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Snakehead (Alex Rider)
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When Alex Rider crash-lands off the coast of Australia, the Australian Secret Service recruits him to infiltrate one of the ruthless gangs operating across Southeast Asia. Known as snakeheads, the gangs smuggle drugs, weapons, and worst of all, people. Alex accepts the assignment, in part for the chance to work with his godfather and learn more about his parents. What he uncovers, however, is a secret that will make this his darkest and most dangerous mission yet . . . and the knowledge that his old nemesis, Scorpia, is anything but out of his life.

Customer Reviews:

  • Another great addition to the Alex Rider series
    This is yet another great addition to the Alex Rider series. It's filled with non-stop action, and it's got a better overall plot than book 6 Ark Angel. Alex is on a mission with his godfather, whom he never knew. He has to infiltrate the snakehead, a criminal organization that ASIS (Australian Intelligence) wants to find out about. Alex goes through many twists and turns. The villan is very good, but I have one problem with this book. Alex Rider is like a James Bond but 14. He has the same personality, and basically the same type of missions. This part I have no problem with, what bothers me is that Alex Rider is turning into 1960's James Bond. It has a formula that I really want Anthony Horowitz to break. (Warning spoilers within.)
    1. Alex goes on a mission.
    2. He finds out some things about the criminal, and then gets caught.
    3. He meets the villan.
    4. The villan says something like "So your a little James Bond eh? Well let me tell you my entire plan because you can't possibly get away."
    5. Alex gets away.
    6. He ends up stoping the villan.
    7. The villan dies.
    8. Alex goes back to Royal General bank (MI6 Headquarters) and Mr. Blunt and Mrs. Jones say "Good job, you know you should do this when you grow up and you can still work for us."
    9. Alex says "No." Or a wittier way of saying no.
    10. You know he'll be back.

    This formula was great for about 3 books, then it gets old. He changed up with books 4,5, and 6 kind of but still. He has to keep it a little fresher. Still this book was great and I enjoyed it very much, but still needs a little work. I kind of want to see him lose. He wins every time, so you kind of know what will happen from page 1. If he changes it a little than it would be much better, but regardless it was a great book.
    ...more info
  • Snakehead review
    Snakehead is the seventh book of Anthony Horowitz' amazing series. To me this is one of the best. I think the book included much more character detail and depth than previous books in the series. There was alot of action and travel in the duration of this book. Alex also meets his godfather, Ash, who he tries to get answers from abut his father.

    Alex gets himself in another tangle, but this time with the ASIS. Landing in Australian waters after destroying Ark Angel, Alex is assigned a job by the Australian Secret Intelligence Services. ASIS. He is set to work with Ash, his god father. He accepts the task so that he can ask Ash questions about his father. Alex is trying to stop Major Yu. Yu plans to re-create a tsunami on Ausralian shores with a stolen bomb, Royal Blue. This will also destroy the Reef Conference, which was trying to eliminate poverty. Alex is captured after making a very amazing escape sequence from a freighter whch contained Royal Blue. After being caught, It is planned that Alex will have his body parts removed and sold. Alex escapes and returns with friends. Fox, X-ray, Texas and Scooter. They infiltrate Yu's command room. They kill Yu's assistant, which happens to be Ash. Ash had been working against Alex, taking the bateries out of a watch that told M16 when he needed help. Yu is killed too.

