Junie B. Jones's First Boxed Set Ever! (Books 1-4)
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Outrageously sassy Junie B. Jones will make young kids crave their daily dose of reading. And with this handy four-volume boxed set, whether they start with Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying or Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth, readers will laugh out loud at Junie B.'s hilarious mishaps and breathtakingly horrible grammar. Although the books should come with a caveat--Kids, don't try this syntax at home!--alert parents and teachers can use her malapropisms as learning opportunities for their impressionable charges. The set contains the first four titles in Barbara Park's extensive series (energetically illustrated by Denise Brunkus), including Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business and Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. All are great for reading aloud. (Ages 5 to 8) --Emilie Coulter

Junie B. Jones's First Boxed Set Ever!

Ta-daa! It's me! It's Junie B. Jones! And guess what? This attractive box has my first four books in it! I can't wait for you to read them!

Customer Reviews:

  • I haven't read it but......
    I haven't read this series of books, but, being the Grandfather of an avid Junie B. Jones reader, my impression is that the books are absolute heaven. Now I'm locked into supplying each series as the prior series is finished. ;=)...more info
  • Great Series for 6+
    Our granddaughter (now 7) was first intoduced to Junie B. in first grade and has since requested every book in the series. This is a wonderful set for children just beginning chapter books.
    Contrary to some comments, I don't think that this series teaches bad grammer or behavior. Our granddaughter reads them aloud to us and pauses to say "Uh-oh, Junie B. shouldn't have done that". When she comes across one of Junie B.'s 'words', she sounds it out and afterword calls it one of Junie B.'s "silly words". I really don't see a lot of difference between the characters in Junie B. and the average 5-6 year old (even if they don't do it, they WANT to do it).
    She loves to read about Junie B. learning "how to be nice" and checks Barbara Park's website weekly for updates on when the next book comes out. If a series brings children to love reading, at least give it a try....more info
  • The junk food of children's books
    The Junie B. Jones books I have read are a sad example of children's literature. The grammatical errors are excessive and detract from the stories. The errors would be expected in a child of 2 or 3 years of age but not a 5 or 6 year old. We have three books that my daughter and I have made corrections in but I will not be purchasing any more. There are many other choices in children's literature to satisfy a child's imagination and encourage a love of reading. Stupid is not cute. This junk is pumped out for the masses to gorge on like McDonald's. So enjoy, we've had our fill. ...more info
  • Best Christmas Present
    My 7 year old son absolutley LOVES these books! They are perfect for his reading level in 1st grade and keep him completely engrossed. This set was one of the "smaller" gifts we got him this year for Christmas (we do our family present opening early) and he still has not put the books down!...more info
  • Great books!
    We've read the Junie B. series (every one) with our sons. This is the series they both went to again and again, first for us to read to them, and then to read to themselves. We did correct grammar early on, and later I asked them to correct grammar on occasion when we were reading together.

    Our older son is now 18, and the books don't seem to have had a lasting negative impact. He doesn't say "stupid" or "runned" or "Sue Keeney" in spite of repeatedly reading the books at an early age.

    My husband and I have rarely, if ever (and we read a lot) read another book that made us laugh out loud as much as Junie B. Certainly no other kids' books have.

    These are some of the most enjoyable books for kids ever!...more info
  • My daughter is hooked!
    Children absolutely love Junie B. Jones! I wasn't sure how much I liked her at first, but my daughter has drawn me in! Junie B. isn't a perfect child and she can be a little precocious, but my daughter relates so well and there is always kindness in Junie B. sometimes despite how she wants and longs to behave!...more info
  • Junie B. Series Review
    In the series Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park, Junie B. Jones always wants something to happen, she always gets in fights with her parents. Sometimes she's scared that something will happen. My favorite book is: Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly School Bus because it is her first day at school and she has lots of problems. She does not want to go on the school bus but then she finds friends at school. At the end there is a big problem...

    I like this series because they are very funny. If I were the author I would change the way Junie B. says words like: runned, valentime, bestest, and zero grade.

    I think that you should read this book when you have friends around so you can laugh together. Watch out- don't do the same things as Junie B. Jones does, she makes mistakes...

    By Natania K....more info
  • Hilarious, ingenious, indispensible
    Barbara Park is an American treasure, and she is one of the funniest writers out there. She has hit upon an improbable heroine and an unlikely template, from which pours forth a seemingly never ending fountain of inspiration. I enjoyed reading these aloud to my 5-year old daughter, stopping often to manage the guffaws commencing from my belly, until she took to them herself and voraciously plowed through the rest of the series. I'll never forget her lying on her back the night after we had read our first one (where Junie hurts her toe kicking a water can) saying to me "Remember how Junie B. had all those problems?..."

