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Plum Spooky (A Between-the-Numbers Novel)
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Customer Reviews:

  • Another Great Stephanie Plum Book
    With Janet Evanovich releasing only one Plum book a year, these in-between-the-numbers books are great. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. I found myself laughing out loud a lot. Sure, I would have loved to have Morelli and Ranger in it more, but Diesel is a great character too. And I can't say enough about Lula. I don't see how anyone could not like this book, but everyone has their own opinion. I, personally, highly recommend it....more info
    Great book by Evanovich - again or should I say as usual.
    Janet Evanovich has such a great imagination and as way with words. She
    describes situations and her characters so vividly that if you close your
    eyes you can almost visualize the plot as your reading. Her characters are
    always interesting and quirky. Stephanie sounds like a ditz but she really
    isn't she just has a way of ending up in strange situations and then she
    has to find her way out as gracefully as possible (HAHA)....more info
  • Plum Spooky
    I enjoyed the book. Laughed out loud. I was a little hesitant to buy the book given the reviews I read, but am glad I did. ...more info
  • Evanovich is Back!
    First off, let me say that I was very disappointed with Plum Lucky, the last between-the-numbers book in this series. Fortunately, Evanovich is back on her game with this one. This book had the magical/paranormal element that the between-the-numbers books are known for and of course, Diesel is back. Not only do we have Diesel, but we are introduced to his cousin, Wulf. Wulf is a very interesting character and I would like to see more of him in future books. This one definitely had it's laugh out loud moments, which I loved. Morelli and Ranger both made their appearances, but they didn't play very large roles in this one. That's okay because Diesel made up for it. The parts of the story concerning Lula and Tank were great. I can't wait to see what happens there. Overall, a very fun read in the series....more info
  • too silly
    This book had so much over-the-top silly comedy that I couldn't even finish it. If you like that type of humor, you might enjoy it, but if you are hoping for the character of the earlier by-the-numbers Plum books, this book may not work for you.

    I expect a light "beach read" when I buy a Stephanie Plum book (I've bought & read them all), and I'm willing to pay hard cover prices for the by-the-numbers books even though they're quick reads, but releasing these between-the-numbers books as hard covers is asking way too much of us readers... Maybe if the books were paperback and had a whole different look to them, so it was clear they were supposed to have a different style and quality as the by-the-numbers books, it wouldn't be so painful......more info
  • The adventures of Elmer the Fire-Farter
    Diesel, the supernatural bounty-hunter, is back and this time he and Stephanie Plum are looking for Wulf Grimoire, an unmentionable with plans for world domination, and Martin Munch, a twenty-four year old physicist with non-existent social skills.

    The Stephanie Plum "between-the-numbers" novels must really be popular, since "Plum Spooky", the latest in this sub-series, is more than twice the length of its three predecessors ("Plum Lucky", "Plum Lovin'" and "Visions of Sugar Plums"), clocking in at approximately the same length as one of the full-length "numbers" books. This is, without a doubt, my favourite Stephanie Plum book to date, largely because it is the silliest. With "Plum Spooky", Evanovich has completely given up on trying to place her story in the real world, and as a result, we are treated to the adventures of Carl the cartoon-esque monkey (he watches television, eats pizza and makes offensive hand gestures - isn't that what real monkeys do?), the Jersey Devil (New Jersey's answer to the Loch Ness Monster) and Elmer the Fire-Farter (yes, you read that right). If you can't cope with the idea of a character who farts fire whenever he eats spicy food (and at other inconvenient times), then don't waste your time or money on this book, you'll hate it, but if you find that sort of thing funny, then, for you, this might be the best Plum ever.
    ...more info
  • Please, no more Diesel
    I love the Stephanie Plum novels, even the fairly unpopular #14. But I've never been impressed with the between-the-numbers novels. I think it's the supernatural aspect of them. Not that I'm against supernatural stories, but it just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the series. And really, does Stephanie need a third guy in her life? Aren't two enough?

