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Run for Your Life
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A calculating killer who calls himself The Teacher is taking on New York City, killing the powerful and the arrogant. His message is clear: remember your manners or suffer the consequences! For some, it seems that the rich are finally getting what they deserve. For New York's elite, it is a call to terror.

Only one man can tackle such a high-profile case: Detective Mike Bennett. The pressure is enough for anyone, but Mike also has to care for his 10 children-all of whom have come down with virulent flu at once!

Discovering a secret pattern in The Teacher's lessons, Detective Bennett realizes he has just hours to save New York from the greatest disaster in its history. From the #1 bestselling author comes RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, the continuation of his newest, electrifying series.

Customer Reviews:

  • great
    The book was excellent, I could not put it down once I started it. The condition of the book was almost like new. Very Pleased....more info
  • Run for Your LIfe
    Great Book. I received it within just a few days and in great condition....more info
  • Patterson
    I quit reading Patterson years ago; they're not as good as they used to be....more info
  • Worth reading
    James Patterson redeems himself after Cross Country. This book is well written and fast paced. Looking forward to more books featuring Detective Bennett....more info
  • Just okay
    In Run For Your Life, a calculating killer who calls himself The Teacher is responsible for a series of violent murders in New York City . There appears to be no common link between them either. Detective Mike Bennett, from Patterson's: Step on a Crack (a book which I disliked) is on the case once again. He is a recent widower with ten adopted children.

    The Teacher, keeps moving from one seemingly random murder to another, and when he learns that Detective Bennett is after him, he even begins to start leaving clues in the form of messages. A game of cat and mouse, the story moves along very quickly, and does not require any major effort to follow the story. The audio version was fun to listen to, but as Patterson's stories go, this one was just average. I have decided that with so many great books out there now, Patterson will drop off my list of must-read authors in the future....more info
  • Jump on this series now
    If you are not reading the Michael Bennett books by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge, now would be an excellent time to start. There are two thus far --- STEP ON A CRACK and the newly published RUN FOR YOUR LIFE --- so you can be up to speed on the series easily enough.

    Bennett is a driven New York City police detective who balances the high-pressure demands of his job with even more demanding domestic duties. A recent widower, Bennett is dad to 10 adopted children. He is assisted by his grandfather Seamus (who, by the way, is a Catholic priest) and Mary Catherine, a twenty-something au-pair who, if I am reading between the lines correctly, is ever so slowly becoming a potential romantic interest for Bennett, and vice versa.

    Now, before you think you have stumbled into a literary relaunch of "Eight is Enough," let me assure you that the focus of the Bennett novels is on bad guys --- really, really interesting bad guys. The one featured front-and-center in RUN FOR YOUR LIFE is The Teacher, who reduces Manhattan to chaos with a series of grisly, violent murders with no apparent link. An expert at weaponry, possessed of a twisted genius and propelled by an enigmatic motive that is grudgingly revealed over the course of the narrative, The Teacher is as unforgettable as he is deadly. He appears to be unstoppable; seemingly able to change his appearance at will, it's as if he moves instantaneously from crime scene to crime scene, while along the way chastising people for their poor manners. His victims include a retail clerk, a French airline steward, a ma?tre d' --- and then, of course, there's that unfortunate corpse back at his apartment.

    When The Teacher discovers through the media that Bennett is after him, he begins baiting Bennett, leaving messages for him at crime scenes. As he prepares for his ultimate act of vengeance, however, The Teacher gets up close and personal with Bennett, making Bennett a part of his twisted scenario that, if he's successful, will give them both a dark place in history.

    Patterson and Ledwidge have created a winning series here. The secondary domestic plot --- an influenza strain running through the household while Bennett is being pressured by his superiors to capture The Teacher --- is given just enough attention to provide a sort of comic relief from the grimness of the book's main theme without distracting the reader entirely from it. The main attraction of RUN FOR YOUR LIFE however, is of course The Teacher. As dangerous as he is, his ultimate motivation is a bombshell that resonates long after the last sentence is read. The authors also provide enough loose ends to keep the anticipation for the next volume at a fever pitch. Jump on this series now and then tell your friends about it; you'll look prescient in a year or two.

