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The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle (Dresden Files (del Rey))
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When the supernatural world spins out of control, when the police can¡¯t handle what goes bump in the night, when monsters come screaming out of nightmares and into the mean streets, there¡¯s just one man to call: Harry Dresden, the only professional wizard in the Chicago phone book. A police consultant and private investigator, Dresden has to walk the dangerous line between the world of night and the light of day.

Now Harry Dresden is investigating a brutal mauling at the Lincoln Park Zoo that has left a security guard dead and many questions unanswered. As an investigator of the supernatural, he senses that there¡¯s more to this case than a simple animal attack, and as Dresden searches for clues to figure out who is really behind the crime, he finds himself next on the victim list, and being hunted by creatures that won¡¯t leave much more than a stain if they catch him.

Written exclusively for comics by Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle is a brand-new story that¡¯s sure to enchant readers with a blend of gripping mystery and fantastic adventure.

Customer Reviews:

  • Stick with the Books
    My first thought was, why didn't they let the artist who penned the cover art do the entire book? The Harry Dresden on the cover looks like the Harry Dresden of my mind and as how Jim Butcher paints him in all of the books. I found the Marine-styled Dresden on the inside pages to be not at all a person I could connect with. And why do they (this artist and the SciFi series) keep missing what Murphy looks like? She's short. She's got short blond hair. While a fan of many graphic novels, I found that I just could not reconcile this presentation with the extraordinarily vivid imagery of Butcher's novels. I have to believe, as much as he said he gave the artist a lot of feedback, that he wasn't entirely pleased with the outcome. Hence no more graphic novels have come out. Stick with the Butcher books. That's all you need. As it appears a cancelled SciFi series and this one-off graphic novel have attested, nothing can beat them....more info
  • Beautiful Graphics for Beautiful Words
    Yes, the book is a graphic novel--a comic book (I'll defer to Butcher's wishes and not put that in derogatory quotes). Please don't jump to conclusions based on that alone. Yes, not all stories translate well into a visual form, and not all writers can manage the lower word counts needed for the medium. That isn't a problem here. The visuals are gorgeous, and the writing is very, very Jim Butcher.

    The artwork is always something to be aware of in graphic novels, and I have been turned off more than one series because I couldn't stand the artist chosen. This one really works for me, though. Not being an art major (or minor, or really knowing anything about art), all I can say is that I found that the characters look enough like I pictured them to be, and the art always seemed to add to rather than distract from what was happening.

    There's a fair bit of internal monologueing being done in this book, more than you usually see in a graphic novel. Given how the Dresden books are usually written in first person, though, it really works. The words never seem to overwhelm the art, but rather to work with it. I have no issues with it whatsoever.

    This isn't like the first book of the new Thor, or *that* chapter in Watchmen (the one that's never going to translate to another medium, because it's pretty much perfect as is). It's a Dresden book, and it sidles quite nicely into its new format, keeping everything that was good about the novels (the characters, the poignancy, the humor) and adding some nice visuals. If you like Dresden, you'll probably love this if you give it a fair chance. It's shorter than a novel, yes, being only four comics long, but it's a well-made, well-drawn book none-the-less, and the price being asked for it is not outrageous. (Go look at other hard-cover graphic novels if you don't believe me.) If you're into graphic novels, this gives a fair representation of the series, though without quite as many twists as you would normally find in one of the novels (again, it's only four comics long). Give it a try.

    I'd have to say Dresden Files is one of the best fantasy series of our time, and this makes a fine prologue to the series. There's one line that might give some continuity issues (about Justin and Elaine), but that can be handwaved away as the character ossilating between two possibilities.

    Anyway, hopefully this will be helpful to someone. If you're still uncertain, hop into a bookstore and flip through a copy. It won't be a waste of time....more info
  • good read
    this is a good story for airplane trips or something like that. a good book for the hour or so it takes too read. good artwork to...more info
  • Nothing new
    I am a huge fan, but was disappointed by this first graphic novel. There was nothing new in this work. If you have read all the Dresden books, you will learn nothing about Harry you didn't already know. In fact, if you haven't read the books you will likely be confused on several points.