    I also have a problem with the unbelievably understanding Morelli (sure, he trusts her, but to just be fine with another guy sleeping in her bed?!). It just feels so phony. At least with Ranger there's some tension. This just felt like he was written off because he was in the way.

    Bob the dog (limited though his role was) and Carl the monkey were the best parts of this book. I admit that I really didn't put it down once I started it - it was written in the same light, easy-to-read, fast-paced style of all the Plum books - but I can't say it was great. It feels more like these are the story ideas her publisher nixed from the numbered series but she was determined to get out there somehow. And now that she's famous enough, she can.

    I'd rather see her flex her creativity in a whole new series - I think she could pull off a supernatural version of the Plum series, but I'd rather she left Stephanie as she was. I know she's not entirely realistic, but... still.

    Fans of the series might be disappointed, and I certainly wouldn't recommend it to someone not a big Plum fan. Mostly I just want to say... c'mon, number fifteen!...more info
  • Kindle Problems
    I started to read the sample, but just like one other reviewer I found the odd spacing to be a detriment to the ability to smoothly read, and somewhat jarring too.

    When I tried to have it read to me (one of my favorite features of the Kindle) I found that here too it did not do a good job. It includes extraneous punctuation marks as part of the reading, something that does not happen with my other books. Additionally the split words in the type also split in the audio version.

    I think that with so many other choices I would wait until the address some of these problems...more info
  • She does it again
    yet another great book from Janet Evanovich. You never know what trouble her characters will get in next. a great read. recommended to Evanovich fans....more info
  • I loved this book!
    I thought this book was very funny! I had a great time reading this adventure and read it in one sitting. Having never read any of the Stephanie Plum novels before this all of the characters were new to me, including Stephanie herself, so I didn't have to judge this book against the number series as so many reviewers seem to have done. I came here today to order more of them, but I think I'll pass on the number series for now as it seems to jade the reader in some way that they then don't enjoy the between the numbers series. I loved Diesel, Wulf, Carl, the residents of the Pine Barrens, the family & co-workers... all of them! And I thought the story was very well put together and progressed at a perfect rate, not too slow and not too fast. I've been a big Carl Hiaasen fan for many years and this reminded me of his Florida series with the crazy characters and zany adventures strewn throughout the story. I laughed hard enough to have to put the book down a few times and wipe the tears away!
    Back to my cart now to find the rest of them! Thank you Janet Evanovich!...more info
  • Didn't turn my crank
    I love the outrageous Stephanie Plum books, but I was truly disappointed with this one. It didn't make much sense. Even the title didn't make much sense. I was expecting something Hallowe'en themed, and instead it's a silly book about changing the weather and monkeys. There are plenty of antics and Stephanie finds herself in lots of scapes. And she loses another vehicle. but the book just didn't make much sense at all. We have Diesel back and that was something, but there's not much of Morelli or Ranger in this one. I sure hope the next number book is better than this "between the numbers" book was....more info
  • Funny but 'old'
    There have been several reviewer comments about Stephanie growing (or not growing). My concern is not so much growing - as learning. She seems to continually fail to learn from her mistakes (particularly as a bounty hunter). She and Lula repeatedly make the same farcical blunders every time they attempt to apprehend an FTA. One would think she would learn rather than continuing to re-make them time and time again. Once is funny; multiple times is dumb.

    Yes, there were numerous LOL sections. We've got the Ranger "Babe" so ingrained in our psyches all she has to do is print that word and we know the scenario exactly (his "Babe" when seeing a car full of monkeys had me in stitches). Her grandmother, as always, provides gales of laughter (I laughed so hard I woke up the cat). It was my Evanovich fix - to hold me over until the next number hits the stores.
    ...more info
  • A really fun read
    I love the Plum books - my mom and I both read the series and we both end up laughing out loud over some of Stephanie's antics. The numbers books are better - but a good dose of Plum between the numbers can really cheer you up on a cold winter's day. If you want a good laugh, read this book!...more info
  • Another good addition to the Plum series
    Plum Spooky is the latest between the numbers/holiday novel in the Stephanie Plum series. The next book set to be released on June 23rd is Finger Lickin' Fifteen. The holiday novels are a nice addition while waiting for the next main book in the series.

