month (one of the longer months, like March), and then read and read Bronte and Austen (not re-read, as I am sure that writers like Ms. Kinsella have never read Bronte or Austen), and learn from them how to use prose to transform the reader. I even have a new crime of which I now accuse Ms. Kinsella: Prose Abuse....more info
  • Fantastic, Neurotic, Hysterical....
    If you like the Shopaholic series you will luv this book. Becky Bradon is a great character who has not changed since becoming pregnant. Her justifications for shopping for the baby will make you laugh and smile. I could not put the book down and now all my friends are reading Sophie Kinsella's latest Shopaholic book. I hope there is a new one in the works. Enjoy!...more info
  • non stop antics all the way through!
    brilliant, just brilliant, i laughed all the way through. Becky gets funnier every book, she is written so well, she is a real person, i feel if i met her i would want Becky to be my best friend. The way her mind wanders to the most crazy conclusions about Luke and his college sweetheart, and her logic for buying things she will never need or use never gets old, and i sometimes read about a situation and say 'i would probably do the same thing.' From beginning to end just a laugh out riot, my favorite part is when she walks into the doctors appointment wearing heals and the jewelry and the big bag, something i would do, and then get yelled at by the doctor for it. The ending was very sweet, and as usual an extremely unexpected one....more info
  • Fun to read, but its getting old
    Shopaholic (Becky) is now pregnant, nothing has change really, she is still overindulging and on this last book, she seems more stupid than ever!! dont get me wrong, i love the shopaholic series, but how much more can she buy? ...more info
  • Absolutely dreadful
    While attempting to read this book, I could not stop my gag reflex from releasing vomit into my throat. I have never in my life tried to read such a dreadful, plotless piece of tripe before. I slightly enjoyed Can You Keep a Secret? and was looking for another light read. This was so light it floated away on a sea of disgust. The book is 99% dialogue, i.e. there is no plot. The main character is heinously insipid. I refused to donate this book to be sold as used to prevent someone else from having to waste their time with this horrid book. ...more info
  • Characters not 'lovable' enough for me
    Although she is witty and sometimes funny, I found it hard to care about what happened to Becky Bloomwood. Her irresponsibility really bothered me and Luke didn't seem like that much of a catch. I like happy ending stories but was still disappointed in the overall story in the end. I most likely will not read any more of the series. The only thing I found amusing were her analogies of shopping/fashion to everything else in life. ...more info
  • Couldn't take anymore!!
    I am not the type of person to not finish a book, but I couldn't force myself to read all of this. I have read the other books in this series. I liked the first one. It was kind of original and somewhat relatable. But now, the main character, Becky Bloomwood, is just annoying and irresponsible. The foreign bank accounts, credit cards, etc. are just ridiculous. Her husband has become a joke. What man, of any means, would put up with this amount of lying and trickery. I realize that there are people out there who have shopping disorders such as this, but it's an addiction. I think that the next book should be Shopaholic and Therapist. ...more info
  • Bleh
    I didn't like this book very much. It seemed to be the same as the other books and, in my opinion, very predictable. Becky is always getting herself into ridiculous situations and misunderstandings that nobody would ever get themselves into in real life. I suppose that's part of the charm to some people, but I found it very annoying this time....more info
    Well, typical Becky antics. She is still as shallow and immature as ever, but somehow, it didn't grate on my nerves as much as in "Shopaholic Ties The Knot". I love how Suze tried to explain the concept of nesting to Becky, and how differently it affects some women. In Becky's case, her extreme (early) shopping for Christmas signifies she is ready to give birth. Incredible. Becky's mental reactions to her gynecologist's suggestions to wear support hose and special orthopedic sandals as well as a fanny pack struck me funny also.
    But my favorite part is how it ended. Everything didn't get wrapped up nice and tidy like in past books. In fact, the future doesn't look as rosy as Becky would like it.

    I also thought the book was a few pages too long. The whole scene with Suzeand Becky at the market where Becky is pushing aroung a stroller full of baby stuff, and gets pushed to the front of the line to pay, sets off a security alert for a missing baby, was typical Becky, and added nothing to the book. This could have been left out and the outcome the book would have been the same.

