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Victory Conditions (Vatta's War)
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Elizabeth Moon*s thrilling Vatta*s War series, featuring the no-holds-barred space-faring heroine Kylara Vatta, has secured her reputation as a master of first-rate military science fiction. Now Commander Vatta is back每locked and loaded and ready to win the fight against the marauding forces of ruthless space pirate Gammis Turek.

For Ky, it*s not just about liberating the star systems subjugated by Turek and defending the rest of the galaxy*s freedom. There*s also a score to be settled and payback to be meted out for the obliteration of the Vatta Transport dynasty . . . and the slaughter of Ky*s family. But the enemy have their own escalation efforts under way每including the placement of covert agents among the allies with whom Ky and the surviving Vattas are collaborating in the war effort. And when a spy ring linked to a wealthy businessman is exposed, a cracked pirate code reveals a galaxywide conspiracy fueling the proliferation of Turek*s warship fleet.
Matching the invaders* swelling firepower will mean marshaling an armada of battle-ready ships for Ky to lead into combat. But a violent skirmish leaves Ky reeling每and presumed dead by her enemies. Now, as Turek readies an all-out attack on the Nexus system每a key conquest that could seal the rest of the galaxy*s doom每Ky must rally to the challenge, draw upon every last reserve of her strategic skills, and reach deep if she is to tear from the ashes of tragedy her most decisive victory.

From the Hardcover edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • good ending to the series
    This was a satisfying ending to the series of Vatta's war.I really enjoyed this series of books from Elizabeth Moon.Perhaps she will offer more from this bunch of characters....more info
  • Disappointing ending to a pretty good space opera
    Vatta's War was never going to be a timeless classic filled with peerless prose, it was a fun and engaging series though oddly lobsided. The details of interstellar commerce, life aboard the various space stations and the minutae of ship to ship combat were all very well realised. Less so the various cultures and most of the characters were pretty cliched. The story felt like it was lifted from a detailed and lovingly created role playing campaign, not necessarily a bad thing but it could've used more fleshing out in parts.
    Having said that, most of the series was an enjoyable romp through the spaceways, but Victory Conditions was a weak ending. There were a few too many deus ex machina resolutions to dangling plot strands. The usual formula of two major combat scenarios per book was reduced to just one for this volume, and that was pretty much a foregone conclusion a couple of hundred pages before it actually happened. It lacked the excitement and joie de vive of the previous books and frankly it felt like a rushed job, written simply to meet contractual obligations and tie up a lot of loose ends.
    I don't regret buying and reading it, but I hoped for a little more. A good solid ending to the series would've made it a keeper, one to revisit in the future, but I think my copies will be hitting the second hand market pretty soon....more info
  • victory conditions, vatta'a war
    I enjoyed this book immensely. I couldn't read it fast enough yet hated to finish it as it was the last of the trilogy. I've read all 3 books, the hardest part is waiting for the sequels. I hope Elizabeth Moon will come out with another series soon. She writes well. Her characters are believable and stories action packed. ...more info
  • Victory Conditions
    Wow! More thrilling space opera from Elizabeth Moon.
    This book lives up to everything we've come to expect from Ms Moon. Good character development, good plot lines and well described space battles with plausible physics.

    This is the last book in the Vatta's War series, returning to an established cast in an ongoing war with the space pirates. sounds corny I know but Ms Moon pulls it off in stile.

    The pace increases towards the end with what feels like a rushed and contrite finish to the otherwise elegant series. The rushed finish levees the reeder feeling unsatisfied and wondering if the printer left out two or three chapters.
    Fans of Ms Moons work will enjoy this book (I know I did) ignoring the rushed finish, this was a good read and I recommend it to Ms Moon's readers....more info
  • Excellent conclusion to the series
    As usual, Ms. Moon renders a tight narrative that moves right along to a satisfying conclusion. Space opera at its best, with more subtlety than the usual "more ships, bigger lasers, one great leader."...more info
  • Best in the series
    Wraps up all of the story lines for Ky Vatta and her cousins - a wonderful read, ends on a great note!!...more info
  • Victory Conditions (vattas War)
    As a final book of the series i found it a let down.
    The other 4 books in the series all were well thought out but the last requires you to suspend your disbelief in order for the story to me completed.So many things arnt concluded or rapped up neatly, it is as if the author couldnt be bothered anymore with this plot
    i strongly enjoyed the first 4 novel but the last left me feeling let down especialy after waiting 12 months for it to be released
    in general i don't think it is up to the caliber of her other novels ...more info
  • Please do not stop
    Want more! Love this series and buy everyone presubscribed hardbound. At least continue the universe with stories of other characters....more info
  • Wraps up the series but feels unbalanced
    This is the concluding book in what has been an interesting series. It is set in something like the pirate-era Caribbean. It follows the career of Ky Vatta as she moves from washed up officer cadet to Admiral of a multi-government space defense fleet in just a few years. That requires a very fast pace of character and plot development. And Moon mostly pulls it off. The first book felt too slow, and this last book felt too fast, but the three in the middle seemed to be be just right.

    This book is action-packed, in a sense, but the nature of the action has shifted. In the earlier books the battles were small-scale. Ky was fighting people hand to hand. In this one fleets of hundreds of ships are opposing each other, and something seems to be lost in the change.