    Plum Spooky like all the other holiday novels has the same returning character of Diesel, however this time you can expect to see and hear more from the other main characters from the regular series ie. Morelli and Ranger. Aside from that, there are the characters that people who have been reading the series will remember, Lula, Stephanie's parents, Grandma Mazure and Connie. The main plot of this book which is actually two plots, one is Diesel needing Stephanie's assistance in apprehending another unmentionable and the other is Stephanie trying to apprehend a high dollar FTA (Failed To Appear). There are also a couple of other sub plots, the small time FTAs that Stephanie is trying to apprehend and also the daily things in life that she has to deal with. I will not go further to avoid spoilers. Here are my thoughts.

    As is all the previous Plum novels, there are the same elements of humor. I am not sure if Ms. Evanovich didn't write as much humor this time or that it has just become the same ole same ole, but I did not find myself laughing as much as I usually do when reading her novels. As for her prose, it is just as good as it has ever been. This is one thing that I have always enjoyed about Ms. Evanovich's work and that is the fact that she can write a fast paced story with hardly any lag to it and she fills enough detail to get the visuals out and let the reader fill in the rest to make it their own. As for character development, this time there actually is some nice development with the Plum character that was quite a nice change of pace. I was actually getting tired of every book having the same formula to them...Stephanie tries to find that bad guy, almost catches him/her, needs to go home for something and becomes abducted, Ranger, Morelli, or Diesel comes to the rescue. Those same elements are also prevalent in this book as well, but this time readers can expect something different.

    Some Criticisms

    1. This is just a personal bias, but I have never been a fan of the 1st person point of view. This is very minor and just a personal thing.

    2. There is one part in the book that felt out of place where Stephanie who is driving one of Ranger's vehicles, calls Ranger to warn him if he doesn't hear from her in a few days to start looking for her and Ranger asks her where she is. Fans of the series know that Ranger always has her cars monitored to keep tabs on her, you would figure that he would also have all his vehicles monitored as well, especially when he has loaned her one of his.

    3. This was supposed to be a holiday novel and the title would lead the reader to think of Halloween with "Plum Spooky" however, the story takes place during September and we never get to Halloween.

    Some positives

    1. Ms. Evanovich's prose, I just can not say enough about it. She really knows how to keep a novel from getting bogged down and to keep the reader moving. Every time I read a Plum novel, I plow right through it without stopping.

    2. The development of Stephanie's character was a nice change. I would like to go into it more, but if you have read it then you know, if not, read it.

    3. Incorporating myths into real life characters was a nice added element. When it comes to unmentionables, Ms. Evanovich comes up with some nicely creative characters.

    4. Diesel's character is actually explained a little more. It was nice to know that someone actually knows a bit about Diesel and gives off a few tid bits of information on him.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this one. I was expecting typical Plum and Lula antics, which there is plenty of, but there was also a change of pace. If you have never read a Plum novel, I recommend starting from the beginning. It would be a long road to catch up to this one, but a road well worth it. As for seasoned readers, this is a good addition to the plum series and don't think you will regret reading this.

    ...more info
  • Wonderful entertainment
    Again, Janet evanovich keeps me turning the pages and making me laugh!! I love reading about the craziness in Jersey!...more info
  • Highly entertaining...loved it!
    Although a "Between-the-Numbers" novel, all the main characters we know and love are present. The Evanovich novel are always a fun read...Carl the Monkey giving the finger all the time does get old but this is minor. The Stephanie Plum series always gets my mind off the tedium of everyday life with her wacky friends and people she has to hunt down who failed to appear in court. Stephanie's character always has some really funny lines I laugh so hard I cry. Another excellent addition to the Evanovich mysteries. Think some of the readers may be taking things a bit too's a fun and entertaining read.

