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Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking
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Product Description

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread to fill a kitchen with warmth, eager appetites, and endless praise for the baker who took on such a time-consuming task. Now, you can fill your kitchen with the irresistible aromas of a French bakery every day with just five minutes of active preparation time, and Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day will show you how.

Coauthors Jeff Hertzberg and Zo? Fran?ois prove that bread baking can be easier than a trip to the bakery. Their method is quick and simple, bringing forth scrumptious perfection in each loaf. Delectable creations will emerge straight from your own oven as warm, indulgent masterpieces that you can finally make for yourself. In exchange for a mere five minutes of your time, your breads will rival those of the finest bakers in the world.

With nearly 100 recipes to put this ingenious technique to use, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day will open the eyes of any potential baker who has sworn off homemade bread as simply too much work. Crusty baguettes, mouth-watering pizzas, hearty sandwich loaves, and even buttery pastries can easily become part of your own personal menu, and this innovative book will teach you everything you need to know.

Customer Reviews:

  • Any one can bake bread!
    Easy to follow instructions and easy to bake recipes. Anyone can bake delicious European style Artisan bread in no time at all. Enjoy and share these tasty recipes. I made bakery quality bread immediately. Particularly enjoyed the Boule, Buttermilk Raisin and Rye recipes....more info
  • Goood Bread!
    This book shows you how to have fresh, crusty bread in almost no time and extremely little effort every day! The directions are very clear, and you need to invest very little in new equipment if you are already a bread baker. The real beauty is that there is virtually no kneading of the bread at all! (Of course, if you are using that excercize to take out your aggressions, you will have defeated your purpose.) There are pictures of finished product and of the how-tos, as well. If you are not an accomplished bread baker, you will be able to turn out some pretty professional looking loaves that also taste good. I think this book would be good to give new brides... ...more info
  • This is the bread method for me and my family
    I wanted to find a way to make good bread for my family. I am tired of my current options for store bought bread. This book has given the real answer. Once you mix up the initial batch, you can have good bread within an hour any day of the week. An added bonus has been the sticky bun rolls, made from the same base bread. My husband, who normally likes plain white bread, has raved about the bread. We're sold. ...more info
  • Love the bread!
    I love the end results of this bread. The brioche master dough recipe is wonderful for many, many good sweet breads. Melts in your mouth. A word of caution--there are errors galore in this book, so use your head and if something doesn't sound right, change it because it probably isn't right.

    Jeff needs to really edit this book before making another printing.
    ...more info
  • Truly bread making made easy
    I'm thrilled with the bread that I've made so far (still exploring the book). I particularly like being able to refrigerate the dough for up to two weeks. One variation that my family has enjoyed: adding fresh, sliced garlic and chopped sundried tomatoes to the dough....more info
  • The Best Bread Ever
    What a find. Easy to understand and follow, and the final product is amazing. Have already bought 2 copies as gifts. ...more info
  • Save your money
    I am not a big fan of novels that also purport to be cookbooks. Just get to the recipes already, yah know.

    Anyway, if you can wade through all the verbage, you get a recipe for dough and a number of variations that makes a bread that is unnervingly similar in texture to what your over priced bread maker churns out, albeit with a crustier crust.