    I agree that the Dresen series lends itself to the graphic novel genre, and could make a good run at it. Just give us new material. I understand this took place before the first novel, but there still could have been at least a small amount of information (maybe about his mother?) that we didn't have before.

    Over all, it's worth buying, just didn't live up to my expectations...more info
  • Graphic Novel?
    I wish that the words "graphic novel" had been more prominent in the info. It would have saved me this purchase....more info
  • Joke of a Book
    This is a joke of a book. If I had known what type of a "comic" book this was I would NEVER have purchased it! This book should be labled and put into the comic section. I buy books to READ and not to look at the pictures! ...more info
  • Jungle Liscious
    For Dresden Files this is a requirement, for non-Dresden File fans, where the heck have you been? Great artwork, plenty of meat in the text, and it's all Harry Dresden--Chicago's yellow page advertizing wizard extraordinaire. It's great to see an art image that doesn't grate against the author's literary vision. Well, there is the monk's skull cap hair of the cop Carmichael, but the author's brilliant detail checkers didn't get a say until later in the process. Hey--he's a minor character anyway and we all know what happens eventually to the minor character, right? :-)

    The story is a pre-quel to the books--so that's why it's a must for a Dresden Fan.

    ...more info
  • Graphic Novel Prequel
    As a story written just for comics, Welcome to the Jungle is supposed to be a prequel for Butcher's Storm Front. (The first issue of the comic adaptation of Storm Front is available now in comic shops.) In this story, Harry Dresden, Wizard P.I., is called in by the Chicago police to investigate a mysterious killing at the local zoo. As Dresden soon discovers, something magic and evil is behind the grizzly murder. And he's the only man that can hunt down the killer.

    True to feel of the novels, this urban fantasy noir transitions well to comic form, and can open up to a wider audience. With several familiar characters, such as Lt. Murphy and Bob the talking skull, long-time fans will enjoy the attention to details as well. The story itself is exciting and action-packed, much like the novels. Of course, the comics have to be a bit more fast-paced and skip over some of the character development to keep to standard length. But the story doesn't suffer for it.

    The artwork by Syaf was a good choice, with his attention to detail and the ability to capture scenes without the need for long narrative. This is an exciting new media that will hopefully keep the series going, while we have to wait for longer periods between novels.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic
    Hi, let me just say that the book is fantastic, and that the service from amazon is even better.
    I recommend the book and amazon to anyone.

    Alexandra Do Sado ...more info
  • The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle
    Didn't bother to read it just sent it back. I had not planned on buying a comic book....more info
  • Excellent graphic novel! A great read.
    Welcome to the Jungle, based in the Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files universe, is one of the most enjoyable reads I've had in a long time. I'm one of those annyoing people who tends to read books based on very specific standards-- if it's unoriginal in general, I don't care, but if it's identical to other books in the series or books written by the same author, it'll drive me up a wall.

    As such, I approached this book, with which I had little to compare it to (I'm not a big graphic novel reader, but I am a huge fan of the regular books), with an open mind and LOVED IT. There are very few things to be actively annoyed by-- the art is very good, and varys in tone well (one thing I have noticed in comic books as a whole is that the tone of the art tends to remain the same throughout the book). The story is, well. It was written by Butcher, and as anyone who's given his books a go will know, that means fantastic.

    Said plot is set before Storm Front, the first book in the Dresden Files books. It features Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, in his role as the consultant Karrin Murphy (head of CPD's Special Investigations unit) calls when things get weird, and things are definately weird. A man if found mauled to death near the gorilla enclosure, and the beast is blamed. However, some things just don't click, and so Harry sets off in his coat to find the truth. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens, and doing that is something I highly recommend. The one thing about this book that set me off a little was in 4 instances, the artist reuses panels-- I don't know if thats an industry standard or what, but it just rubbed me wrong. Anyway, if you don't have a rabid hatred of graphic novels, this is something you should definately consider reading.

