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All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire (Love at Stake, Book 5)
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Toni Davis's Christmas wish list

1. Springing my best friend from the psych ward.

2. Living somewhere that doesn't have coffins in the basement. Occupied coffins.

3. Finding Mr. Right. Please make him tall, dark, handsome, and alive.

This Christmas isn't so merry for Toni. Her best friend's been locked up in a mental hospital ever since she told the police she was attacked by vampires, and the only way for Toni to get her out is to prove that bloodsuckers really do exist. So she's taken a job as a bodyguard for the Undead, but she gets more than she bargained for, especially when she meets Ian MacPhie, a Scottish rascal looking for Ms. Right.

Although Ian's nearly five centuries old, he looks and acts like a twenty-seven-year-old hunk.

How can a dead man be so damn sexy? Could Mr. Wrong be Mr. Right? One forbidden kiss could lead to an eternity of passion—and all it takes is one moment under the mistletoe . . .

Customer Reviews:

  • now I have to make time to go back and read the preceding books in the Love at Stake series
    Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

    I have to preface this review with the simple fact I've never been a fan of funny vampire romance novels. I'm a "the darker the better" vampire fan. However, it is with great pleasure I can honestly say I truly enjoyed All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire. What a delight!

    Toni Davis's Christmas is not looking like it will be an enjoyable one. Her best friend has been institutionalized after claiming she was attacked by vampires. Toni knows her friend isn't crazy but the only way to prove that is to show everyone that vampires really do exist. Jump ahead a bit and Toni is working as a security guard to some local vampires where she hopes to get what she needs to have her friend released. The last thing Toni wants or needs is to be driven wild by one of the sexiest Undead men you can imagine!

    Ian MacPhie was turned as a teenager and looked like it. Upon discovery of a secret vampire drug, Ian has aged himself physically so he looks like an adult. Now he is on a mission to find the perfect woman to share the rest of his Undead life with, but he just doesn't quite understand these modern women and dating rituals. It also doesn't help that he's found himself attracted to the new security guard. Then there is the added fact Toni hates vampires and wants nothing beyond a professional relationship.

    However, Toni and Ian must reluctantly pair up to get to the bottom of a new problem. The Malcontents want this new drug and will do anything to get it, even if it means killing everyone who gets in their way. Soon Toni finds herself thinking "All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire."

    I had my doubts about reading this latest book in Kerrelyn Sparks' Love at Stake series since I normally do not like vampires in a romantic comedy. What I discovered was that while there is plenty of humor in All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire, it is really just enough to keep the book from taking itself too seriously. We have enough of the dark undertones I demand from a vampire romance novel through the ongoing war against the Malcontents to make me happy.

    Toni is conflicted over her duty to her friend and her responsibilities as security to the vampires. While her job started out as just a means to an end, the more time she spends with Ian, the more she realizes her work is not such a chore after all. This makes for even more internal struggles for Toni as she worries her attraction to him will prevent her from keeping her promise to her best friend.

    Ian is delightful in his new and improved form as he discovers all the little problems resulting in aging so quickly. His old coffin doesn't fit anymore and the women are clamoring for his attention. I loved all of his exploits as he tries to choose a mate from the swarms of women after him. Speed dating and internet profiles take on a whole new dimension in All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire, especially when he realizes only one woman can make his passion flare.

    I enjoyed All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks and now I have to make time to go back and read the preceding books in the Love at Stake series.

    ? Kelley A. Hartsell, April 2009. All rights reserved....more info
  • super urban fantasy romance
    Vampires age the equivalent of one day to every human year. So when Ian McPhie was changed at fifteen, he looked like a boy. It took him a few centuries to become a man looking forward to finally enjoying female vamps while seeking his one true love. He left the Highlands for Manhattan to find both.

    Toni Davis obtains work as a day guard to an Upper East Side vampire nest in which Ian is staying. She is actually undercover seeking proof that vampires exist after being attacked by three Malcontents in Central park and having her best friend locked away in a nut house for claiming the bloodsuckers exist. However, she and Ian are stunned by their cross species attraction that sparks their respective hearts with a first kiss under the mistletoe.

    Ian who has made appearances in the Sparks urban fantasy romances is the co-star along with Toni as neither welcome love between them, but that fickle emotion ignores the warning from their respective brains. Both struggles with caring for someone from another species especially Toni who believes she must choose between her pal and her beloved while the Malcontents want to finish their blood killing of the heroine. Fans will want for Christmas this terrific tale and for the New Year another sparkling story from an author who makes vampires in New York seem real.

    Harriet Klausner

    ...more info
  • Fifth in series - Ian MacPhie's story
    With Kerrelyn Sparks' vampire stories you know what you get - a group of nice and honourable vampires, many of whom are Scottish, working against the 'Malcontents', a rival group of vampires who are killers. You also tend to get a heroine (or in one case hero) who is human and who doesn't get turned into a vampire by the end of the book because they don't want to be one (rather awkward when each book sets out the advantages of vampirism). As this is book number 5 in the series the cast of characters has widened and we meet most of those from previous books, catching up a little with their lives, but this story is written in such a way that a reader could start with this book and still follow what's going on.

