CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Sixth Edition
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The Number-One CompTIA A+ Exam Guide

"The most comprehensive publication on the market." -Certification Magazine

Completely revised and updated for all four new exams and reviewed and approved by CompTIA, this definitive volume covers everything you need to know to pass the CompTIA A+ Essentials exam and CompTIA A+ Exams 220-602, 220-603, and 220-604. Mike Meyers, the leading authority on CompTIA A+ certification and training, has helped hundreds of thousands of people pass the CompTIA A+ exams-and now he can help you too. Inside, you'll find detailed coverage of the exam format, helpful exam tips, end-of-chapter practice questions, and hundreds of photographs and illustrations. After you ace the exams, this comprehensive guide will serve as an essential on-the-job reference.

Full details on all exam objectives, including how to:

  • Work with CPUs, RAM, and motherboards
  • Install, partition, and format hard drives
  • Work with portable PCs, PDAs, and wireless technologies
  • Install, upgrade, and troubleshoot Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP
  • Install sound and video cards
  • Manage printers and connect to networks
  • Implement security measures
  • Understand safety and environmental issues
  • Establish good communication skills and adhere to privacy policies

The CD-ROM features:

  • Eight full practice exams covering CompTIA A+ Essentials and Exams 220-602, 220-603, & 220-604
  • One hour of LearnKey video training featuring Mike Meyers teaching key A+ topics
  • Electronic copy of the book
  • Complete exam objective map for all four exams
  • List of official CompTIA A+ acronyms
  • Useful tools and utilities for PC technicians

Customer Reviews:

  • Only Option Left
    I have many years in the field and decided to get certified, why I don't know, I am very fortunate that I have as much business as one person can handle, I may be coming at this from a different approach.

    But. . .

    The book, WAY to many editorials & and what some sad people may call a bad attempt at humor, that I guess the author thought was funny and the book manufacture was to lazy to edit this childness out. This "stuff" does not help you pass the exam or MORE important, have the skills to go out into the field and perform your job with technical compentence.

    After reading several reviews about this book and what other books seem to meet the need of certification, it appeared to me that it's not the best book, it appears to be the only selection left, sad.


    Out dated materials, not current with technology. You may pass the test but what about having the job skills to fix the issue(s) for the client and not embarrass yourself. Unless your new to the field, the book may just may be used as a reference only book.


    If you have experience in the field, get the sample test questions and skim the web for topics you need to be more current with and take the test.

    We're not finding the cure for cancer, we're working on electromechanical objects called Hardware, exciting if you love it and I do.

    Wish I could recommend a good book, I did my market research and I have only to say that a lack of options in the client selection process is not choice it's take what's left....more info
  • Literally 'All In One'
    Although before reading this book I had experience relavent to the exam, this book goes over tech specs relavent to the exam that you rarely see on the job (SCSI Termination, RAMBUS RAM, etc.). Some may argue that this sort of stuff is irrelavent, but if your out for knowledge and not just to pass the test then you will agree with me that this sort of book makes you an 'uber geek' when it comes to PC/Windows troubleshooting. In my opinion, this book is designed more for the Corporate IT environment, where Windows reigns supreme, doesnt touch on Linux or Mac Nearly as much, but does cover them. I am confident that someone haivng never opened a PC could pick up this book, armed with a copy of Windows 2000/XP, and an old 486 or better, could become A+ certified. NOTE: this version does not cover Vista, but having taken the exam March 2008 I can tell you Vista is not covered yet, and everything in the book is still very much important, and 90% ports over to Vista. ...more info
  • Great Aid
    Mike Meyers' "A+ Certification All-in-ne Exam Guide, Sixth Edition (A+ Certification All in One Exam)" was a great help in passing the CompTia A+ exams. I successfuly passed the 601 Essentials and 602 IT Technician tests the first time around; praise God. I wish I had bought the book at the start of my Instructor lead program instead of in the middle.

    As far as I was concerned the book was extremely readable not dry at all. So re-reading and/or studying was not that much of a chore. We were issued Mike Meyers' "Certification Passport...3rd Edition", however when I need to know something in depth I turned to "big book". If you have the money to invest I highly recommend this book!...more info
  • Technically accurate
    I like this book and the author(s) Written in a way that a 5 year old would not have trouble understanding..ok maybe not five but you needn't go to college to get the gist of it....more info
  • It's OK
    I wish people would take the tests before rating these books.

