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The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night
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Product Description

A breakthrough approach that offers hope to exhausted parents looking for gentle ways to help their baby sleep without the heart-wrenching tears. Until now the only two ways to deal with sleepless nights were to let your baby cry herself to sleep or to become a sleep-deprived martyr and tough it out from dusk until dawn. The No-Cry Sleep Solution will show you how it is entirely possible and within your grasp to help your baby fall asleep peacefully--and stay asleep all night long.

Customer Reviews:

  • Such a relief!
    It was such a relief to read Elizabeth Pantley 's book and method...first It was so good to finally find someone who understands how I felt about my baby's 'problem', how helpless you may feel and see that I was far from being the only mom going through this hard phase...In FRance I could not find any book or help like this one. The answered I had were either: it shall pass o_O or Let her cry...

    I did everything advised, I was patient, and now I can say it worked as my baby is 18 months, has been sleeping through the night for 8 months now and I am proud enought to say she did so beeing breastfed until 13 months (It was important for me to prouve breast feeding wasnt the issue there^^)

    It took time, it took patience, we went through high hopes and despair but I hung on to the book and advises and everything was little by little improving. Now my 'sleepless baby' is asking to go to bed! she sleeps 2 hours or even 3 in the early afternoon and from 8PM to 9Am without everynight without any night wakes.

    I wont say she is never fussy when evening comes that would be a lie as babies evolve and change everyday but big hugs do the trick and it doesnt happen very often I must say.

    So if you are despair because your baby wont sleep, wether you are breast feeding or not, co sleeping or not READ THIS BOOK, follow the advice, be patient and keep faith IT WILL WORK

    THANKS A LOT MRS PANTLEY :p...more info
  • Step back from that ledge!!
    No, seriously. I was a Mommy on the EDGE. Severe PPD and stress, strain, and age were pushing me past my breaking point with my non-sleeping toddler! I also didn't want to be the abusive, damaging parent I had.
    I could go on forever, so instead I will just say, Elizabeth saved not "just a few hours' Toddler sleep", but a Mommy-Daughter bond, and my sanity to boot!...more info
  • Good Intentions, but not so effective
    I am not a parent who believes in letting thier baby 'cry it out' until they fall asleep, so I was very happy to find some alternative ideas. However, the author of this book gave a lot of good suggestions that worked for her, and most didn't work for me. She says to put your baby to bed at 7 or 8 at the latest, as they require 10-12 hrs of sleep - don't let them stay up too late in effort to avoid a 5am wake-up. This just doesn't work with either of my kids. When I put my baby to bed at 7, she is up at 3am - and I mean up for the day. Not all babies will go to bed early (as much as I would like mine to). Also, it didn't give any suggestions on how to get them to sleep in thier own crib rather than with you. Not a bad book, but it seemed her babies were easier to train than mine. If you're baby is mildly difficult at night, you might benefit. If you are pulling out your hair and are so sleep deprived that you are a zombie like me, I would not suggest it. ...more info
  • Bad if you have ideas on what to do
    This book was helpful in the sense that 1) our child is only 2 months old, 2) we hadn't started sleep training at all, and threfore had no ideas, and 3) with 2 stay at home parents, we were not sleep deprived. It gave some good ideas for us to keep in the back of our minds when we get into sleep training her. However, if you rely on this book 100% with the tecnhiques on a child that is ready for sleep training, all you're going to train them to do is sleep only when in your arms. I would never be cold or callous to any child, but if I ran to my infant at the first sound when she slept, I'd never leave the side of her crib.

    as a brand new parent, there are some good ideas, so it isn't totally useless, but if I had more experience in the sleep training department, the book would have been useless....more info
  • This really works!!!
    If you are willing to be patient and follow the advice in this book you will get great results!!! I was not willing to let my daughter cry it out (I think that it is cruel and treats our babies as less than human to ignore their plees) and over several months my daughter was able to wean from the breast and fall asleep on her own (with my presence nearby). She went from nursing all night to sleeping through the night by 19 months of age. I highly recommend this book. Elizabeth Pantley has many ideas to use and she recommends you use only what will work for you and your family. Don't feel like you have to let your baby cry it out... be sensitive to their needs... this book won't dissappoint!!...more info
  • This helped a lot
    This book helped us learn about our baby's sleeping habits. I didn't know that it was better not to keep a baby awake later in the evening in an effort to get the baby to sleep later in the morning, for example. Once I learned my baby's sleep cues and actually let him go to sleep we were all a lot happier in this house. I also learned my baby's natural nap schedule, which has helped me in planning our days together.