    All in all, this is a great story that I highly recommend. It has a great beginning, plot and ending. But I think Alex's thoughts, and the realism of the characters is the high point in this book. It is a great book and I recommend it to everyone. ...more info
  • Best Book Yet
    Snakehead is a thrilling and action-packed book based on Espionage.
    It involves a teen age spy, Alex, and the most notorious international terrorist organization The Snakeheads. Alex is put through illegal martial arts fighting, exploding Mines, and mass ballistic gunfights between rival factions in order to find what secrets lie at the core of the Snakehead. Alex is also accompanied by his Godfather who has some secrets that Alex may not want to hear. So check out the seventh book in this intense series called The Alex Rider series, and prepare to be BLOWN off your chair and into a world of Chaos and Mass-Destruction!...more info
  • A Sophomore's Review
    Hey people. This is a great book. I always say I tie the Harry Potter series and the Alex Rider series at number one spot, because they're so awesome. Alex Rider is way more adult than HP though. I was hooked on to this series at age 11. They were sort of complicated back then, but I didn't care, giving I was and still am an advanced reader.
    Alex Rider 7 is the best of the series. After it ended, I was sad it finished. It's been 1.5 years, and I've read this book 15 times.
    It's also very violent, and I loved the adult themes, and I was happy they talked more about gangs in this than book 5. I can't wait for Crocodile Tears, book 8. and Yassen: Teenage Assasin....more info
  • A Good Read
    I am an avid fan of all of the Alex Rider adventures, and I must say that this book did not disappoint.

    In this adventure, Alex joins forces with the Austrailian secret service. . . and a surprise character that knew his father. Simply serving the ASIS to work with this mysterious man, Alex learns much about his parents, specifically his father.

    Snakehead takes you on a fascinating journey that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was curious to see how this measured up to the other Alex Rider adventures, and once I picked up the book, I was simply unable to put it down. Definetely a worthwhile read!...more info
  • Alex rider Snake head
    If you've read the previous books in the Alex Rider series you will know that Alex rider is a boy that has to do things which no boy at the age of fourteen would every think of doing and with a climactic ending to the Ark Angel (the previous book in the series) Alex Rider is back with all of his gadgets and gizmos, moves and of course enemies in Snakehead, the seventh installment in this exhilarating series of books.

    Snakehead picks up exactly where Ark Angel left off with Alex falling from space and landing in the coast of Australia. From there he is recruited to by the Austrailian SAS to infiltrate the Snakehead organization (the equivelant to Scorpia in Asia but on a MUCH larger scale). From there is teamed up with is godfather, Ash. he learns about his past, Ash's past whilist being transported from Australia to Asia with tons of action along the way. At the end of the book he discovers shocking peices of information.

    It is told very well by Anthony Horowaitz whom made the book as accurate as possible while still maintaining the Alex Rider formula which fans have grown to love and enjoy.

    Overall, Snakehead is a brilliant book...but I do recommend readiing the other books if you havent already just to brush up on your facts. ...more info
  • "Snakehead" book review
    Do you like adventure and spy books? Do you want to read a book that will always make you want to read more? Then this is the book for you. Snakehead is just one of the many great books in the Alex rider series, written by Anthony Horowitz.
    In Alex Riders' most recent adventure the Australian Secret Intelligence Service partnered him with Ash, his godfather. His mission is to penetrate the evil organization called Snakehead. Snakehead is involved with the illegal immigration of people into different countries. Along the way Alex runs into a group of old friends who call themselves "MI6." They ask him to investigate something called "royal blue." What Alex doesn't realize at the time is that these two missions will intertwine. During his missions Alex finds himself captured and taken to a private island. Here he is scheduled to have his organs surgically removed to be sold to rich people that have a need for them. You will have to read this book to find out if Alex makes it out for one more adventure.
    If you have to read a book or you want a really good book to read, then I highly recommend Snakehead. However, I would suggest you begin with the first book in the series Stormbreaker. There are seven books in the Alex Rider series and I have read all of them. If you read the first book then you will want to read the rest of the series. As you read, you will follow Alex on his wild adventures. You will be kept on the edge of your seat to the very end. I am very much looking forward to Anthony Hrorwitz's next Alex Rider novel.

    ...more info
  • One problem
    My son read this book and told me all about it. He loves these books but says there's one problem, he wants more!...more info
  • Amazing Book
    Scorpia is a great addition to the Alex Rider series. It will answer many questions that the previous books bring up....more info
  • Snakehead, an excellent book.
    "He knew it was going to happen before it actually did. Alex had been in danger so many times that he had developed a sense, a sort of telepathy, that forewarned him." Anthony Horowitz writes on page 45 of Snakehead. As you can tell, facing danger is not new to Alex.