    It could be argued that this whole series has essentially been a "coming of age" story for three characters: Rafe, Ky, and Stella. If so, this clearly is their ascention into adulthood. They all figure out their proper roles and excise the demons of their childhood. The book doesn't quite wrap everything up at the end, but that's as it should be. Adulthood is not the end of the story, it's just the end of the childhood.

    However, while most of the series was a solid four stars, this book suffers a bit because it is so jammed full of plot resolution that it feels a little too unbalanced. The characters are too static compared to the plot. Still, any fan of the series will want to read this book....more info
  • Must read Sci-Fi series
    Ky Vatta has come a long way since being dismissed from Slotter Key's Space Academy. She has moved from privateer to commander and now is Admiral of a fleet still being assembled. And the enemy is the pirate Gammis Turek, a man so ruthless that many people believe there is no hope.

    But Ky comes from a family of space traders who have survived plots and assassinations and stand ready to help. Her Aunt Grace, as minister of defense of Slotter Key, uses her influence and her cousin, Stella Vatta, the soon-to-be CEO of Vatta Enterprises, uses the ansible communication technology the family now controls to begin to level the playing field.

    Elizabeth Moon crafts a tale of intrigue, military skill, and interpersonal conflict that will have the reader turning pages as quickly as possible. She paints characters that one can easily grow to both love and hate - and she helps the reader see the consequences of personal choices.

    Many people have difficulty getting family members to cooperate - but to save the known galaxy, Ky, her family, and the few allies they have, are going to have to get entire worlds to cooperate - including agreeing to have their space forces serve under a single command wherever and wherever most needed-as decided by Admiral Vatta.

    Any science fiction aficionado will find Victory Conditions and the earlier books in the series must-reads.

    Armchair Interviews agrees....more info
  • Good Resolution
    I LIKE Elizabeth Moon's books. However the last two before this strayed from the straight-on "Space Opera" of some of her earlier work (read the Esmay Suiza stories!). I was getting a little tired of the poorly disguised lectures, so I was pleasantly surprised that Victory Conditions just forges ahead, doing a nice job of bringing the Vatta's War series to resolution and conclusion. Once again, she's brought her personal knowledge of what life might be like in a space navy to bear, and the result is a lot of smile-inducing reading....more info
  • Winning Against All Odds
    Victory Conditions (2008) is the fifth naval SF novel in the Vatta's War series, following Command Decision. In the previous volume, Kylara Vatta and her Space Defense Force drove away pirates attacking two Mackensee Military Assistance Corporation ships in the Boxtop-zip-figaro-112 system. More MMAC ships were expected in twelve days, so the SDF stayed insystem to protect the surviving MMAC vessel.

    When an SDF technician repaired the ISC ansible in the system, the relay notified ISC headquarters. An ISC Enforcement taskforce was dispatched to apprehend the ship. They encountered the returning pirates and lost half their ships.

    In this novel, Ky is now Admiral Commanding of the SDF. All her surviving ships are gathered within the MMAC home system and have been resupplied by the mercenaries. She also has been notified that the Slotter Key privateers have been ordered to report to her at Cascadia Station.

    Before their departure to Cascadia, Ky holds a staff meeting with all her ship captains and the MMAC liaison. She asks Major Douglas to query the Mackensee linguists about the language used by the pirates. Ky also decides to ask cousin Stella to check on a retrofit Combat Control Center for the Vanguard.

    Rafe Dunbarger is now acting CEO of InterStellar Communications. The board is happy to have him in command, but they are unhappy with his relationship to Ky. The board thoroughly believes his father's delusion that the Vatta family is aiding the pirates. Rafe cannot convince them otherwise.

    Stella is acting CEO of Vatta Transport on Cascadia Station. She has a problem with Toby's attachment to Zori Lourri. Remembering her own crushes, she reassures Zori's family of the status of Toby and herself. Toby is asked over to the Lourri house for supper.

    Aunt Grace is now Rector of Defense for Slotter Key. She prepares the Slotter Key Spaceforce ships to join the Space Defense Force commanded by Ky. Despite her objections, MacRobert talked her out of going along with the Spaceforce fleet. Of course, MacRobert was onboard when they leave.

    In this story, Toby discovers that the secret language of the pirates is the same as the one that he has been learning from Zori. Stella tells him to not confide in Zori, but he refuses to distrust her. Toby avoids telling her about the pirates, but he does ask her some questions about the language in a roundabout way. Then the pirates abduct Toby.

    Zori notices the kidnappers wheeling Toby away from the O'Keefe Ice Cream Palace as she arrives for their meeting. She tries to chase the ambulance, but her security holds her back. Then they tell her that she is going home now.

    Zori evades her security and then hides under a table to avoid the shooting. Eventually, station security shows up and she tells her story. They finally release her into the custody of Stella.

    Ky and her staff decide that the pirates will need more and larger ships. After several interstellar calls, they learn that only the shipyard at Moray has received an order for several larger ships. Ky takes her ships to Moray and arrives amidst a battle.

    This tale shows Ky learning more about joint forces strategy and tactics. With her reinforced fleet, additional personnel and shipboard ansibles, she starts training the fleet in new tactics. Meanwhile, her staff begins to collect more intelligence on the pirates.

    This novel is the last volume in the series. Naturally Ky defeats her enemies and gains her true love. Enjoy!

    Highly recommended for Moon fans and for anyone who enjoys tales of naval tactics, political intrigue, and tangled romances.

    -Arthur W. Jordin...more info