    However, I can't give the book five stars, because it didn't help my baby stay asleep at night or go to bed in the evening. We ultimately had to let him cry it out to get him to go to bed at night, and now he's doing great. ...more info
  • A flexible, child-centered approach to sleep
    It's true; the NCSS is NOT an overnight solution. But it will work, and parents will feel good about how they achieved results with their children.

    NCSS has one advantage over all other sleep books: it is flexible. Most sleep books have a dogmatic program parents must follow (because if it didn't work, you didn't do it right, say the others), but Pantley lays out possible sleep issues and provides parents a menu of possible solution. Parents then learn with their babies how to create the bet night's sleep for everyone.

    Best of all, the book is written in an encouraging tone. Parenting is hard, and Pantley knows that parents need to be treated as gently as their babies....more info
  • Mom of 3 under 4 is sleeping through the night!
    I received the book when my eldest was a baby. But my first two were good sleepers from the womb, so I never really had any problems with them. My third has been very different. he was 5 weeks early and on an apnea monitor - if he unhooked one of his leds the machine would start beeping and wake us all up. Due to that I think he has become a light sleeper. I read through it again and, while it did take a while for the routine to set in (giggling sisters in the next room didn't help...) my son is sleeping through the night.

    My son likes to play "peek-a-boo" as he is going to bed: Even as he is doozing off, he pops his head up. So I walk out slowly and let him see me blow him a kiss. By the time I am out the door he is asleep for 12 hours. If something does wake him in the night all I really have to do is just talk to him through the door. And if he gets really upset, I can just go in, rub his back and be out in 30 seconds. ...more info
  • Must read for all parents-not just non-CIO'ers
    This book covers a lot of topics besides how to get little one to sleep. It even talks about growth spurts and how that will change sleep schedules and what to look for when that happens. It opened our eyes to many things that we couldn't understand.
    It was hard to read but that's because our days are so hectic with baby. With the help of many of the tips inside, I have been able to create a definite nap schedule for little one and minimize night awakenings.
    If logging the sleep charts intimidate you, you don't even have to do those. Just follow the tips whenever and wherever you can and the result will show in a few weeks.
    Nothing inside is 1-2-3 results oriented. If you're looking for a 3-night sleep solution, this isn't for you....more info
  • Very vague
    I bought this book hoping it would help my baby sleep. I didn't so much want her sleeping through the night (she was only 2 months at the time), I just wanted her to be able to put herself to sleep without me rocking her for 30 mins. After a month of trying to implement her "ideas" (and that's all there is, there's no real solution or plan) nothing seemed to work. I mean, come on, what are you supposed to do when the baby cries when you put her in her crib time after time? The ideas in the book were very vague and it was just a bunch of "here try this, try this, try this..." which we did, and it didn't work. Maybe it works for some babies, but, unfortunately, it didn't work for mine. I had a much better outcome using the Ferber method (which is NOT what most people think it is) and within a week she was sleeping so much better and through the night. And no, she DOESN'T hate me like I thought she would after CIO, it's actually the opposite. She is a happy baby, full of smiles, and well-rested. So throw this book away and get Ferber's book. You're baby (and you!) will be fine....more info
  • waste of money
    The book is a complete waste of money. It is full of common sense tips and offers no good guide for putting your child to sleep. Pantley tells the reader about a group of mothers who achieved success by using her tips. However, she does not offer anything new, e.g. look for cues that your baby is sleepy and etc. Buy this book if you want to read about the sleep habits of the author's childlen and a bunch of random kids. I was very disappointed with this book....more info
  • Must Get for Sleep Deprived Parents!!!!!
    I cannot say enough great things about this book. I stumbled upon it at the bookstore a few weeks back. I was looking for anything to help me get out of the fog I was walking around in from lack of sleep. I have a 10 month old daughter who is "determined, stubborn, and strong willed". This is a quote from her pediatrician. We got to the point where she would wake up 8 to 10 times a night wanting to nurse and if she didn't she would SCREAM. I mean really scream!!!! She hated her crib and would get so upset that she would start hyperventilating.

    The cover with the lovely sleeping baby pulled me in and by the first paragraph I was enthralled. What made me like this book so much was the easy, gentle, open suggestions for each UNIQUE family. We were seriously sleep deprived and I was crying at the drop of a hat. Pantley's book gave me suggestions for EVERY situation. She covered the breastfeeder, the bottle feeder, co-sleeping, crib sleeping etc. At first my husband rolled his eyes at me because he said NOTHING would work..she was just stubborn. He is now Pantley's second biggest fan! (behind me of course).