    Snakehead is the seventh book in the Alex Rider series. Alex thinks that he is finally going to get back to his "normal life", but once again he finds himself working as a spy, this time in Australia. After the death of his parents, Alex knew almost nothing about them. So now when Alex gets the chance to work with his godfather, he hopes to find out the secrets of his family's mysterious past.

    It would be horrible to have your entire family killed, only to find out that you are facing the same danger. Even worse, you find out that their former employers want you to work for them, and they will do anything to get you to agree. This is shown on pg. 50 when the author writes, "Then the man straightened up. His eyes were dark brown and bleak. You're standing on a mine he said."

    Snakehead is an exciting book with a twist around every corner. It is an excellent book, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes action adventure novels.
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  • Snakehead
    My son does not like to read and has begun reading these books. We have book reports due every three weeks during the school year and then some during the summer for our homeschooling. He loves the Alex Rider stories! Super book!...more info
  • Great book!
    I think "Snakehead" was another brillant action book from the Alex Rider series written by Anthony Horowitz. It really makes me realise how easy i have life. I gave this book a 4/5 stars for a great story line andgreat discription of charters and plot twists. Another reason i give it this book relates to my life abd nakes me realise how easy life is. So once again Anthony Horowitz secedes in selling another great book....more info
  • One of the best
    This is one of the best and currently the last, this is book 7, but book 8 will be out in a few months.
    If you read Harry Potter, then Alex Rider is the next series to read....more info
  • Action-Packed till the end
    This seventh book in series ( i think). I was expecting more adventure as was seen in the rest of the Alex Rider Adventure and i wasnt dissapointed. Still with fresh ideas that jsut keep you turning the pages until you finish it. Good book thats all. I read that there might be an eight book ...more info
  • Action Packed as Always
    Alex Rider is back on another mission even though he swore he was finished with the spy business. Right after literally dropping out of the sky, he is picked up and sent to the Australian Secret Service, who wants to enlist his help. At first he refuses, but when he finds out he could be working with his godfather, he realizes he wants to find more out about his dead parents.

    The mission is to infiltrate a dangerous snakehead, or gang, in Indonesia to find out how they smuggle people into Australia. They are disguised as Afghan refugees. Things go wrong almost from the start. Because what Alex doesn't know is that the head of the organization, Major Yu, also a member of Scorpia, already knows that the young Afghan refugee named Abdul is actually Alex. And Yu's just biding his time until he can end Alex's life.

    Through the mission, Alex meets unexpected allies, more enemies, and discovers a horrible secret about his godfather Ash. I thought that Snakehead was the most exciting out of all the Alex Rider books yet. It was jam packed with action throughout the entire novel. Alex is constantly using his ingenuity to get out of sticky situations, and there are so many unexpected turns that make the story even more suspenseful and thrilling to read. My only complaint is that sometimes the story crosses over the line between credible and incredible, but other than that, this series is amazing.

    I highly recommend this book to all action and adventure story fans. It might seem like more of a guy book on the surface, but girls will get into this series too. If you have read and like this book, then I also recommend the Gallagher Girl series by Ally Carter.

    [...]...more info
  • Horowitz manages to pull off a stunner of a plot twist that even the most avid fans of the series probably won't see coming
    SNAKEHEAD, the seventh book in Anthony Horowitz's New York Times bestselling Alex Rider series, marks the improbable return of Scorpia to the world stage. The international criminal organization, whose name stands for "sabotage, corruption, intelligence, and assassination," had been on a serious downward spiral thanks to Alex Rider, who made sure that their Invisible Sword operation went catastrophically wrong. However, Scorpia took revenge on their 14-year-old nemesis and was able to recover well enough to begin offering their services once again to world governments, big business and terrorist groups.