    Jacqui Taylor
    Author of "The Traveler's Guide to Photographic New England: MASSACHUSETTS"
    ...more info
  • Best of the "Betweens"
    This is the best of the "Between the Numbers" Plum novels. Great characters, as always, and the banter between Stephanie and Diesel is rapid fire fun. ...more info
  • Thank You Ladies
    I was afraid I was the only person out there, in the cyber void, insisting that Janet Evanovitch was capable of better. Her books are on a downward trend almost equalled by the upward trend of the styling of her back cover pictures.

    My analysis is that as she get richer, more successful and stylish, her books get less well plotted, the people we have come to know and love get less well defined, she is getting sloppy with her writing.

    Please Janet dear, you hooked us with your talent and wit, it is still there somewhere in between the appointments with your manicurist, hairdresser, stylist, business manager etc etc etc. I know how distracting this life can be, having lived it myself (once upon a time).

    So, thank you "happiness is reading, c.lyn panovitch, samurai_sally, J.K. Waldron, Lanae, k. Bui, A. Pouncy et al for telling the truth.

    Now, if you will all join me in my crusade to tell the truth about the marketplace sellers and the real meaning of the words "like new" , "very good" etc in terms of used books we will have accomplished something all of us amazon customers need, real reviews....more info
  • Wake me up when it's OVER!
    Ho Hum! Same old monkey...same old lines...just same old same old, not that creativity and definitely "No SPICE!" SORRY!...more info
  • Plum Spooky
    As always Janet Evanovic's books are intertaining and a lite read. I look forward to her next book....more info
  • Great Book
    The product isjust as expected from Janet Evanovich. Missing the number series but this fills in the blank time....more info
  • Typical Evanovich
    You just cannot stop laughing out loud at this Stephanie Plum adventure. Great for a light hearted read....more info
  • Plum Spooky
    I am SO GLAD that I got this book at my library and didn't WASTE
    any money....a really pathetic attempt at a plot!!! and with VERY LITTLE
    literary value....more info
  • Plum Spooky
    Funny and up to the standards of this series. I never was that crazy about the "between the numbers" add ons but this is a full length book with everything I love about Stephanie Plum and her escapades. I reccomend it to everyone who enjoys a laugh and a mystery rolled into one....more info
    This author is a hit every time. You will find yourself alone and laughing out loud. ...more info
  • Funniest book I've ever read!
    At a time when the news and the economy are SO DEPRESSING - a light-hearted comedy was exactly what I needed! Several times I laughed so hard I cried. Stephanie Plum books are always full of smiles but this was exceptional!

