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Get Anyone to Do Anything: Never Feel Powerless Again--With Psychological Secrets to Control and Influence Every Situation
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Product Description

Tired of being manipulated and taken advantage of? Want to learn how to influence and motivate others, turn associates into friends, and win in any competition? Then consider reading Get Anyone to Do Anything and Never Feel Powerless Again by David J. Lieberman, bestselling author of Never Be Lied to Again and nationally recognized leader in the field of human behavior.

Based on psychological principles, this book is less about manipulation and more about observing and influencing people (including yourself) and learning how to take control of situations. Most of Lieberman's techniques are straightforward, user-friendly, and practical. You'll learn simple ways to make a fantastic first impression, get people to return your phone calls, and stop a rumor before it ruins you. You don't even have to read the text to benefit. To help you get the upper hand quickly, strategies are reviewed at the end of each chapter. While some suggestions are obvious (smile and make eye contact), the five sections and 40 chapters contain many gems that can help improve your life. --Ellen Albertson

The legendary leader in the field of human behavior delivers the national bestselling, must-read phenomenon that changed the rules. Utilizing the latest advancements in human behavior, Dr. Lieberman's critically acclaimed techniques show you step-by-step how to gain the clear advantage in every situation.

Get anyone to find you attractive
Get the instant advantage in any relationship
Get anyone to take your advice
Get a stubborn person to change his mind about anything
Get anyone to do a favor for you
Get anyone to return your phone call
Stop verbal abuse instantly
Get anyone to confide in your and confess anything

Customer Reviews:

  • better books out there
    ho hum book -- if you want the real thing --- find "The Art of Manipulation" by RB Sparkman circa 1976. Pricy, Amazon offrs it for 149.99. I got it on Ebay for around 25.00. I buy these kinds of books, because I am an easy mark and don't like to get taken... Once you purchase it NEVER LET IT OUT OF YOUR SIGHT! I lent mine to someone in 1988 and have been trying to replace it ever since......more info
  • A greatbook.
    This book is a must read for anyone. It has many helpful tools that can be applied in your personal life, and alot more that can be applied in your profesional life. You can start changing your life after the first chapter....more info
  • It works!
    I attempted to get someone to contact me that was unresponsive. After reading this book, I realized what I was doing wrong and changed the content of what I was saying. As a result the person responded immediately. The book explains how human nature makes it easier to predictable behavior. Well worth the time. ...more info
  • get anyone to do anything
    This is a great book for anyone in law enforcement. Reading book as well as other books that has help me a greatly.Once you start reading you can not stop,however once you have seen the results it is great. you can not go wrong learning the secrets....more info
  • Really helpful hints for interpersonal relationships
    This book is lively if not too short. You are left wanting to hear more. But it gives really valuable hints for dealing with real life problems.

    I'd recommend it highly....more info
  • The Title helped it sell
    The book was boring to read. The examples were weak. The title was the best thing....more info
    Watch out. You'll find yourself suddenly thinking tender thoughts about me. Maybe you'll mail me a mix tape, or buy me a drink (three olives). You are probably baking me a birthday cake as I write this. David J. Lieberman: RULEZ!...more info
  • It sounds easier than it is!
    Rather than rehash much of what has already been written, I'll direct you to the long (and accurate) review by Mr. Pidgeon that follows. I have bought all of Lieberman's books and couldn't figure out why the advice didn't do me any good. The information is presented in a very straightforward format, giving you the impression that enacting these techniques is as easy as 1-2-3. But, if you were actually to do what Lieberman suggests it would be akin to 1) decide to run the Boston Marathon, 2) buy the best looking shoes you possibly can, 3) hold your arms in the air and smile when you cross the finish line first.

    Lieberman cites social psychology studies; however, these findings don't help much in everyday life when situations cannot be controlled as they are in monitored studies. And, as several other reviewers also mentioned, there is an element of manipulation present that cannot be denied.

    I have many books in this same genre and Lieberman's books have not earned their place in my personal library.
    ...more info
  • Getting Your Feet Wet
    Interesting scenarios on the different psychological effects and traits that each of us possess. Further more if your looking for ways to never be again in a situation you have no control or feel you have no control over i highly recommend this book for that selective individual :)...more info
  • Same old Same old
    My feeling towards this book is that it reuses all ideas that has already presented in other self help books and just bundle it together with a new cover. Yes, the ideas within can be useful but i did not gain any new knowledge from reading this book. However, there are some good ideas within and still worth a read if you would like to know more about reading body languages and improving your communication through better choice of word selection....more info
  • outstanding insight into human behavior
    I read this book, never be lied to again, and Dr. Lieberman's newest one YOU CAN READ ANYONE. They are all top notch, though out of all three, his latest one is the best. If you want a book strictly on influence, then buy get anyone to do anything. However, if you are looking for how to read people and understand what they are thinking, when they are not telling you what they are thinking, then you want YOU CAN READ ANYONE. He seems to combine alot of the other tactics into this one super book. I've already begun to use some of the techniques, and if you know Lieberman's style, then you'll appreciate that this book too is very, very practical. Its got no fluff, very cool insights into human behavior, and tells you exactly what to say and do to find out what a person is really thinking. All good stuff! Happy reading....more info
  • Easy to read, exhaustive and brief
    The thing that I most appreciate of this book is how full of contents it is, despite of its length. It touches almost all of the important points about persuasion, and it shows them in a very practical way, without forgetting to mention some interesting researches here and there. it's very synthetic, divided in short chapters with abstracts at the end of each, and this makes it very easy when you want to look up for something later on. The first chapters are more interesting, while the second part of the book can be sometimes piddling, but it is still worth your money....more info
  • Brilliant
    Very good book, the only thing i didn't like was...i think it should have been a hardback...otherwise, more or less understandable. Most of the info. he gives are common knowledge...which is weird considering that when you read it you think...oh yeah...DUH!! lol
    but it's a good book to read and own!...more info
  • Other people's research
    Not a bad book, but really not much more than packaging other people's research and ideas-- though the research and ideas are, in themselves, good ones. As a casual read for those unfamiliar with the study of persuasion it's okay, but much better choices would be Cialdini's "Influence," and Robert Levine's "The Power of Persuasion." ...more info
  • Pop Psychology At Its Best
    I loved this book. Even if you're not looking for psychological tactics to use, this book is a fun read. I'm not sure how scientific it all is, although the book does refer to many studies, but the techniques ACTUALLY work!