    Its members are hopeful that a new project will enable them to continue their resurgence and put them back on the map permanently. Their mission is to assassinate eight extremely wealthy and influential people (among them, a pop singer, a billionaire and an ex-U.S. president) who will be gathering at a summit "to make poverty history." Scorpia will not tolerate the means by which they intend to achieve such an ambitious goal, so their lives must end tragically. It's crucial that the deaths appear to be accidental so that none of the participants can be looked upon as martyrs, which would shine a stronger spotlight on their cause.

    Enter Major Winston Yu, who controls a huge criminal network called shetou (snakehead in English). He will arrange for a very special bomb called Royal Blue to be used in the attack. The bomb not only will cause unspeakable destruction, it also will cover up the fact that a mass murder has taken place.

    In the meantime Alex has been rescued from outer space by the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), whose chief executive of its Covert Division, Ethan Brooke, would like the teen to find out as much as he can about the dreaded snakehead network. The plan is for Alex to go to Bangkok where he will play son to one of their agents, who will be assuming the role of an Afghan refugee hoping to be smuggled into Australia with the assistance of the snakehead. Understandably, Alex is extremely reluctant to be involved in such a risky operation; his previous six adventures would almost seem like child's play compared to this endeavor.

    Ultimately, however, Alex accepts the challenge when he learns that the man accompanying him is none other than Ash, his father's closest friend who is also his godfather. Alex believes that spending time with this relative stranger, even under such dire circumstances, will give him the opportunity to learn more about his parents and the events that led to their untimely demise.

    Alex's initial encounter with the snakehead is brief and unpleasant, but the worst is yet to come when Mr. Anan Sukit, its lieutenant, lures him into an arena where spectators are looking forward to seeing a poor, seemingly defenseless teenager get beaten unconscious --- or even worse --- in the sport known as Muay Thai, one of the most aggressive and dangerous martial arts in the world. Thanks to some quick thinking (and a little cheating for good measure) Alex defeats the burly fighter named Sunthorn in front of a stunned and outraged crowd. He faces the prospect of being shot and killed by Sukit, but a blast from the past (so to speak) saves the day in explosive fashion.

    Alex's mission becomes even more complex when he's reunited with Mrs. Jones, the head of Special Operations at MI6. His former employer is investigating Major Yu and asks him to locate Royal Blue for them. They have no idea what the bomb will be used for, which worries them; if this is a Scorpia operation, they know all too well how serious and large-scale it will be. At first Ash isn't too thrilled with this latest turn of events but allows Alex to do what he thinks is right --- and eventually opens up to him about John and Helen Rider, and his own tenure at MI6.

    At this point, the major questions that need answers are obvious. Will Alex be able to find Royal Blue and in the process prevent the devastation that the snakehead is concocting? How can he escape the wrath of Major Yu? Will Scorpia be taken down and disbanded once and for all? However, Horowitz manages to pull off a stunner of a plot twist that even the most avid fans of the series probably won't see coming. In addition, we sympathize with Alex and his desire to find out more about himself and his family; after all, he literally puts his life on the line in order to obtain this information.

    I'm sure a part of us would love to see Alex lead as normal a life as possible for a change, but that most likely would mean the end of this phenomenal series, right? Well, not necessarily. It has been reported that the eighth book will focus on Yassen Gregorovich's childhood, with brief appearances by Alex. So perhaps he'll be able to take a much-deserved break from undercover work and enjoy being a teenager in 2008. Maybe.

    --- Reviewed by Tom Donadio...more info
  • For pure escapism, this is all too true-to-life!
    My title says it all. I wasn't sure that I wanted my next reading (after STORMBREAKER: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL and the corresponding movie) to be this book. It wouldn't surprise me if this is the grittiest and most true-to-life of the Alex Rider series of novels. (Drawn in, I read it through in two nights.)

    Author Anthony Horowitz certainly does his homework. There is absolutely no reason to think that every basic element of what happens in SNAKEHEAD doesn't or couldn't happen in real life, somewhere. In fact, a good many things one reads about here I knew about already. I'm not sure that the event around which the plot revolves could be done in reality, but then I don't comprehend the scope of the adapted real-life weapon invoked as a trigger.