    My scores are 810/900 and 840/900 for Essentials and 602 respectively. Passing scores are 675 and 700 with 100 being the minimum.

    I bought this book and Mike Meyers' A+ Certification Passport, Third Edition (Mike Meyers' Certification Passport) by the same author. I also bought the exam vouchers from them which came with 300 practice questions. Both books come with practice questions both in the books and additional ones on the accompanying CDs. However, the CDs and the downloaded questions were mostly repeats and nothing like the actual exams (same goes for the books).

    I have over twenty years of tinkering with computers. I was an aerospace engineer and an Oracle database programmer. I just wanted to get this Certification for kicks. There is a lot of fluff in both books which has nothing to do with the exams. Neither book really tells you how the actual exam questions are like. Actual exams are generally much simpler and test you mostly on your broad knowledge rather than the fine details (the exams does not ask which socket Pentium II uses, but it does ask what does a series of long beeps mean after you boot up). If you know the basics and understand the logic, you will pass. You still need to know some details, but they are not the hard ones. There has to be better book out there.

    Even though I already knew 80% of the subject matter, I studied real hard. There is more stuff in the other book worth knowing though (not for the test). But personally, fluff puts me to sleep. Just keep it brief and to the point and pertinent to the test, that's what the books are selling.

    If you buy these books, make sure you already have some experience in the field and that you really study these books like a text book....more info
  • A+ Certification
    It's a very good study tool, especially, if you need to troubleshoot your computer for various problems. ...more info
  • Very Good Book Overall, All You Need to Get A+ Certified
    This book is a very good and comprehensive coverage of the material on the A+ exams. I also enjoyed reading some of the history and and theoretical background that helped me understand how certain technologies work, although you probably don't need to know much theory for the test.

    On the flip side, the reason I did not give this book 5 stars is because it falls short on excercises and quizzes. Each chapter has a 10-question self-test at the end of it but these don't cover much material. Some of the chapters are short and some are much longer (close to 100 pages) but even the really long chapters have the same short quiz at the end. As a result, I read the book the first time around and didn't retain much. The book is huge by the way, so there is lots of information and it is very hard to retain all that information if you don't re-inforce it regularly with questions and excercises.

    I ended up reading the book multiple times. The first time I read it straight through, the second time I highlighted what I thought are the important facts and figures. Then I focused on the highlighted material and took the practice quizzes multiple times and the tests on the CD. I passed although I didn't ace the exams. I would recommend supplementing this book with a smaller workbook if you can find one. Good luck!...more info
  • Too conversational for me
    The author's voice is friendly and a little silly. In my case, it was a distraction. If you prefer elegance in writing and a professional tone than this is not the book for you. However if you want an easy read with plenty of comical diversions than this book will be your #1....more info
  • A good start, but not "ALL-IN-ONE" as it claims
    I am sure that Mike Myers is a very good teacher and very knowledgable on the material covered in the A+ exam. I will even say that the book is a very handy reference and a great teaching tool for beginners. However, it is by no means the perfect end all, be all A+ study guide as one may believe from looking at the front cover.

    Some information was not detailed enough. Other information, while informative and useful in real-world scenerios as a PC tech, was not very helpful as far as passing the A+ exam (which I see as a fault in the EXAM itself rather than the author of this book). Some minor details were actually incorrect (Ex: What type of socket does a Pentium 120 use? I only knew this becuase my first PC had a Pentium 120, and it was a socket 7, NOT a socket 5 as the book states.)

    Long story short - if you are a complete beginner, the book will get you 80% there, but you will still need another reference to complete your training as a "Jedi Knight" A+ certified PC tech. So, this is more of a Obiwan grade reference than an "ALL-IN-ONE" Yoda reference....more info
  • Big Munz
    The book came to me quickly and was in decent shape. Over all very satisfied....more info
  • A+ Excelent preparation guide
    with this book i pass both comptia examen: the essentials and the 602. This book is awesome explain in detail everything about the test. I recomended this book at 100%...more info
  • This is a great study tool, worth every penny!
    This is a great study tool, worth every penny! It is awesome for the newbie that really needs to learn it all, and great for just a refresher. Mike Meyers has a way of making some of that boring tech stuff easy and fun to learn....more info
  • Wow - A Pleasure to read!
    This is a GREAT informative book for anyone with computer experience, brand new to computers, or just the casual hobbyist. Will explain the ins & outs of computers with wonderful photos and illustrations. I am halfway through and even look forward to picking the book up again to read. He provides a 'history' of various subjects and covers even the most up-to-date technologies.