    I am so delighted and amazed to say that our little girl is now sleeping through the night most nights. We made a plan, STUCK TO IT, and by the 3rd night she only woken up twice, AND she put herself back to sleep once!!! I can honestly tell you that the thought and love in which the author puts into this book makes you truly feel like you will make it through...and then if you use the book correctly, YOU DO! I am going on the 3rd night of sleeping through the night and it's only been 3 weeks since we started this. Since the 3rd night we've only had 2 night wakings max and we don't ever have to take her out of the crib if we have to intervene. Using Pantley's suggestions she now loves her crib! It's wonderful!

    I was desperate and at the end of my rope. This book was a blessing! I recommend it to everyone....more info
  • Great Book!!
    This book has some very gentle approaches to helping your child sleep. I have 2 kids, 3 yrs and 1 year old. Thru some of the ideas, especially ones about getting them into routines, I have finally felt good about my 3 year old's sleeping habits.

    There are some very good ideas and if a mom is ready to go to Cry it out please please read this book first, and really try some of the ideas out before anything else.

    ...more info
  • SO Thankful for Sound Sleep Advice
    I just finished The No Cry Sleep Solution and I can't tell you how much I love this book. My daughter started out as a great sleeper and as time went on we started having more and more difficulty understanding what she needed in sleep. We knew that Cry-It-Out was not for us and Pantley provides TONS of ideas to address sleep problems that are not harsh or uncomfortable. She encourages you to try different things until you have a plan that works for your family. We found some of her suggestions useful for us and others didn't work for our daughter. One thing I loved in particular was that we were able to follow Pantley's advice without night weaning or moving our daughter out of our bed. These philosophies fit with our parenting style but would fit with others, as well. Without having a prescribed "you must do x, y, z" plan it was easy to understand what my child needed. I have recommended this book to many of my friends....more info
  • If you are sleep-deprived, look no further.
    After many weeks of frequent nighttime awakenings, I sat down with this book one day and implemented Elizabeth Pantley's suggestions that very night. This book is so well-written and well put together. Ms. Pantley shares her wisdom that comes from experience and delivers it in such an encouraging fashion. The chapter entitled "Learn Basic Sleep Facts" helped me to better understand my son's sleep issues. The rest of the book is filled with practical advice that makes sense and gives you hope that you will sleep again! I saw an improvement in my son's sleep habits in a few short days, and now I am once again enjoying a full night's sleep (a major improvement from being awakened once every hour at our low point!) If you are a parent who is not getting the sleep you need, I have one thing to say to you - buy and read this book right away....more info
  • Great advice for a variety of situations.
    As the mother of multiple children, I can tell you that sleep issues were a huge deal and part of what made that so difficult was the fact that all of the problems were different from each kid. The No Cry Sleep Solution had something for me to use every time. I love the gentle advice that comes from this book. You feel like you're having a conversation with a friend AND you get to hear what other parents think too. ...more info
  • A big difference
    This book was a true blessing to us. While our daughter was a pretty good newborn (didn't cry much at all), we quickly got frustrated with her being up until 10...10:30...11...or even midnight! We felt like we didn't have a life because, well, we didn't. That's what prompted us to buy the book.

    The biggest point that changed our life here was Elizabeth saying that babies should be put to sleep for the night at 7-7:30. I honestly didn't believe it and she addressed that in the book...saying people would be scared that doing that would mean the baby would be awake at 3am. That was us.

    We were thinking our daughter was napping when she fell asleep in the early evening because she'd usually wake up in ~30-45 minutes, staying up until much later. It was us who were causing the problem, since we'd play with her and have her active after she'd had that "nap". So, we were astonished when we put her down for the night for the first time at 7-7:30 and she didn't fully wake again until 7 the next morning (just a few brief nighttime wake-ups...which we're working on). We also established a bedtime routine, as Elizabeth suggests. Again, astonished that babies take these cues and know what they mean after a short number of days. She completely winds down after her bath and is usually nearly asleep when I read her stories.

    What I like best about this book is that Elizabeth is honest and matter-of-fact. Babies are human and that means change will take some time...and sometimes things will mess with the changes you make (like teething that hit us in the 5th and 6th month big-time). You just have to re-group and stay committed, knowing that you're doing what's best for your baby...and you! Elizabeth's encouragement to persevere is just what you need to hear.

    Now, my husband and I have time together -- alone -- in the evenings. And we're getting much more sleep, which makes us better parents and better people out in the world. :-)

    I'm now reading the No-Cry Nap Solution...although naps are pretty good right now. Still, I figure if I get even a few tips to make things better, all the better for us and our baby....more info