Wild Card (Elite Ops, Book 1)
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It was supposed to be simple. All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Colombia drug cartel, then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government spy. That was before his mission went disastrously wrong…and before his wife, Bella, was told that Nathan was never coming home.

Bella’s mourned her husband’s death for three long years. But she has no idea he’s still alive. Forced to assume a new identity, the man Nathan was is now dead. If he can get back to his wife, can he keep the secret of who he really is…even as desire threatens to consume them? And as danger threatens to tear Bella from Nathan’s arms once more?

Customer Reviews:

  • Walk on the wild side
    Yum. This book has some delicious erotic naughtiness in it. The book is a fun read with interesting characters. Not sure how realistic the main male character Nathan/Kyle, but the author keeps the reader engaged....more info
  • Beautifully WILD!!!!
    i must commend and thank lora leigh for another beautiful love story to end all love stories.

    i can't get into the story too much bc i just about loved every minute of this book and if i start i wouldn't be able to stop..

    i laughed, i cried, i got HOT with a capital H!!!, and i fell in love with both sabella and nathan/noah.

    and i fell in love all over again with ms lora leigh!!

    the way she crafts a story is almost like magic.. everything just comes together and then BAM.. one of the best love stories i've read in a minute..

    this one is definitely a must read!!!...more info
  • Wild Card
    Wild Card picks up with the rescue of Navy SEAL Nathan Malone. The problem is that Nathan has been tortured and drugged so long will he ever completely recover? Nathan is convinced that he no longer exists as the man as many once knew and loved so he assumes and new identity and has them notify his wife that he has died. But, the one thing he has never forgotten is his vows to Bella and his love for her. So while he is a new, harder man, Noah will have a hard time with his latest assignment. Now Bella is directly in the path of a terrorist organization (the Black Collar Militia) and Noah will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

    Bella has mourned Nathan for three long years, and then she decided to do everything she could to save their home and business. She struggles with dating, as she still feels connected to Nathan, even though she never let him see the real inside of her. But now the mysterious Noah is stirring up all those feelings, and leaving her unsettled in her life and thoughts.

    Will Noah and Bella allow their fiery passion for each other to fulfill its destiny or will the Militia kill them all first?

    Let me start by saying wow, wow, wow, as that is all I could think of when finishing Wild Card. I have to admit I think I cried for the first 50 pages of the story. Ms. Leigh goes down a darker path in Wild Card than she has in many of her other books; she deals with the aftermath of torture and almost hopelessness.

    Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed...more info
  • fans will enjoy Lora Leigh's engaging romantic suspense.
    Nathan Malone joined the SEALs; eventually he fell in love with Sabella and they marry. Several years later his Uncle Jordon informs Sabella that Nathan died.

    Two years have past since Sabella buried Nathan. He thinks back to the mission that led to his funeral. He was captured by a brutal Columbian drug cartel, who broke every bone in his body and subjected him to tons of Whore's Dust, an aphrodisiac that keeps males hard; but for the eighteen months of his captivity he refused to break his vow to Sabella. He was rescued and healed physically though his body was changed, but mentally Nathan Malone is dead. He left the SEALs and joined Jordon's "dead men" special operations team as a cold killer.

    Jordon gives Nathan a file that focuses on Sabella and the Black Collar Militia that hunts illegals to kill, rape, and sell their babies. Almost everyone in his hometown of Alpine, Texas deserted Sabella who after a two year mourning funk has tried to make a go of Nathan's garage. Nathan still loves Sabella, but refuses to tell her he lives as he believes Malone died in Columbia. Mechanic Nathan Hawke obtains work at the garage. His eyes which remind her of her Nathan and his first name disturb Sabella. Worse she is attracted to him. He is stunned to watch his pampered southern belle work as hard as she does as a blue collar mechanic as he never knew she had such skills. As they fall in love, she begins to put together his HIDDEN AGENDA while he and his team seek the Black Collar Militia.

    The premise of a Martin Guerre like spouse coming home after being buried is superbly handled leading to the prime couple gaining reader empathy early on. The action is fast-paced and the suspense high. Although the militia at times comes across as inane and the audience never learns why they want the garage, fans will enjoy Lora Leigh's engaging romantic suspense.

    Harriet Klausner

    ...more info
  • Can a book have too much sex in it? Yep!
    Sabella Malone was only 20 years old when her Navy SEAL husband left on a mission and never returned home. Six years later Bella is managing to hang on to her garage and her home by the skin of her teeth. When her brother-in-law Rory hires a new mechanic Bella takes one look at him and wants that man gone from her life. The trouble is that Noah Blake isn't even remotely what he seems to be. It's up to Noah and the other members of the Elite Ops team to uncover the leaders of the secret vigilanty group who are killing both legal and illegal aliens and the undercover government agents trying to infiltrate their organization.