    All in all, I think this is the best Shopaholic since "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan"....more info
  • The last one, really?
    I can't believe this is the last one, I was disappointed to have been done with Becky and Luke! A great book though, but after reading the other 4 you would have to think it was coming. Extremely funny. Great book to read. Loved them all. ...more info
  • The best yet!
    I loved all of the Shopaholic novels, but this has been my favorite. I found the new villain, Venetia Carter, of the book to be well-rounded and a good addition. But most of all, and for the first time ever, I actually felt Becky's pain when she discovered, or falsely discovered, that her husband was cheating on her and was as pissed off as her when Venetia did other things (eg.: made her wear weird "baby-supporting" clothes). I'd love to see another Shopaholic book, but, if not, this was a great final installment. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Becky strikes again!
    SHOPAHOLIC & BABY by Sophie Kinsella
    December 2, 2007

    Rating: 4/5 Stars

    I've loved all the SHOPAHOLIC books by Sophie Kinsella, and this was no exception. In SHOPAHOLIC & BABY, Becky Brandon (Nee Bloomwood) is now pregnant, and as all fans will suspect, she's shopping like a madwoman for baby items. But not just any old baby items. She has to have the best of all designer products, such as fancy prams (no, she can't just have one!). Forget the breast pumps, the diapers, and all the stuff that is essential. Becky is only interested in one thing, and that is to have anything that looks great, has a designer label on it, and all the celebrities have as well.

    When Becky learns about the gynecologist to the stars, she HAS to switch doctors and finds a way to get on the waiting list for this very exclusive doctor. When she throws her name around (being married to the very famous Luke Brandon), she gets in immediately. Unfortunately, she finds out too late that Luke actually knows her new gynecologist. In fact, Luke and Venetia used to date in college, and from Becky's viewpoint, it looks like the two of them may have some unfinished business.

    SHOPAHOLIC & BABY is one misunderstanding after another, although it begins to look like maybe Becky isn't really misunderstanding anything at all. Is Luke really having an affair With Venetia? Will Becky allow this woman to deliver her baby? And what about all those baby strollers she bought? Will she be able to keep them all?

    In the mean time, Luke's business is heading for some rough times, and Becky is still spending money like it grows on trees. Becky's best friend is having a crisis of her own, and Becky's newly found sister (from the previous book) thinks that Becky has seen the light and is no longer the big consumer she used to be. Ha! I have a feeling this may be the last book in the series, although there is always a way to add yet another novel. I have enjoyed all the SHOPAHOLIC books, and I somehow relate to Becky (scary, I know) and am glad that there is someone out there, albeit fictional, that spends more money frivolously than I do. ...more info
  • Sweet Story, But More Shopping Please...
    I have to give Sophie Kinsella due respect - after her last Shopaholic book, which was by far the worst in the series (and in my mind, a placefiller to extend the series likely devised by her publisher), she really managed to step it up for this latest installment.

    Becky Bloomwood is back, happily married, working on investments, a personal shopper at a hot new boutique, and excitedly expecting a baby. Or is she? As usual, Becky is a tad insatiable resulting in the quest for a new home, ridiculous investments, the perfect baby gear, and more notably, the perfect baby doctor - and did I mention her super fab job isn't so fab after all? Along the way, her new baby doctor reveals herself to be Luke's ex from college, and suddenly Becky is seeing a new side of Luke she isn't so sure she likes. Will all of the threads wrap up in time to make this a happy ending? Maybe, maybe not, but I will say Becky and co. are served with a healthy dose of reality in this edition of the Shoapholic world.

    The strengths of this book lay in the humour, the questions, and the turmoil wreaked in every segment of Becky's life. The weaknesses fell in the hands of certain unnecessary storylines (that pesky half-sister Jess from the last book is still a waste of page space imo), and the lack of shopping. The thing that could be said about the latter however, is that Kinsella (wisely) recognized that her readers had seen shopaholic Becky go on one too many splurges and recovered, and seeing it in this book would be overkill...she's supposed to progress remember? And progress she does, in a way that seems natural rather than contrived, and still highlights some priceless Shopaholic moments throughout.

    Personally, I'm still quoting "Shes a red-headed b**** and I hate her" to my friends in regards to a particularly funny part of the book - and you'll likely have fun doing the same with other jokes. Overall this is a good book, and a great improvement on the way the series was spinning previously, and truly a must-read for Shopaholic fans as it does not disappoint. Predictions for the next book? Shopaholic & House...or maybe even...Shopaholic & Budget? Gasp. Only time will tell!...more info
  • Perhaps a 5-pram garage is too small
    In SHOPAHOLIC & BABY, Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is preggers and shopping for two, a fact that should inspire merchants to giddy anticipation and give worried pause to husband Luke, who fields the bill. As in all previous Shopaholic novels, Becky is compelled to spend money on mountains of Stuff, often in multiple copies.