    --- Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub...more info
  • Problem resolved
    I have never received this book but have worked it out with
    the suppplier so I am happy. I probably will order this
    book again at a later date as I will be traveling soon.
    Marie...more info
  • Loved the Characters
    I love the characters in this new series. I just wish the book was a little longer and deeper....more info
  • Run for your life
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the very first page. I am enjoying the new "Bennett crew" From Mike to Shamus and everyone in between. Great stories.Run for Your Life ...more info
  • Who Wrote This?????
    This latest Patterson/Ledwidge collaboration was excellent. A fast exciting read with a great "bad guy", The Teacher, and a persistent, tired, family oriented detective. So ... Even though I rated it 4 stars, why did I get the feeling I have read something similar to this before. Then it came to me .............. Most of the story read like a past Jeffery Deaver book; that is until the ending. Then the ending read like the end of one of Robert K. Tanenbaum's books (The one where the "fallen" priest kills the "fallen, killer" attorney in New York's harbor. But, if you have never read Deaver or Tanenbaum, pick up a copy of "Run For Your Life". It really is very good!...more info
  • Did not dissapoint!
    I enjoyed this pageturner! I love the short chapters, constant action, and it took me away from boring TV shows. I loved the Michael Bennett character in Step on a Crack and he was so good in this book, too! I hope the next book has him involved in a romance. Good, fast read....more info
  • what a waste
    This is probably the most improbable plotline I have read in recent years. It was an absolute waste of a half day. I read on, expecting the plot and characterization to finally get better, In fact, it got worse and slipped into a sophomoric flight of folly. A Cessna 172, shot down by a USAF jet, and the passengers survived? It almost seemed as if Patterson outlined the plot and allowed Ledwidge to make it believable. Didn't work at all. I'll certainly pay more attention to Patterson's co - writers before I buy another of his books. Come on James, at least make certain your proxy writers are more carefully selected. Perhaps see if they graduated high school....more info
  • Excellent Thriller
    This is an excellent thriller that kept me engrossed page after page. True to form Patterson keeps you guessing throughout the whole novel.

    It was the first book I read on the Kindle and what an excellent introduction it was. The story was great and the Kindle just became the tool used to tell the story.

    I highly recommend both the novel and the Kindle 2 to everyone that might be on the fence.
    ...more info
  • Fast moving but slow at the end
    James Patterson's novels can be entertaining but some of them are very poorly written and not that interesting. This one started off with a bang but took a long time to end. ...more info
  • Not so different
    The book is supposed to be a new look at a new crime detective. Low and behold the guy is single, has a bunch of kids to take care of and has a live in nanny! Wow - how original! Why not just write it as a Cross novel - don't wizz on my leg and tell me its raining

    You won't be disappointed on how the book moves along - of course the bad guy is always one step ahead and then the big showdown at the end - yadda, yadda, yadda.

    Take any one of the last 10 Patterson books, put the sleeve on the cover and you have the same concept - different title.

    I have read all Patterson books I can get my hands on, and just like something new - I now want something different!

    For those of you who have not read much Patterson, pick it up and enjoy!...more info
  • Run for yor Life
    This was a great read , I expect no less from James Patterson!
    A real page turner.
    A must read....more info
  • Puke by the gallon
    What is the purpose of this book? Greed!

    Why would a decent mystery writer like Patterson put his name on a book written by someone else? The only answer I can come up with is money. Which would be fine if the book was half-way decent. Instead, it is boring and shallow, with bad writing, unrealistic dialogue, and many loose ends.

    Almost half the book is about the main character's many kids having he flu and vomitting. I am serious, part two of the book is titled "Puke by the gallon". An apt title for the book itself, I would say. No action, nothing happens, just high school writing with bad similes like "Sound slammed into her like a collapsed wall".