    OPINION: My rating for this book is actually 3.5 stars.
    Can a book have too many sex scenes in it? My answer here is an absolute yes. The beginning of this book was wonderful. The ending of this book was wonderful. Those were the parts where there was an actual plot which was being carried out. The rest of the book was nothing but one sexual episode after another between Noah and Sabella. It got REAL old for me. Okay, he was tortured, he was brooding, he was dark, he was trying to hide a secret. She was tortured, she felt guilty because she was attracted to him, she wanted to remain true to the only man she loved, her husband. I got it. But the sex just went on and on and on and on. Noah had been force-fed a drug for 18 months while he was held captive that was the equivalent to the drug used to make dates more "willing". (You know what I mean but the Amazon software doesn't like reviews with the word "r**e" in them.) When he had an adrenalin rush because of danger he became aroused to the point of being tormented and in extreme pain. Trouble was, he was always having one adrenalin rush after another. The scene where he had been cut and was bleeding profusely and yet they still had sex while he bled all over the place just wasn't a turn-on for me. All I could think about was having to try to get the bloodstains out of those sheets. Ewww!

    The idea behind this series is excellent. We met all the members of the Elite Ops team in this book and I'm thinking they will each get their own book. That's fine by me. I just hope there will be more emphasis on an actual "story" in the other books. I wanted to learn about the relationship between Sabella and Nathan and between Sabella and Noah but I think that could have been accomplished with fewer episodes of JUST sex, sex, sex. Also, I have seen reviews which say this series is tied to the Lora Leigh SEALS series. I don't think that is a completely true statement. Yes, the men from those books are mentioned by name here but that is the only role they play in this book. They are very firmly in the background so you don't need to have read the SEALS books before you start on this series....more info
  • Great Read
    This was a very good read, I liked the emphasis on the love and i truely liked the ending. I thought this was a well written book, definately on the top of my read again list....more info
  • Favorite Lora Leigh book!
    Lora Leigh definitely did not disappoint with this long-awaited book. I loved Noah and Sabella together again and it was so great to see the development of the two of them growing passed the past and really build something together. I also was excited to hear the mention of Durango Team, especially Ian and Kira! I am looking forward to reading the new Elite Ops series and hopefully get continual updates on the Durango Team and maybe read Rick's story!...more info
  • One of her best ever
    Too many times Lora Leigh's books are filled with too much sex and not enougth plot. Or I end up hating the heroine and the male is too domineering. This time everything was perfect I was even surprised about the villians. Don't miss this one. If you're looking for a great love story, a great family story, laughter and good triumphing over evil (and you want to lose the last 15 pounds and look 10 years younger) read this book!!...more info
  • True Love Never Dies
    I don't even know where to start. I have read just about every one of Ms Leighs books, but this one takes the cake. I had no idea how she was going to have a "new" romance in this story, but boy she accomplishes it and good.
    Ms Leigh is known for gut renching emotional stories, but this one just tore my heart out. This is about Nathan Malone which we read some about in the previous book about Ian and Keira. Hes tortured horribly and is finally rescued but is really messed up and doesn't feel he is the same man that is wife Bella knew and didn't want to put her through his recovery, so they told her he died and inside so did she.
    Finally 6 years later she is tring to move on, and in walks Noah Blake who is undercover and there to protect Bella.
    She can't understand why she feels this instant attraction and need to be with him and of course the guilt she feels. Oh man you just have to read this story. To me its like an onion, and I know that sounds corney, but there really are so many layers to this story and how it slowly is peeled away and they find out they are totally diffrent people than they were and thats ok because there love never died.
    I just can't encourage you enough to read this book, it definatly was one of her very best, and I can't wait to read the rest of the broken men find their true love that will mend their broken soul....more info
  • Loved This Book
    This one is a keeper. One of those books that you can't stop reading and then find yourself sad as you approach the end because you don't want it to be over. Wild Card is a beautiful romance with scorching hot love scenes, plenty of action and a sexy alpha male hero that literally jumps off the pages at you. Bound in leather chaps and just daring you to get on the back of his Harley. What an escape.

    Navy Seal Nathan Malone was happily married to his young wife Sabella. His last mission was supposed to be simple, infiltrate a Columbian drug cartel and rescue three young girls. But things went disastrously wrong and Nathan finds himself at the hands of Diego Fuentes the evil crime lord. He is held captive for 3 years, pumped full of experimental drugs, tortured and beaten beyond recognition. When he's finally rescued there isn't much left of the man he used to be. Scared inside and out, Nathan now feels that he's too damaged and violent to ever return to his wife and joins a team of covert ops. After several reconstructive surgeries Nathan Malone becomes Noah Blake aka Wildcard. The man his wife loved is now gone forever.

    Several years later a new mission (ironically enough) takes Noah back to his hometown and puts him undercover as a mechanic in Sabella's garage. He'd assumed that after 6 years his wife would have moved on with her life but she hasn't ever let Nathan go. After learning of Nathan's death Sabella didn't leave the house for 3 years, barely functioning, she dreams of him. There's is a love that will last forever, she tells herself. Only after almost losing their home and business does she manage to pull herself together enough to rejoin the world. Sabella initially has no idea that the sexy new Harley riding mechanic is her dead husband but something draws her to him and awakens feelings she had thought long buried. Nathan is stunned that Sabella isn't the agreeable little wallflower that he remembers as his wife anymore. Where did this tough, no nonsense woman come from?