    Early on, Bex deserts the care of the established, distinguished Dr. Braine, who delivered Luke, for Dr. Venetia Carter, who, after all, is the A-list obstetrician to the rich and famous that gives out fab goodie bags at the first office consultation. Venetia is drop-dead gorgeous with long, swishy, red hair. And, on Becky's initial appointment with her new health care provider accompanied by Luke, she learns that her husband and Carter were a dating pair back in their Cambridge days. Even Luke, reluctant to give up Braine, is pleasantly surprised at renewing an old acquaintance with the woman he remembers as Venetia Grime. Then, as the weeks of her pregnancy progress and she loses her figure, Becky begins to wonder if Luke and Venetia aren't being just a little too chummy. Why are they seeing each other so frequently, ostensibly in the company of mutual friends, and why are they texting each other in Latin?

    In addition to her spendthrift ways, Becky's charm (and exasperation) for any follower of the series is her rampant imagination, which here, in conjuring up images of Luke and Venetia together, leads to desperate measures. What's a poor girl to do? Why, hire a private detective, of course, and then go shopping for prams. (Who else but Bex would consider purchasing five strollers for an imagined range of activities from pavement walking to extreme mountaineering?) After all, there's no situation so distressing that it can't be ameliorated by a new Hermes scarf or being featured in a Vogue photo shoot for an article on London's yummiest mummies-to-be.

    The Shopaholic series is so Chick Lit that I'm ashamed to admit that I enjoy the fluff more than is seemly for any self-respecting male. SHOPAHOLIC & BABY doesn't disappoint, though Venetia, in the end, isn't perhaps as publicly humiliated as she deserves. Maybe this is due to the fact that author Sophie Kinsella is basically as good-hearted as her heroine and wouldn't intentionally do anything too cruel. Sophie, in order to depict Becky's character as comprehensively as she does, must either know someone with Becky's proclivities or herself be just like Bex. The prospect of someone like that roaming the streets in real life is mind-boggling scary....more info
  • The last shopaholic book I'll ever buy!
    I've been a big Kinsella fan ever since I read her Undomestic Goddess book, followed by the Shopaholic series (yes, I read every single one of them!) I HAD looked forward to this one...and what a disappointment it was! Kinsella had a lot of material to work with...there's dearth of material to write about having a baby! But instead, Kinsella made Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) so STUPID! This is the first Kinsella book I bought that I cannot finish. This book was absolutely AWFUL! (Did anyone read her draft before publishing it?) I may never read any of Kinsella's books again. ...more info
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic
    I loved loved loved this book.
    Sophie K is sooo funny, I laughed out loud while reading this book at work!!
    If you have ever rationalized a purchase in your mind, READ this!!

    Characters are real, funny, warm, and contemorary.
    Read the whole series, as I did, back to back, you wont be sorry you did. You'll find yourself passing them on to friends and family so you can talk about Beckys escapades.
    Really great!! ...more info
  • Love Love Love Becky Bloomwood
    love the shopaholic series!!!! have to say the first 2 are still my favorite and definitely did not like the sister one.. but sophie kinsella brings the magic back with this one... i absolutely love the letters that becky sends to her financial investment guy... hilarious and sensitive at the same time! :) ...more info
  • Amazing
    "Amazing", is one word to sum up the book Shopaholic and Baby. The book is about a wealthy family of two, living in the busy city of London. They are about to have their dreams come true when Becky, the wife, finds out she is pregnant. Shopping is one of Becky's ways to get away from it all and to look for prams, clothes, bags, or anything else for the baby. Becky wants everything to be perfect for the baby, but the perfection turns out to be not so perfect.
    I really enjoyed this realistic fiction book. All of the wacky things Becky does makes this book worthwhile to read. Sophie Kinsella really puts you in the story by having side notes in addition to the book. This novel is geared to young adults, more than adults. If you enjoy shopping, conflict, or babies, you will definitely love Shopaholic and Baby.
    *-Morgan-*...more info
  • Shopaholic & Baby
    Becky Bloomwood is back... but was it worth it? I'm still pretty strong in my convictions that Ms. Kinsella should have stopped two books ago. This isn't to say that it's a weak book, it's just, like Meg Cabot has repeatedly said when asked if she'll continue Mediator/1-800, after everything eventful has happened, the convoluted situations can lead to nothing good. Kinsella has already taken the time (three books) to establish the strong bond between Becky and Luke--only to randomly (seemingly) break it in this one? Quite annoying, really. I felt like everyone's characters seemed to break a little bit, and the one relationship that I really did like the developments in, Jess and Tom, didn't really have a satisfying ending...or much of an ending or beginning at all. Will there be more books, then? It would seem like overkill, although I would personally love a spinoff focusing solely on Jess and Tom. I still did love how Kinsella wove all those stories together, eventually bringing them all back. Well done, and I was very glad to hear that Becky has a daughter--another future Shopaholic--we just couldn't have it any other way!