    As a side not to all the whiners who gave this book 1 star revues because you "didn't know it was a comic book": a, you should read the description, b, you should at least give it a shot before sending it back, c, do a forum post or something so people who actually know what the product is don't get a misrepresentation from the ratings, and d, read the description, morons! (did I mention that already?)...more info
  • A Good Addition to the Dresden Files
    /Welcome to the Jungle/ is a collection of the previously published comic mini-series exploring the world of Harry Dresden, the only wizard to advertise in the Chicago phone book. Butcher already has numerous novels in the series, and a short-lived Sci Fi Channel TV series. So, for old fans of Harry, this may or may not be of interest, depending on your willingness to read comics. However, for potential fans, this is a well-written early story (it takes place before the first novel), and the art is top-notch. A body is found at the Chicago Zoo, and Harry is called in to rubber-stamp it as a gorilla attack. After a spell shows Harry that the gorilla is innocent, he's off to track down the killer in less than 24 hours. The story is good, especially when you realize that it was written by Butcher himself in his comic debut. The art is good, and this hardcover collection is well-produced. The covers from the mini-series are reproduced, both the regular and variant versions. So, to recap, an all-original Harry Dresden story taking place before the novels, written by Butcher. Good art, complete story, nice hardcover collection....more info
  • Misrepresented
    I love Jim Butcher, and bought this immediately. When it arrived I was disappointed. Not that the story is not good, but I greatly dislike the comic-book format. (Some don't like calling it such, but that is what it is.) Nowhere on the purchase page could I find a warning that it was a comic book. Very disappointed in the sale. Have to admit story was good, just too short and misrepresented....more info
  • Good Graphic Novel as part of the series
    I enjoyed this installment of the series. I prefer traditional books to "comic books" but this one was well done and well illustrated. I will buy the next one when it comes out....more info
  • It's a comic book
    I expected a new novel of the Dresden Files, and was disappointed to find that this hard cover book was in comic form. The story is simplistic, as many comic books are, though the illustrations are good for a graphic novel. If you're looking for a novel, don't buy it. ...more info
  • Welcome to the Bungle
    It was really subtle that the book was co-written (notice Jim Butchers name is in 36 point font). Second, I don't care if they try to make it sound better calling it a graphic novel, it's still a comic book. I outgrew that when I became an adult....more info
  • Surprise
    It was my fault I did not notice that this book was more along the 'comic' book line, but that being said, this is fantastic! The idea to create such a book is a stroke of genius. I wil collect them if more are published. See the quality and know that it is the same great Jim Butcher quality. I started by watching the show which the Sci-Fi channel so foolishly cancelled now there's a whole lot of garbage that's not fit to watch and I mean garbage. Thank You Jim Butcher....more info
  • Pleasant Surprise
    I was a noob to graphic novels, this was my very first. As others have stated in review, it was a pleasant way to get a piece of Harry Dresden in advance of Turncoat, which comes out the 7th of April I believe. :) So not much longer. Woo Hoo! It was interesting to read the forward by Mr. Butcher and find out that he has always imagined Harry as a graphic novel looking character. It was nice to see deadpan sarcasm in the exchange between hero and villian. It was nice to explore a whole new way of looking at an old literary character, and I enjoyed it very much.

    I'm disappointed at the less than intelligent reviewers that seem to get a great deal of personal pleasure from calling themselves fans, then complaining about this graphic novel. What is there not to like? You get a bit more of the story of Harry Dresden prior to Storm Front, and you get to actually see how the author sees Harry. Does that mean you cannot continue to "see" Harry as you prefer?? Only if you have a limited imagination. I'd recommend this graphic novel (compilation of comic books) to any Dresden fan.