    Get it if you need some ideas on how to get your boss, wife, etc. to see things your way_ _ _...more info
  • You've Been Had
    What attracted me to this book was the mere boisterousness of the title, which seemed to promise at the very least an amusing read. I expected a tongue - in - cheek take on psychology, the author essentially saying "look, of course there's no sure fire way for anyone to get everyone to do anything, but here are a couple of practical solutions for everyday conundrums", or "here is how you can apply solid psychology to your daily problems", but I was way off mark. Instead, Lieberman actually pretends to make good on his promise by pasting together a few stale elements he lifted from a few mediocre self - help books which he seems to have read the week before he started to write this pile of tripe. Let me give you a few examples of Lieberman's wonder psychology: how, for instance, do you get someone to return your call? Why, you talk the telephonist into drawing a smiley on the memo. Well, maybe there was some pocket of humanity somewhere in the more rural parts of the American Midwest in the early Eighties where this might have worked, under the condition that you had the dubious luck to come across a mentally retarded telephonist with the sophistication of a lump of phlegm. At all other times, in all other places, in all other setups, however, this would be a sure fire way to convince anyone that you are a grade A prat.

    Or how about this: how do you tell your partner that you are unhappy with your sex life? Lieberman suggests that you wait for a week or so, until, in a romantic restaurant, over a bottle of wine, you break it to your partner like this: "Honey, you are the greatest lover I have ever had, I mean the sex with you is just absolutely mindblowing. HOWEVER .... (insert shortcoming here)". Actually I would think it kinder to roll over after sex and tell your significant other that he / she has the penile dimension of a juvenile hamster / the attractiveness and brio of a dead toad.

    So how do you get anyone to do anything for you? My advice is to, firstly, steer well clear of this sad excuse of a book. And secondly, how about forcing them at gunpoint? This is a method that, unlike the strategies suggested by Lieberman, might conceivably work in the real world, and is still considerably more subtle and sophisticated than anything he has to offer.
    ...more info
  • Thank you, David J. Lieberman!!!!!
    Thank you for your valuable advice. Also thanks for the delicious omelet which I secretly influenced my roommate to make for me (I am eating it as I type this!!!!!)...more info
  • Works
    It's short, it's sweet, and it's actually both effective and highly actionable. This audiotape does what it says it does - get anyone to do anything, and never feel powerless again....more info
  • Great reference guide --- but don't fall for the title!
    I bought this book with, I guess, the belief that the author actually offered esoteric knowledge about the subject he's writing about. Of course, he implies he does right in the title, as a matter of fact. The gentleman knows how to sell.

    It's a good book, and in fact, it does exactly what it says it does. It gives you stategies for handling social situations and manipulating people, but they aren't secrets. Many of the tactics are things that we all know we can do. Others are things that we forgot we can do. I don't think many people will find tactics here they've never been exposed to before.

    Putting all these strategies together is a great idea, and makes this a worthy read. I should also say this book isn't very academic, so I wouldn't suggest it for research purposes. It describes effective strategies, gives some examples, and then summarizes them. In this form, they're easy to memorize and reference in the future.

    Overall, I'd rate it as a concise, easy, effective read. I think it would be a handy reference guide for those who are just starting out in the real world, or perhaps even trying to start their own business, if only so they can see how power players will play them. Had the book been written, printed, titled, and advertised as a pocket reference, I would certainly have given it five stars....more info
  • There is a very thin line between emotions and getting anyone to do anything
    3 stars for a good effort and good pieces of information, however dont expect to become a superman after you have read this book. If you are familiar with neuro-linguistic programming, Tony Robbins' work, and Robert Cialdini's work (Influence), you will find almost nothing new here.
    Any person can read this book and feel that they can do this but the only problem and our biggest enemy is our feelings that somehow get in the way. First master your emotions and then read books like these. A good book for the salesperson however but a big flop if you try it on people you love.
    ...more info
  • Primitive
    This is very primitive guide. Most of it is common sense. Reading this book it smelled like, Dale Carnegie "How to make friends and influence people"
    ...more info
  • Good book, somewhat misleading title
    I actually think this book is a little misleading. It kind of gives you the impression that you'll be able be in control of other people. To be fair, what this book teaches does help with that. However, what if people you deal with practice the same techniques on you? What you really get from this book is an understanding of what triggers people to react in certain ways. It's good knowledge to have, but it is not absolute. I recommend this book as and introduction to person-to-person psychology rather than a guide on how to "get anyone to do anything"....more info