    The characters are caricatures, and the dialogue between them amateurish. Several issues are raised but never developed or resolved. They're just there, like an unfinished basement with wires and pipes hanging down, not connected to anything. For example there is some mention of attraction and sexual tention between the main character and two different women, but nothing comes of it. One of the protagonist's many children has a pretty serious moral problem, but, again, nothing is done with it. The killer is contacted once by instant message, and then never again!

    Save your money, and, more importantly, your time.

    And by the way, to whoever wrote this book: If the killer sends and receives instant messages from his own cell phone, he can be traced in seconds. Do a little research before creating ridiculously unrealistic situations! ...more info
  • Writing for the "MONEY not for the ART!
    I'm such a James Patterson Fan I own every hard cover novel he has written, and I'm so sorry to say things are going down hill. I use to wait in anticipation for his new releases but I just cross my fingers and hope it's not a waste of hard earn money! "Boring" is the word for this novel... This is really painful if your a true blue fan. If you got to read this .. Go to the Library it's cheaper! Jo ...more info
  • Run for Your Life
    First read of this character. I enjoyed the book very much, will look for more....more info
  • Wanted it to be good, but it just wasn't
    I have read other Patterson books and enjoyed them, but Run For Your Life just wasn't very good. Poorly written, with oddly stilted diagog and a very strange obsession with vomitting, there really wasn't much to like here. I haven't heard a racing bicycle referred to as a "10-speed" since the 80's and with all that corny dialog I knew I needed to get through this one quickly.

    The book has one "twist" which you, the reader, will figure out WAY before the protagonist or the cops do, and the book does build to the usual WAY over the top climax but it's all too little too late.

    Happily, I read this on the new Kindle II which was great because the book was cheaper than I might have spent on the hardcover and I didn't have to lug around all that weight. Unfortunatley, the Kindle can't make the writing any better.

    I'd stay away....more info
  • "Up yours with a hockey stick."
    What great fun Patterson has given us with a new hero, detective Michael Bennett, his 10 children and their Irish Nanny. A derangned killer is stalking NYC and Bennett is put in charge of finding him while his clan of children all come down with the flu, puking their little guts out all over the apartment. This one had me turning pages right up til the end, and what a great finish. One can't go wrong with James Patterson.. He is just marvelous. You will not be sorry after reading this page turner. New characters need to be continued. ...more info
  • it was great
    The book is great, wish he had used the same narrator as the last one though....more info
  • run of the mill thriller
    A typical James Patterson entry; entertaining for a few hours but instantly forgettable. Protagonist Mike Bennett has an interesting family life, but he's too flat of a character to make the reader invest much emotion in his fate. The antagonist is standard issue "crazy."...more info
  • Had to return
    I had ordered this book and so did my husband. Website had NO problem with me returning. We exchanges e-mail's and it was easy as pie! Also, the book was in excellent condition! Thanks!...more info
  • The Associate, Run for Your Life
    Run for Your Life is written in James Pattersons usual easy reading manner as well as interesting and captivating. He remains one of my favorite authors.

    The Associate is another John Grisham legal masterpiece. He kept me on my toes....more info
  • Run For Your Life
    Another Patterson hit! Read it cover to cover in one day!! Love the Bennett family dynamic and Mike Bennett character. Keep them coming. ...more info
  • Run and find a copy!
    I am so tired of the Patterson Haters who keep writing all these negative reviews, most of which appear to have never read the book and I think are just jealous of the man's success. If his books are so bad stop buying them and shut up! This is not to say I want to discorage honest reviews positive or negative. I'll also be the first to admit that these books are not great literature, but lets face it they are fun entertaining reads to relax with. If your looking for "War and Peace" don't buy a Patterson novel. If you want to turn of your brain for an hour while on the beach or plane it is hard to beat Patterson!

    ...more info