    Make no mistake: some of the things Alex faces are absolutely horrific, and yet there are people out there who really do these things to other people. The reader needs to be PREPARED for this. No wonder Alex uses every curse word he knows on one of the perpetrators (even if we're only told of one of those words). Good on Alex that he "bites back" more than once, and most effectively....more info
  • Alex rider Snake head
    I found this an exciting book but was let down by the OTT ending.
    The slow-burn start was great and more realistic than throwing Alex into a near death experience on page 1.
    The middle was fast pasted and well plotted.
    However the end was just too rushed and over the top for me.
    I know it's only fiction and you need action for an action novel, but if has to be made reasonably believable to make fiction into great fiction. ...more info
  • Another great Alex Rider book!!!
    'Snakehead' has it all: Non-stop action, surprise, suspense, betrayal...Basically, it is a fast-paces book and makes a very enjoyable read. It's really no surprise that the Alex Rider series are considered as books that magically makes boys want to READ. I thought Snakehead was one of the best in the series, and there is definitely no room for boredom. I think it was more intense than some of the previous books. Also, it was a little more 'realistic'-meaning, more easily relatable to real people's lives...while at the same time keeping the absolutely crazy adventures and miracles that come Alex's way. There is so much more to the 14-year-old hero than just saving the world. It would definitely recommend this book, and it would make a great present for brothers, kids, teenagers!...more info
  • An Action-Packed Adventure
    Alex Rider is at it again in this new edition to the series. Snakehead takes place just after the Ark Angel incident. he lands in the ocean, and is picked up by some Americans. He is taken to Australia which was the closest land. He is in Australia for a few days before he is set back to Britain, but the ASIS(Australian Secret Intelligence Service)contacts Alex to see of he will work for them. At first he says no, but they tell him he will be working with his godfather Ash who Alex did not know existed. In the book you learn a lot about Alex's parents from Ash. Ash is a former spy for M16, but after a mission gone wrong he left M16 and joined the ASIS. Ash is mysterious, but you learn more and more about him and by the end of the story you know all about him. Sabina is also back, but plays an insignificant role and unimportant to the story. This book is good with a complex plot, interesting characters, and lots of action. There are also many plot twists in the story that make it even better. An example of a plot twist is on page 368 and 369. Those pages were surprising but explained a lot about the book. The book mainly takes place in southeast Asia and Australia. Even though Scorpia returns in this book the main criminal organization is called Snakehead. I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of ten, because at ten you could understand the plot and the vocabulary in the story. Snakehead overall is an action-packed book that should keep you interested. ...more info
  • Snakehead-Amazing Alex Rider Adventure
    Could you believe that a fourteen-year-old boy could be a spy? Alex Rider is the fourteen-year-old spy in Snakehead, Anthony Horowitz's latest Alex Rider adventure.

    The Australian secret service wants to recruit Alex. They want to get some agents into the snakeheads, which are ruthless gangs in Southeast Asia. Alex would normally decline, but he found out that he would work with a man named Ash. Ash is Alex's godfather and he could tell Alex so much about his parents. The mission takes them from Bangkok to the Australian Outback.

    Alex has been hurt before, but never like this. His body is more strained, he needs to think quickly, and stop a tsunami that will kill thousands. Alex can only hope to solve his own problems before saving others. After reading this book, I can tell the author wanted to show how dangerous spy work is. The snakeheads don't show mercy to anyone, not even a teenager. The book was entertaining. Tons of action was packed into 385 pages. Anthony Horowitz is a fantastic author. I would recommend this book to anybody who enjoys reading about someone against unbelievable odds. I could not put this book down....more info
  • Horrible Book
    My son's Review: This is Anthony Horowitzs' Worst Alex Rider Book. Note I have read all the Alex Rider Books. Scorpia is way better. There needs to be more suspense. The type A something blood part was uncalled for. The rats part was almost good. The author makes the mistake as most authors do make the hero(es) seem invicible. Overall this is a horible book....more info