    Highly recommend this book if you need a laugh. Keep them coming, Janet!...more info
  • Best of the Between-the-Numbers
    I have read many of the other reviews and must say I do not understand the more negative comments. This was the best of the Between-the-Numbers book. I liked that it was longer, and slapstick or not, it was fun, which is what it was meant to be. I have read all of the Plum books and what we got in this one is the same crazy laughs we have gotten in the others. That is why I read the Plum books. I like that they are silly (mostly) and make me laugh. I like that Stephanie defies society's dictates about only being able to love one man, and so is in love with two. And for those of you who thought there was no romance in this one, what could have been more romantic than Ranger racing over to Stephanie to see for himself that she was alive and well after her harrowing experience with the villain. At least in this between the numbers we got a bit more of Ranger, which was good since the between the number books are supposed to be about Stephanie and Diesel. So those of you who were so disappointed, I say you need to read it again with an open mind and lighter heart so you can experience the fun this book was intended to be....more info
  • More grandma would be good
    Another hit from Janet Evanovich!Stephanie is in prime form explosions,wrecked cars and a new twist MONKEYS.We of course get a good dose of Deisel but for me not enough Grandma.This was a laugh outloud romp through the Berg and a new location the Barrens with a visit from the Easter Bunny,Sasquatch and my favorite Elmer who farts fire.How she comes up with these stories is beyond me but I hope she never stops!Lulu is of course front and center and we move along with her and Tank's storyline *No Spoiler*you'll have to read to see what happens!I loved this book as I do all Janet's books.And just my opinion but Hey USA Network if your looking for characters you'll never find more in one place than the Berg!
    From some of the other reviews here I guess Janet and I have a similar sense of humor.Because I thought this was hilarious!...more info
  • Disappointed
    I love the Evanovich books...well, most of them. In Spooky, the author departed from her more sophisticated humor and supplied, instead, lots of tricks that would entertain a 12-year-old boy. Come back, Janet! I miss you!...more info
  • Plum Spooky
    Great fan of Stephanie Plum series, whether between the numbers or others. Highly recommend this book for laughs and another insight into what makes Stephanie tick!...more info
  • Nothing but slapstick
    This series has degenerated from Evanovich's first book in the series. "One for the Money" is worth rereading and collecting. Then, the sometimes sort of dumb moves by the heroine served in part as a send up for all of those superhuman females. Characters were broadly drawn but had not yet degenerated into caricatures.

    Long before this point, however, the series had degenerated such that there is very little character in them, and almost no wit. The writing is better than average, but in service to such silliness, who cares? These later Stephanie Plum books are pure slapstick and not really worth the time to skim, let alone read, unless you are very young. A late teenager of my acquaintance loves this book.

    ...more info
  • Plum series
    Excellent as usual. Pretty typical Plum series. Not sure I am fond of Diesel as a character. Not fond of science fiction. He needs something to make him more a real person as everyone else in the series is real. I realize this is not his first appearance in the series but wasn't fond of him the first time either....more info
  • Love the READ Woot Woot
    She is Great as always. Get this Book.
    It is a Must Read.

    ...more info
  • Mildly amusing
    This book is mildly amusing. I am really tired of the usual three-hunky-men-want-me-and-think-I-am-cute-as-a-button. I still enjoy Lula and Connie and Vinnie, Grandma and the three men, but...sigh -- Stephanie herself is getting a little old. The mystery part is interesting enough. (I'm not quite through the whole book yet.) Carl is cute. I think maybe it is time for a new female heroine. On the whole, though, I am glad this book series exists and I sure couldn't do it!...more info
  • Laugh Out Loud Moments
    When I open a Stephanie Plum book, I am always transported to her world of crazy antics and laugh out loud moments. I haven't been finding the laugh out loud moments in some of the past books but they were back with this one. I see people complaining about her world never changing and I don't understand. I count on it never changing. I want to read about her and Lula eating everything in sight and dinner at her parent's house usually being a disaster. Grandma played a very small role in this book as did Joe and Ranger. Instead the action was focused on Stephanie, Diesel, the always funny Lula, and Carl the monkey.

    Instead of telling what this book is about I just want to say it is typical Stephanie Plum. She's still chasing the bad guys, Lula is still trying to shoot people between eating chicken and donuts, and Carl the monkey is playing video games and giving the finger to one and all. Stephanie and Diesel are chasing a seriously bad guy and things look dire a couple of times for Stephanie. I loved it. ...more info
  • Very funny--but the Kindle edition has some strange problems
    I really enjoyed this book. I'm more of a smiler than someone who laughs out loud, but I had a number of moments with this book where I laughed out loud. I thought the plot was just fine--it wasn't intricate, but I wasn't looking for that. I was looking for a book to entertain me, and this one did a great job.

    There are some strange problems with the Kindle edition, though. Throughout the book, I found a number of instances where words were interrupted by spaces. For example, the words were along the lines of "per form ance". I found these words fairly distracting. ...more info