    ...more info
  • Great adaptation, fairly mindless fun
    A prequel to the first Dresden Files novel, "Welcome to the Jungle" is the first graphic novel addition to the series - a full adaptation of the first novel, Storm Front, is to come shortly. The comic's plot is boilerplate Dresden Files: a gruesome murder, this time at the zoo, has Lt. Karrin Murphy of Chicago PD's Special Investigations calling in Harry Dresden, the only professional wizard in the phonebook. Harry has 24 hours to uncover the killer, and, of course, has no idea where to start; in the meantime, the murder has been pinned on one of the zoo's prized (and innocent) gorillas, lending extra urgency to Harry's search for the real culprit.

    Unsurprisingly, the Dresden Files, with their spectacular action scenes, car chases, and colorful magical rituals, translate perfectly to comic-book form, with quick panels here capably taking the place of the lengthy descriptions required in the book. Indeed, Butcher explains in his introduction that his storytelling is strongly influenced by the multitude of comics that he read when young (something that I definitely sympathize with).

    For the most part, I really enjoyed artist Ardian Syaf's work: he has dynamic paneling and slick coloring that perfectly captures the Dresden Files' noirish ambiance. Crucially, he also renders action scenes well, leading to some spectacular doses of slavering beasties, crashing masonry, and explosions galore. There are some enjoyably subtle touches thrown in, too, like a potion label sloppily applied with bits of Scotch tape in Harry's lab. My only quibbles were that Harry, though saved from the realm of lantern-jawed superherodom by a generous helping of stubble and eye-rolling, seemed too buff for my tastes - I'd like more gangling with my wizard, please. Likewise, an improbably flowing-tressed Murphy seems a bit out of line with the books' button-nosed, pony-tailed Murph. Otherwise, many of the creatures and scenes in the comic could have been pulled directly from my imaginings of the novel, which is all that a fan can ask for. I especially liked the scene in which Harry walks the crime scene while imagining potential paranormal culprits, which gives the reader a great visual overview of the series' bestiary.

    A few sprinkled flashbacks also fill the reader in on Harry's childhood, making this as good an entrypoint as any into the series for any unfamiliar readers (and arguably much more newbie-friendly than the increasingly complicated later books in the series). Overall, this is classic Dresden Files, with Harry brawling, detecting, and quipping his way to the final showdown in wizardly style. By turns irreverent and gruesome, snarky and slightly cheesily heartfelt, it's what I like to call brain candy: consummate entertainment paired with a modicum of emotional and intellectual content. "Welcome to the Jungle" is a decent addition to the collection of a Dresden fan, and a good taste of the series for those curious about starting it, though it lacks the stronger emotional draw and character development of the novels. The hardcover edition also has a number of fun goodies tucked in the end - the original issues' covers, Syaf's concept sketches for the characters and creatures, along with Butcher's notes, and some previews of iconic scenes from the upcoming Storm Front adaptation.
    ...more info
  • More Harry Dresden
    All of the Harry Dresden books have been great reads. Hope there will be many more in the offing....more info
  • A great new original Dresden story
    A trademark blend of magic, noir and sarcasm Welcome to the Jungle is a full color example of why Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden is so popular.

    A special consultant to the Chicago police, Harry is called in when a man is found dead at the zoo under mysterious circumstances. The brass wants to blame Moe the gorilla, put him down and be done with it. Special Investigations lead Karrin Murphy knows the evidence isn't adding up so she leaves the legwork that she can't explain to her bosses to Harry. After all, the list of things that can choke a man bare handed has to be small, right?

    But before Harry can put the monster who did this down, he has to dodge great cats under compulsion spells (to kill him, of course) and supernatural dog assassins, save the girl and save the gorilla.

    Spiked with humor, fast paced and fabulously drawn, Welcome to the Jungle is a welcome addition to the Dresden mythos and a must-have for Dresden fans....more info
  • Graphic novel - great read
    All the fun of a Dresden novel with great graphics. I loved it and so did my son. If your are a Dresden fan, this is a must have!...more info