    This establishes the characters into their plotlines and that's when the story really gets going. The sex scenes are amazingly hot but they are also filled with such tenderness and longing that you will simply sigh. Lora Leigh pushes the boundaries further each time Noah and Bella are together and just when you think they couldn't possibly do anything else sexually, that it's just going to be another sex scene, she manages to make it different and even more exciting. The running internal dialogue is also well done here and heartbreaking as Noah struggles with the ghost of the man he used to be and Sabella tries to not let on that she knows who he really is. The endings full of suspense and I wasn't certain until the last few pages if our couple would truly get their HEA or if our testosterone filled hero would leave again.

    For an erotic Romance this is a very involved story and surprisingly long at 415 pages. Lora Leigh however had me enamoured from beginning to end and I feel that this is some of her best work. The unconditional love between the main characters was beautifully written, the story interesting and suspenseful. My only complaint would be the few sloppy mistakes overlooked by her editor.

    This is a story that I won't soon forget. Highly recommended.

    It's now been a few days since I finished reading Wildcard and an interesting thing has happened. I can no longer remember the sex scenes but I still find myself thinking about the love story.
    Go Siorai, Forever my soul. ...more info
  • Best Book in the Series
    Best in the series. It was a sweet and sexy book. Others have already give significant descriptions. There was a little gap in the why this gang would be in Alpine but otherwise, no problem. Loved it. If you have not tried this series yet, try it with this book. It is a keeper....more info
  • Fine Line Between Violence and Passion....
    This novel is ceaselessly intense and not at all relaxing or enjoyable. Although the characters are well written and the story engrossing, the constant undercurrent of simmering violence totally creeped me out. It's not loving or romantic to be stalked, spied upon, pushed around and tormented until you scream in frustration and anger. Then trying to make everything better with a love-making scene that, once again, utilizes all the same emotions. Only now we're supposed to believe it comes from a passionate heart? Sorry, guess I'm too vanilla for all this stuff. Worth reading? I liked all the other books in the series, but this one left me guarded and filled with dread. ...more info
  • Kudo's to Lora Leigh
    OMG!! What an awesome book! I swear Lora Leigh has outdown herself. This has got to be the best book I've ever read. I almost cried when I finished it because I didn't want it to end. What a perfect love story....more info
  • Breathtaking
    i can't hardly wait for the next one. I couldn't put it down.
    I love Lora Leigh....more info
  • Great start to a new series
    I really enjoyed this book. I can't wait for the next in the series. The only issue I had with this book is that Sabella was pregnant when he "died" in a book of a linked series. This book seemed to have more of a plot than some of Lora's other books which was nice although I don't buy LL books for the plot. ...more info
  • Hold the hotness!
    Who'da thought that a writer of erotica would come up with a modern romance about everlasting love?

    Did I say I absolutely loved the things I hated in so many of the author's previous novels? The small-town politics. The southern melodrama. The screaming hysterics. Well. I absolutely loved them all in Wild Card.

    But most of all I loved that Sabella could commit forever to Nathan and mean it. And vice versa.

    I'm not saying the book is perfect. By any means.

    Hotness afficienados might say that the hotness takes a while to get going and that it's just slightly repetitive. It would have been nice if Bella had swallowed just once. Or that exactly the same phrases occur in different places in the novel. And really why on earth would the bcm want Sabella's auto repair shop. But that's it. That's where I stop.

    This story is going straight on my keeper shelf.
    ...more info
  • Lora Leigh does it again....
    Lora Leigh delivers. This was an awesome book. Only complaint I have is the book ended and I have to wait for the next one....more info
  • Another Winner...
    Can this woman ever have a bad day...this book was exciting from beginning to end! I mean there was the right amount of everything, sexual tension, possession, great hero and heroine and the secondary characters were woven into the story beautifully. I cannot wait for her other books in this series.

    As usual the sex was intense and hot; Nathan and Bella were explosive together. I love Lora Leigh she is now one of my favorite authors! ...more info
  • Another Lora Leigh winner!!!
    Lora Leigh does it again with her sexy, hot, and very naughty story. I loved this new start to Lora's Elite Opps series. The story had an abundance of sexual frustration and when the two main characters, Noah and Bella do come together it is fireworks!!
    Loved it!! Can not recommend it enough!!...more info
  • Extremely good book
    I picked up this book solely on the positive reviews it received. The reviews talked about the plot and the fact that the book had several things I need in my romances; fidelity, love, a HEA, and some slammin' action between the sheets. This book delivered. I fell in love with Noah, with Bella, even with Nathan's brother Rory a litte bit. The way he and Bella ran the garage after his brother was gone - so poignant! There was plenty of action, and it made sense to the plot, it wasn't just to keep the two lovebirds apart. I really liked how Bella realized how much she had hidden from Nathan during their marriage, and her realization that, yes, eventually, she and Nathan would have worked it all out. That made his capture and torture that much more sad, because even in romances, things sometimes hurt and may NOT be for the best. A true redemption novel and I loved it....more info