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The Kosher Sutra: Eight Sacred Secrets for Reigniting Desire and Restoring Passion for Life
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America has a contradictory relationship with sex. Sex is everywhere¡ªadvertisements, the Internet, magazines, and television¡ªyet one third of all marriages in America are utterly sexless. Our over-exposure to sex has diluted the most powerful form of intimacy to such an extent that most couples have forgotten what passion feels like. In The Kosher Sutra, Shmuley Boteach, the New York Times bestselling author, delivers a much-needed guide to reigniting desire in our relationships while at the same time creating renewed energy in every aspect of our lives.

Boteach's Eight Secrets are the key to reawakening our dormant desires and releasing ourselves from the complacency that has taken hold of far too many of us. Honed from decades of counseling experience, the Secrets range from the role of innocence in physical attraction, to why we always want what we can't have, to urging couples to practice reckless abandon in the bedroom. With his trademark frank and conversational style, Boteach offers practical advice as well as sage guidance through stories of real-life struggles and triumphs of couples who he has counseled throughout his career.

Boredom has ruined too many relationships and The Kosher Sutra provides all the tools necessary to restore the fire, power, and energy back into the bedroom and everyday life.

Customer Reviews:

  • the kosher sutra review
    this book is refreshing, the author really deals with the problems of couples in america today. shmuley has a way of writing that keep you wanting to know more,answers our questions early so we want to keep reading and not just set another book of hope to our problems aside. shumuley is there in the bedroom, livingroom, and kitchens right with us, and has reasons why we as couples have problems and how to deal with them. this is an honset straight forward book to open up hope to so many couples that are in struggle within their married lives. go buy, go read, and then put into motions what you have learned to save a marriage, and save a family....more info
  • Interesting ideas; needs a female voice
    Rabbi Boteach seems like a well-intentioned, compassionate man who has kept up with popular culture despite his devotion to traditional Judaism. This book is interesting, and as a secular, Christian-raised, woman I would like to try some of the ideas.

    One frustration I found with the book, however, is that it seems to assume the man is the driving force and decision-maker in the relationship and he grants status to the female. The will and the voice of the woman in decision-making is recognized only if and when he grants it. I would prefer a more equal type partnership, where both the male and female will are recognized, where the woman can initiate sex and be heard (just as the man can) and a more mutual, reciprocal relationship is had. And when she is receiving the man, it is all the more meaningful for both of them because she is giving it from a place of self-empowerment and security (not because she is in any substantial way dependent on him).

    I think Rabbi Boteach's writings would be improved if there were a female counterpart voice included. In other words, let's walk-the-walk in public and not just talk-the-talk. I also think rights of participation in our political economy are essential to a woman feeling secure enough to function well in the partnership with the man, and Rabbi Boteach does not discuss this at all.

    I appreciate what Rabbi Boteach is trying to do here and in many ways he does a good job. I just think he's missing some concepts in the adult psychology of women.

    I agree with Rabbi Boteach in many respects, but I would clarify that a man who wants an adult interactive, erotic relationship must learn to be an equal with his wife and interact with her as another self-empowered, self-sufficient human being. I may be misreading Rabbi Boteach but his writing comes across to me as a man who sees himself as giving power to women and "the female" rather than that power being there all along....more info
  • This Rabbi is no prude
    I love Rabbi Shmuley and he writes just like he talks. I even learned a few things.
    The Rabbi is no prude....more info
  • My fiance loves this book
    My fiance loves this book. It's not about sex if that's what you're thinking. It's about having a meaningful relationship that can lead to more sex. :) I personally haven't read it yet, but he can't put it down and he hates to read....more info
  • Fun and really interesting
    Have seen author interviewed on The Early Show a couple of times. He writes just the way he talks and is not only informative but really fun. He has lots to say and is intertaining doing it. Can't recommend it higihly enough. Although it is written by a Rabbi this book is for everyone!!...more info
  • A unique voice on a topic that needs more attention...
    I was lucky enough to get a copy of Rabbi Shmuley's new book "The Kosher Sutra" this week, and enjoyed every minute of it. I'm in a fairly new relationship and not married, but I still found the book extremely valuable. His passion and expertise for this topic is incredible, and comes across in his writing. Page after page, you'll find something to relate to -- I know I did.

    If you're in a relationship where the bedroom has become a place to watch TV, or in a marriage (like 1 out of 3 Americans) that is completely sexless, you'll find Rabbi Shmuley's thoughtful, friendly and encouraging voice extremely helpful. He provides a really unique and thoughtful take on NOT letting your sex life go by the wayside when life (kids, jobs, etc) gets busy.

    The premise of his book is not just about sex, though -- it's about restoring passion and the principle of eroticism to your relationships, yes, but also to your entire life. Rabbi Shmuley's voice is a fresh one among a glut of relationship books, and his rises above the rest. I loved this book, and encourage everyone in a relationship (or looking to start a new one) to read this.

    ...more info
  • Something to think about and to rejoice in
    Many of the thoughts expressed in this book are so very true and some gave me pause to think. I believe that we can all have a deeply rewarding relationship with our love by following these suggestions. ...more info
  • Real people...real solutions
    Shmuley Boteach does it again. In his earlier book, Kosher Sex, he promoted the importance of sex in a marriage and here again he is encouraging couples to do whatever it takes to help that part of their relationship thrive.

    His first book really impressed me - a rabbi writing about sex?! That was just the thing I needed to encourage me to continue developing the Intimacy Retreats I lead with my husband. Whenever I caught myself thinking, what an odd career I've created, I would remember this rabbi who wrote a book on sex. If he could, so could I!
    Tantric Sex for Busy Couples: How to Deepen Your Passion in Just Ten Minutes a Day (Positively Sexual)

    And I like that he writes about real people, and give suggestions and solutions for real situations. I applaud his earnestness and devotion to helping couples keep love alive. It's truly a mitzvah.
    ...more info
  • The Kosher Sutra
    This book is a very good find. I will be re-reading it over and over. The information is not only helpful for the intmate times with my husband but also helpful for a more satisfying life. I am very pleased with the content and the service I have recieved. Thank you!...more info
  • The Kosher Sutra
    This is an excellent book! I highly recommend it for old married couples and newly weds too!...more info
  • Schmooze--Don't Snooze in Bed!
    The Sex(y) Rabbi has done it again! This bedroom how-to manual offers unorthodox approaches and whack-job suggestions to improve most
    marital relationships. Having recognized with shock America's sinking sexual libido, he zealously rushes to the rescue with a literary Litany to Restore Lust between the sheets.

    The author's Eight Secrets to produce Eroticism--not to be confused with standard, morbid, sexual practice--prove fascinating reading: a springboard for discussion, if nothing else, between couples who have lost their appetite for each other. Providing clinical anecdotes from his casebook of couples whose marriages were in danger, he expresses the critical need for a passionate sexual rejuvenation.

    Preceding these Secrets which he has unveiled before our sex-jaded eyes he expands on the obvious national need for this personal mission to improve the country's capacity for marital lust. On the warpath to restore underrated Eroticism, Shmuley despairs of gloomy marital midlife crises. He concludes the Eight Secrets section with detailed descriptions of the traditional sexual practices of Hindus (Tantra) and Jews (Kabbalah). Fascinating reading which will have couples--married or not--thinking about what really turns them each on! In the case of intimacy, just ASK already!

    ...more info
  • Every couple should read this!
    This book is just wonderful. My husband is actually reading it! He professes to NOT like to read, but he can't put this one down. It is a great book for anyone in a relationship. The Rabbi is a most excellent marriage counselor. Move over Dr. Phil! This book is for all denominations.
    ...more info