    I only wish that it had color photos/illustrations and covered laptops a little more than it does. He does add in a little bit about laptops, but I suppose the book has enough content as it is.

    This book will have you ahead of the techs over at 'Geek Squad' in no time....more info
  • Passed both exams first time
    Some background on me, I have a Computer Science degree but didn't enter the field upon graduating. Currently looking to broaden my career choices, I purchased this as a self-study exercise. Through this reading material and the practice exams you can purchase, I passed both exams for the Essentials and IT Technician on my first try. I know this book will retain it's value (until the whole computing world goes to different OSs) on my workspace shelf. I would highly reccomend the purchase of this product. Now on to Network+. Good luck all. ...more info
  • Great Study Guide
    I have been in IT for 10 years. We in the IT world tend to read into test questions too much. This book put everything into perspective regarding the level of answer that is required to do well on the test. This book has definitely assisted me to understand the new CompTIA A+ test, which helped me to pass with flying colors the Essentials and IT Technician tests. Thanks to this book I am now A+ certified. Like Mike Myers said in the book. Turn off the T.V. and study....more info
  • A+ Certification All-In-One
    A very concise and easy to understand book. Its more of a Classroom book but also very easy to use as a stand alone Reference book. I'm currently taking Classes and this book has been more than Very Helpful, and the Price could'nt be beat....more info
  • Outdated
    This book is almost 10 years old and so much has changed. Not only did I fail my first attempt at the Remote Tech 603 exam, this book did not include the CD that comes ith these book in the back. It would be nice to know how out dated the book if and whether it contains all of the material that is suppose to some with it. I'd really like to send this right bok and get my money back because of the incomplete order!!!!...more info
  • A+ Certification is a very good study!
    A+ Certification is a very good study. It comes complete with readable text format. I'm still working towards the cert, however; with this studing is a breeze. I give this text three thumbs up. ...more info
  • all-in-one should mean just that
    I must say this book has been very helpful, but according to most of the reviews I have read, I am very hesitant to take the exams with this book as my only study guide. Also, I have found several answers that were wrong in the questions at the end of each chapter. With only 10 questions how hard can it be to make sure they are 100% correct??? Seems very careless... I have the 6th edition of Meyers' book, but I think I am going to buy Exam Cram's book of nothing but practice questions....more info
  • Pretty good, but a few mistakes here and there
    I passed both of the tests, Essentials and IT Technician, after only having read this book, so I guess it's a pretty good book for anyone thinking about getting the A+ Certification. However, I did find quite a bit of mistakes in the book relating to the questions at the very end of each chapter, sometimes the answer that was supposed to be right, wasn't. Besides that though, this book is a must for anyone going for the exams....more info
  • Eh. Was a good read.
    I had to read the whole book on pdf because a friend of mine had lost my book, but I had the cd rom. I bought this book to study for the exam; which I believe that is what it was intended for. The main drawback I had was I wanted to study the glossary, which was not in the book at all, you have to look at it on pdf and then you can't print it. This was a major disappointment for me....more info
  • Exceptional A+ Preparation Book
    This book is a very good book for anyone planning to take the A+ certification exam. It covers every area thoroughly and the practice exams that it provides are very good. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    This is the best book to use to study for the A+ exams. It even came with a CD containing practice tests. All this for 35 dollars is pretty darn good....more info
  • Easy Read
    Though I never took the exam, I found this book very easy to follow and almost as good as having an instructor lead you....more info
  • The Best A+ prep
    This was the first book I bought when I decided to pursue a tech career, and I couldn't have made a better choice. What sets this book apart from all the other A+ prep books I've seen is that it has Mike Meyers' unique voice all over it. He's a good writer, explains concepts clearly and in depth, and best of all does it with enthusiasm and humor. I would also recommend his Net+ book- more of the same. ...more info