    Rating: 4/5...more info
  • My favorite of the Shopaholic Books
    I'm not going to get into the book but just wanted to write that I love all the Shopaholic books and this was by far, my favorite. When I read chick lit books I'm not expecting sudoku or political enlightenment and I'm sure most of you aren't either. It's a quick read because it's light and fun and you can escape everday life and live in Becky Bloomwood's little dreamworld for a while. ;) Perfect for the beach or a plane ride. If you haven't read the Shopaholic series yet I suggest you start from the beginning, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Enjoy and try not to take it all so seriously!...more info
  • Getting old
    The formula for these books is always the same. Becky gets in trouble due to her shopping addiction, unwittingly helps someone, and at the end saves the day. At first I thought her story and character was funny and cute, now she's just too darn annoying. I find that I'm disgusted through the majority of the book and it's very difficult to stay interested in a character that is just so unlovable. I think this will be the last Shopaholic book I read unless the author shakes it up a bit and strays from her normal formula....more info
  • Another delightful visit with Becky
    Each time I finish another book in the amusing "Shopaholic" series, I'm pretty sure Kinsella has taken these characters as far as they can go. And then there's another adorable episode and I'm enchanted anew. Yes, Becky is materialistic -- but she's so good-hearted and besides, her passion for shopping has resulted in a career and made her something of a marketing savant. She loves Luke and her parents and her friends and is excited about motherhood. She's a Brit Lucy Riccardo for the new millennium. My only complaint about this book regards Dr. Carter. A bit too easy an obvious a villain, Dr. Carter's behavior seems just too ... dangerously wacky. Even in the crazy world of Becky Bloomwood!...more info
  • It's a very funny fast read.
    Rebecca gets into a lot of trouble like the other books but finds out shes going to a good mother....more info
  • Must Read!!!
    This book has to be the best out of her series, its witty and fun. It is a great summer read if your looking for something light and funny. The entire series was great and i'm really hoping that she doesn't stop at this one i would definetely read more of Becky's adventures. I admit i've been where she has and overindulged and looked at my Visa bill and nearly passed out the first time. I can competely relate to all her adventures especailly this one i was actually 3 months pregnant when i started reading this i admit it was kinda redundant in some parts but it was funny anyways. The villian Venetia Carter was just Hillarious!!! I think that this was the greatest thing about this book was it actually had a "villian". It was amazing and please please Sophie Kinsella WRITE MORE ABOUT Becky Bloomwood (Brandon)!! I will be sure to purchase and read it if you do. ...more info
  • Smart, Fun Chick Lit
    This is the first book that I've read from the Shopaholic series. I adore the idea of light summer reading, but I've found myself disappointed by the other chick lit options I've tried in the past. I purchased this book in part because we are considering trying to become pregnant this summer; I figured that even if the writing was tepid, the topic would hold my interest. I was pleasantly surprised to find the writing easy but excellent. I did not feel less intelligent for having read this book (a feeling I often get reading others in the genre) - I felt like I'd had a nice fun outing with a friend. I was worried based on some other reviews that I'd find the main character whiny, annoying, cloying, or entitled, but I was pleased to find her endearing. A bit ditzy, perhaps, but well intended and interesting. I recommend this book as a "fun" read. Great summer book, and especially nice if you're planning to become pregnant or already expecting yourself - ups the fun factor a bit, I suspect....more info