    I know that I can trust my daughter to chart her course to reading and independent thought with a little gentle guidance on my part, and I appreciate the heroic efforts of Barbara Park to stoke the fire within my daughter's mind, which every new adventure of Junie B. kindles a little further....more info
  • Mimicking poor behavior
    We read the first set of Junie B. stories on recommendation to our daughter. Over the course of three weeks reading the stories we noticed her behavior and manners declining. She was mimicking Junie B.'s language and descriptions of people ("that boy I hate"). We regret reading her these stories and have gone back to the classics - Stuart Little, Heidi, Little House on the Prairie and she enjoys those books just as well....more info
  • Junie B. Jones
    I tried to read these to my stepdaughter and couldn't get past the bad grammer. My grandmother AND father were both English teachers and it just made me cringe. I was totally against these books until....my 5 year old came home with one two weeks ago and has fallen in love with reading. She reads Junie B on the way to school and even when I'm blow drying her hair at night. She is READING and LOVING it. June B. my not be my thing but it certainly has her attention and she is reading. No, she hasn't become June B. but she has become a kindergartner that is reading at a 2nd grade level. That's hard to knock! I counteract June B. by picking out classics like Heidi and Swiss Family Robinson to read to her for my story time at night. I still can't stomach the language but I'm not standing in the way of my child's reading either....more info
  • best way to spoil a cozy evening of reading with a child
    I bought the `Junie B Jones' set through The Scholastic Books Program with such high hopes.
    Settling down for book time before bed, my seven year old boy started to read to me "Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth." The title of the book should have warned me. On the very first page I was incredulous to hear about a kindergarten discussing head butting. 'Maybe just on page one' I thought. Then on page two, Junie B. is talking back to the teacher and using language even my child was shocked to find in a children's book. I took over reading the chapter - editing out the bad language and grammar unfit even for three year olds.
    The rest of the chapter continued with inappropriate language - "bashing in brains", "heck" and "dumb" and the five year character talking back to the teacher who she refuses to referred to by any name other than "Mrs."

    I find these books offensive and degrading to parents who are going to the effort and expense to buy the set in hopes of reading with their child a set of books full of funny stories about a little girl with a vivid imagination and some misconceptions of how to behave. The Junie B. books are just about an insecure little girl with a horrible, aggressive attitude.

    I was absolutely amazed to read in the author's bio that she has children. The book seems more like a detached childless person's attempt to imagine what a child's viewpoint of life might be like - without first spending anytime around young children herself. The editor and publishers must also never spend time with young children.

    The story's character sets a bad example with her freakishly aggressive behavior. The stories not at all funny or entertaining - just disturbing exchanges weirdly twisted together with very grownup concepts and ideas.

    Reading Junie B. books is the best way to spoil what should be a cozy evening of reading with a child. Tomorrow night we will go back to reading stories like 'Henry Huggins', 'King of the Wind', 'Mouse and the Motorcycle' and 'Jack Black and The Ship of Thieves.' - Stories with adventure, humor, something to learn, humanity and no bad language.

    The other books in the Junie B Jones box set? Unread and into the trash. Sigh...
    ...more info
  • Junie is little brat with poor grammar
    I don't know why so many parents recommended this series.
    The title character is little brat that use words like "dumb", "hate", and "fat". She has very poor grammar. I think it is supposed to be funny, but I just found her to be annoying and selfish.

    I am so sorry that I ever bought these....more info
  • Not for polite kids
    My wife and I read our five year old granddaughters "Little Monkey Business." The attitude and respect shown to authority figures by the lead character is wanting to say the least. This is not what you want to teach your young children. We also had to stop and explain that good little girls don't talk or act like that. We bought a set of four and when we looked at "Stupid Smelly Bus," we decided to dump them in the trash. I can not understand why any teacher would recommend this set. There are better books for your child to read....more info
  • Excellent
    This was a great purchase. My son and I read a couple of chapters every night from one of the books. He loves the challenge and the funny things Junie B does. He also likes how he can relate to some of the situations. Great book! Brings back childhood memories of Ramona books when I was a child. ...more info
  • Love those books.
    Junie B. Jones is one of the books that I would give to anyone to read and if someone doesnt like these books something is wrong with them these are the best books that you could buy. Junie goes through things just like any other girl, and I think that any girl would love to have these kinds of books....more info
  • Adorable and helpful
    My 6-year-old daughter and I have some of our best times together reading these books to each other and laughing ot loud about Junie B. and her exploits. While Junie B.'s behavior and grammar are not to be modeled, as other reviewers have pointed out, her problems with "that mean Jim" and other primary school issues are quite relevant. I appreciate the chance to show my daughter that her problems are not hers alone, and that humor is a wonderful way to cope....more info
  • Critics of Junie B. Jones undermine their own argument
    My wife and I amused ourselves perusing the negative comments on the Junie B. Jones series. In an unintended irony, the critiques are replete with deviations from standard English usage and spelling, just the sort of thing the enemies of Junie B. Jones claim to deplore. These critics are either very careless about what they put up for all the world to see, or they are in dire need of a refresher course on the fundamentals of writing in English.