    Its a neat and quick method and if you prefer homemade bread over the garbage at the supermarket, this is for you. BUT, don't kid yourself--this doesn't come anywhere close to an artisan bread's taste or texture. ...more info
  • Great book
    Love this book. I got it from the library first and then decided I needed to buy it. The techniques are great. I would recommend it to anyone who thinks that bread baking has to be a day long ordeal....more info
  • Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking
    this book was highly recommended by two librarians that have purchased the book and swear it is the greatest bread...more info
  • Best bread book ever!!!
    This is the best bread book ever. This book actually lives up to the title. The recipes are easy to follow. I'm a non-baker and an average cook and friends think the bread is from an artisan bakery when they see and taste the bread, they are AMAZED that this bread came out of my oven and with such little effort. A must for anyone who loves good crusty bread. I have purchased over 25 of these books for presents. All recipients have raved about the ease of making bread from this book. You will throw rocks at all other breads......and never think about buying bread again after trying this book!!! ...more info
  • Homemade bread in minutes
    This is the best book I ever bought.My husband thinks I'm a genious when it comes to making bread now.He always has loved my cooking.But know he really thinks that my homemad bread I make is like desert.It is so easy to make.It"s like cheating.And to think I used to buy fresh baguett bread and thought it was such a treat.It was expensive and a treat to have the fancy bakery bread.Now we can have it every day.And toasting it for breakfast is a treat.I should be getting a finders fee for all the extra books these two authors are selling.Because I can't say enough about the book.I have referred at least five of my freinds to this site to buy the same book....more info
  • The best bread cookbook ever!!
    I love this cookbook! I have bought it for friends and my son, who turned me on to it via an article from somewhere. I have tried so many recipes and they have all received approval from those I experimented on. I have to say of all of the cookbooks I own and have owned this is one is at the top of my list. I have a "earth momma" friend who spent years kneading bread that I bought this cookbook for her after she borrowed it and loved it. If you like fresh artisan bread this is the cookbook for you. How can something so simple be so fanastic? :) Bon appettit!...more info
  • Great Book for the Bread Lover's
    A friend suggested this book to me. Wow, what a great find! I could not imagine such simple recipes that could produce such yummy bread. I am having so much fun trying out the different bread options. It is perfect for intertaining, family meals, gift giving (a loaf of bread will brighten anyone's day!) and knowing that you are making healthy choices in your food preparation is wonderful. No kneading!! No long hours of preparation for a single loaf ..... Great Book, please try it.
    I know what good food is....I live in New Orleans :)
    Barbara Vincent...more info
  • You can teach an old dog new tricks!
    I've been baking bread for 35 years, and I have to say I was skeptical when I first heard of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. However, I am completely sold! While I will still make, occasionally, some of my old favorite bread recipes, I love not only the convenience, but the flavor and texture of the recipes the authors created. There will always be a container of dough waiting for me in my refrigerator! Right now, I have brioche and olive oil doughs waiting for me to transform them into fabulous bread this evening. This is a great book, especially for anyone who has felt intimidated by the idea of baking bread in the past. However, it's also for those of us who have baked for years; simplify, simplify, simplify. Thank you to the authors for their wonderful creativity and diligent research. This is a no-fail system!!...more info
  • The best bread you've ever had
    This book is amazing. Ever since my semester abroad in Paris, I haven't been able to find any bread worth eating. My wife got this book and we haven't bought bread in months. It is extremely easy to make and even more delicious to eat. You'll never go back to store bought bread. Would definitely recommend....more info
  • artisan bread
    I saw the book in a store and knew I wanted it.So I went to amazon determined to buy. Started baking bread via their method from a magazine article. Bake and eat everyday even my son who eats nothing loves this bread. I like to cook and baked at one time for a brief career period. This makes it easy, fun and tasty. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Perfecto ...more info
  • Artisan Bread
    Really enjoy this book; it's important to read carefully, as the process is not the same as traditional bread making, but nothing smells as good as fresh bread baking alomost daily....more info
  • good service for provider(seller)great book
    wonderful to know it really doesn't take alot of effort to bring fresh homemade goodness to the family...more info
  • Yes, its really as easy and tasty as it looks!
    I love, love, love this book! Follow directions and you'll soon have lovely delicious bread, just as promised. Works best on a pizza stone, but I've also had success in my loaf pan. Definitely buy a nice sized dough bucket and a bottle (not packets) of yeast before you start. I bake so much that now I need a bigger container for the bulk flour I buy. SO WORTH IT!...more info
  • Overlong, overpriced, and overhyped
    About a year too late to take advantage of the afterglow of the fandom of the Leahy/Bittman No-Knead Bread that spread like wildfire in late 2006 and early 2007, this breathlessly superficial book reads like exactly what it is -- an attempt to capitalize on a fad without ever really acknowledging it. The significant original material in the book can be summed up in a five-dollar pamphelet and certainly doesn't need a $27 book to cover it, especially a book such as this that repeats its main thesis several times but doesn't delve much into the food science involved. (In all honesty, the contents of this book could be summed up in a much more concise fashion in a book like BakeWise or Baking Illustrated, and I wouldn't put it past a better author or authors to do exactly that in the near future.)

    Don't buy this book at cover price. Don't bother buying it new. In fact, I wouldn't bother at all unless you can pick it up for less than $10 in a used bookstore or remainder rack, and even then you're probably better off simply starting with the Leahy/Bittman recipe (from the New York Times website) or the Cook's Illustrated adaptation (published in 2007 in the magazine and featured in the 2009 season of America's Test Kitchen) and working your way along with authors such as Silverton or Reinhart; there is not a lot of substance in this book, and no reason you couldn't go the bread machine route with any of it. ...more info
  • Great bread....great book
    Wonderful book and system. Easy to follow. The dough may require some adjustment for moisture or temperature. Works very well in a gas oven. We especially like the breads with additives: Olives, Garlic, Jalapenos etc.... makes a great specialty bread!

    The 'non-airtight' container is nothing more than a loose fitting plastic tub (not the snap/burp kind--think plastic shoe box).

    We like the metal and composite bread slides better than the wooden ones.

    Epicurean Cutting Surfaces 23-by-14-Inch Pizza Peel, Natural...more info
  • I can't believe I made this bread!
    I heard about this book on Twitter and I thought, "Yeah,right! Make bread in 5 minutes...I don't think so." But the more I read about the process, the more intrigued I became. So,I ordered the book! I got it a few days later and read through the beginning. I had most of the supplies to get started except for a pizza peel. I went out and bought it and started my bread baking adventure! I can't believe how easy it was to make. The directions with pictures make it easy for a beginner to follow. The bread came out looking as good as the bakeries Artisan Bread and I had the feeling of pride because I did it! A great book...a must read for anyone wanting to improve their kitchen skills! I am so glad I ordered it from Amazon!...more info
  • This book delivers!
    I made two loafs of the master recipe boules today and my husband and I just enjoyed the first one with our dinner. All I can say is WOW! The taste, texture, and moistness are spot on and the process is unbelievably easy. If you love to bake for your family, try the recipes in this book. You will not regret it!...more info
  • Excellent Bread!
    This book is great! You have to actually read it before you start using the recipes, otherwise it doesn't work as well. We were very pleased with the original recipe, the oatmeal bread, and the whole wheat. We are excited to try others! It is true, you really can make artisan bread in five minutes a day!...more info
  • Exactly as promised.
    I read about this book and its technique in Mother Earth News. My experience with the basic recipe turned out well , so I bought the book. I have made several of the recipes already, including the basic boule', baguette, batard, broa(Portuguese cornbread), whole wheat bread, light whole wheat made as a loaf, and pizza using several different doughs. I just pulled a European Peasant Loaf out of the oven before leaving for work. This technique is everything it's cracked up to be. The dough is easy to prepare and store, and the recipes are delicious. I'm looking forward to the second book scheduled for release in the fall....more info
  • perfect
    Perfect bread book for those who like great bread and are short on time. It really is as easy as the title -- I was amazed! Lots of recipes to explore and enjoy. ...more info
  • Fantastic Book!
    I had no idea that baking bread could be so easy and --- fun! This book is wonderful!!...more info