    Our children adore the Junie B. Jones books. To date, we have detected no ill effects from their immersion in these very amusing and relevant stories....more info
  • Great books! Girls love them!
    My niece (age 7) discovered a Junie B Jones book at school and loved it. She said that the book talked about all the things that happen at her school and how did they know! I bought her the first book set for christmas. She lays in bed at night reading it and is still hooked. I see some of the other reviewers are really putting the books down for calling people stupid or not having perfect manners. I think that is why kids like them so much. They are entertaining and actually sound fun and pertain to things they see everyday. These books are light hearted and deal with topics that children may see and make them funny to read about. I would recommend!!

    After we opened the plastic wrap at christmas, my niece discovered each book has stickers in the back of it. An exciting surprise for a 7 year old!...more info
  • ungrammatical-disservice to new and old readers
    I was told it is a very popular beginning reader chapter book series so I bought it and started to read it to my grandchildren
    The grammar is atrocious- a true disservice to those learning the rudiments of language and reading. Will the author try misspellings and misformed letters next?

    Joanie B. Jones is supposed to be in kindergarten, but the vocabulary/grammar cutsies are not even those of a two- two1/2 year-old. They are just stupid. This is not an attempt at dialogue or street talk. The illustrations show JBJ as white, and big, and the errors are not street or dialect.
    For instance [from _Sneaky Peeky Spying_]:
    "I'm the bestest spier in the whole world"
    "I hidded in the dirty clothes hamper "
    "And Mother runned into the room."
    "Except for she beated me."
    "And we all runned to Room Niine Speedy quick."
    That's every two pages. I won't go on.
    Skip this series....more info
  • Kids don't talk like this in real life...
    My daughter is in [...] and doesn't talk or act like Junie B. Neither do any of the other first graders I know. While some of her comments are funny, for the most part, I find her offensive. My daughter has a really hard time reading and understanding these books because the grammar is so bad and Junie B doesn't have a linear train of thought when she speaks. Try other series like Cam Jansen, the Littles, etc...more info
  • A teacher of grades 3 - 6
    To all of you "reviewers" who have given Junie B. Jones only one star. Get off your high horse! I have had a number of children in my class who had not read a book from cover to cover until I introduced then to Junie B. Jones. These books are funny, clever and yes, risky. They challenge a young, or struggling, reader to experience something a bit different. Junie B. takes chances, though she sometimes fails, she always has her parents beside her, and they will pick her up, dust her off, and make darn sure she knows she is not alone in the business of growing up.

    Let's give children credit for being reasonably intelligent. They know that Junie B. is over the top, that is the fun of reading about her. I have spoken to dozens of parents who are so grateful that their children have begun to choose books on their own largely because they have been introduced to reading by Barbara Park.

    I fear that people who don't like the language in these books have read books (or worse, forced books upon their own children) with phony language. You wish that children would only use "nice" language, so you read your kids only safe books, very P.C., nothing bad, nothing objectionable. For goodness sake, have you never heard children talk?

    Of course, don't just ask a teacher, (heavens, we might have an insight that a parent doesn't) ask the children. Why are these books flying off the shelf? because children are asking for them. I love introducing Junie B. to struggling readers. They love her. Tell me, how many authors, with the exception of Beverly Clarey, write books about a five year old, that nine year olds will read?

    If you don't like Junie B. then take the book back to the store, shut your child in the nursery with the nanny, and buy a copy of Little Lord Fauntleroy, but for heaven's sake, stop criticizing Barbara Park. She is doing something that you, apparently, are having trouble doing, letting children laugh, and showing them a good time, while also teaching them to read.
    ...more info
  • Learning to Lighten up.....
    My favorite thing about Junie B. Jones.....it helps me lighten up. I think as adults we could all use a good dose of incorrect grammar and the innocence and lack of restraint that comes from being in the 1st grade. When my 6 year old reads these books, approximately half the time she corrects the incorrect grammar as she is reading it without even thinking about it. I'm not worried that it is teaching her bad habits or poorly modeling behavior of what is "right and reasonable".....what I do believe it is teaching her is to not take herself or life too seriously. Junie B Jones doesn't take herself too seriously.....she has a light heart and a confident character, and I think we would all be well served to see the sweetness in her confusions and lack of propriety. She is real.....and I would love to be able to still say that about myself, after all these years....more info
  • Totally over rated
    I read a few of the good reviews and a common theme there is for the people who do not like the Junie B. series to "lighten up". Well Im sorry but I think that children who are just learning to read should have GOOD examples of grammar and behavior. Junie B. offers neither of these. I don't believe that you have to offer crude humor and, may I say again, AWFUL grammar to attract a child to read. My 7 yr old was introduced to these books at school and I think they are just terrible. I wanted to go through the book as she was reading and cross out all the grammar mistakes. People are wondering why our kids are having so many problems in school?? I firmly believe its because the PARENTS and TEACHERS expect less of them. Kids are sponges. They retain what they learn. Junie B. tells them, hey, its funny to talk back to your parents and teachers. And learning to speak like an intelligent person is really not necessary. ...more info
  • AN excellent series perfect for Early childhood 4-8
    First of all to those that say Junie B is disrespectful and the book is not appropriate; obviously you are living in a bubble and must be a control freak. Junie B is not disrespectful. She is a little girl who in the context of the books says how she feels when she is feeling it. If expressing your emotions is disrespectful then maybe she is but as an educator I can live with that kind of disrespect. Junie B jones is a series that is delightful! The turn of phrase and strategies used by Junie B to solve her real world problems make the stories a laughter filled adventure everytime I do read aloud with my class. I also work with afterschoolers and I do voices and they roar when I read JUnie B. They also get Junie B because she thinks like them. Elementary students say stupid and dumb among many other things these words are not bad words they are simply words that exist and they make the stories real and the character relatable. Even 4th and 5th graders enjoy a well performed Junie B. Do yourself a favor and don't miss out or let your children miss out on a hilarious set of misadventures that both parents and children can laugh about together....more info
  • Very Cute!
    My six year old daughter totally gets these books. Yes, we have talked about what Junie B. is doing wrong, and how we should behave in "real" life. Definitely an opportunity to explain right from wrong. I'll use age-appropriate opportunities, real or fiction, to teach life skills. So far, it seems to be working. Enjoy!...more info
  • Terrible Series
    I can't imagine more inappropriate reading for a 5-8 year old. These books are loaded with poor grammar, individual words that are too advanced and, on top of that, they encourage bad behavior. Avoid this series....more info
  • Grandaughter screamed with delight.
    My granddaughter is six and is just learning to read. I bought this as a Christmas gift. When she opened it she screamed with delight. She loves the Junie B. Jones series of books. I intend on buying her the next boxed set when she finishes the first one. ...more info
  • Junie B - A character missing a moral compass.
    These books are terrible for the reason that the main character Junie B behavior is awful. That internal compass that we should all posses to give us a sense of right and wrong appears to be completely absent in this character. One bad act by Junie B is followed by another, and another, to apparently no end. Sure, there are a few sprinkles of humor here and there, but by far, what is more common in these books is a selfish, mean-spirited character whose selfish acts and thoughts take place without one iota of compunction.

    I have no idea how a parent would want their children to be reading theses books. ...more info
  • Poor grammar, weak vocabulary, negative school message
    If I could give these books less than one star, I would. These books are good for a student who is struggling to be motivated to read but otherwise I am sad that these have become so popular. There are SO many WONDERFUL children's books available to encourage kids with and these lack so much of what kids should be getting in elementary school. The grammar is very poor. There is almost no vocabulary enhancement. To most elementary kids it has not occurred to them to have a negative feeling about school and these books put negative ideas in their head right when you want them to be building a foundation that school is an important, safe, encouraging and positive place. In my opinion, skip these....more info
  • Bratty, not sassy
    These books feature a borderline infantile, whiny, nasty child. When I read Junie B. Jones to my child I felt the need to leave out many of the words and sentiments such as the frequent "I hate" and "stupid." I will be relieved after I donate these books to the public library. Placing them into the recycle bin is a strong temptation....more info