    Ian MacPhie had rather a problem in the previous books - the fact that he was turned into a vampire aged 15 and so has permanently youthful looks. However, as briefly mentioned in a previous book, he has realised that Roman Draganesti's "Stay-Awake Potion" (which enables a vampire to stay awake during the daytime but has the side effect of aging them a year per day) might help him to look older and so he's been taking it. In this story we learn that Ian has had 12 days with the Stay-Awake potion and now looks like a 27-year-old. This causes some confusion as many people don't recognise him but it also has another unexpected benefit - that women start chasing him around.

    Ian's not looking for a short-term relationship, however; he wants what some of his friends have got, a long-term permanent relationship. Only he knows a relationship with a mortal won't be satisfactory so he joins an online dating site to try to reach vampires. As most of the calls are from humans and come in during his daytime sleep one of the daytime guards, newly-appointed Toni Davis, ends up having to deal with telephone calls and women camping outside to get a glimpse of him.

    Toni's motives for becoming a daytime guard are somewhat suspect and Ian begins to wonder if there's more to it than she explains. As Ian and Toni spend time together he realises she has secrets, ones she isn't willing to share with a vampire. Toni's friend Carlos is also rather unusual. Can Toni rescue her friend Sabrina with Ian's help? Can Ian find the perfect Vampire consort? Can Toni's lifelong dreams be accommodated to her new reality?

    As with the other books, this is a light but pleasant read. The Christmas theme in the book is fairly understated and in fact could have been dispensed with altogether without anyone noticing. The actual plot in this story at times dragged a little and the bad guys were forever teleporting away when things got interesting, but overall it was a good enough read for a relaxing afternoon.

    Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book ? Helen Hancox 2008...more info
  • I never thought I'd fall for a guy named Ian
    If your a fan of vampire romances then its safe to say you've thought about what it would be like to be immortal. Its not a big leap to then assume you've considered the perfect age to be for eternity. I have and one thing that I imagine would suck (no pun intended)would be to be too old, an age which is subjective but still... I've never ever thought about how the opposite - being too young forever - is possible.

    Kerrilyn Sparks brilliantly worked this into a story that made me sympathize with the hero from the start, even though he hadn't been tortured for years. I was ecstatic that he wasn't overidden with guilt over a really stupid hang-up (his hang-up is justified). Is there really anyway a vampire who looks like he's fifteen can get a decent meal without a little bit of pleasurable mind mojo? Keep reading but beware that some of the plot is revealed and I may have gotten carried away.

    Towards the begining of ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS I thought "Boy am I lucky to have found this book". There is always one or more of those kind of novels in an avid readers collection. If you haven't read one yet then you have something to look forward to.
    I've never read anything by Kerrilyn Sparks before so I cannot tell you whether this book was better or worse than her others.

    Yes, it was rife with cliches. Good vampires verses bad vampires with the ignorant humans in the middle. But for a while it was like Sparks was the first to have written such a plot. Ian, the hero, is a 400 + year old vampire who was stuck at the age of 15 for all that time (until very recently). This is something almost anyone would complain about but not Ian. Anyways, with some powerful help from genius Roman (the hero from the first Love at Stake book) he has managed to age 12 years in 12 days. And boy, did he become a handsome man. Of course, Ian doesn't know how delicious he is because in his world vampires cannot see their own reflections. Moving on, Ian isn't your average commitment-phobic hunk; he is looking for a long-lasting and fairytale love. Fortunately, he still has some faults and doesn't come off too unrealistic Prince Charmingly.

    Toni is your average lonely hero with a mission. I don't think the idea that love exists has even registered in her head before. For the mortal day guard of three very high-profile vampires, Toni's job seems to be a little dull and her infamous fighting skills are only impied... until the end. But from the begining she plans to betray the good vamps. Calm down, I don't mean she's gonna hand them over like helpless babes to the evil vamps. Only that she is going to use her new occupation to find proof that vampires do exist and her friend in the mental institution isn't crazy.

    Overall it was a nice book. Not a reread-it-3-times kind of book but it will leave me with nice memories. The "I am so lucky to have found this book" faded but even cynical me strongly liked it....more info
  • Everything I'd hoped for!
    Once of the most impressive things about Kerrelyn Sparks' books is how consistently good they are. They're funny, each hero and heroine is distinct from all the previous ones, and they have chemistry out the wazoo. There's a great suspenseful story line. This book is no exception. It's just fabulous.

    Bonus: Carlos Panterra, a new secondary character who heats up the page. I won't say anything more for fear of spoilers, but I sure hope he gets his own book....more info
  • Fun vampire romance!
    Toni's best friend was committed to a psychiatric ward after being attacked by vampires. Swearing to find evidence of the existence of vampires to prove her friend's sanity, Toni accepts a job as daytime bodyguard to a household of blood-suckers.

    The plan is simple - get in, get proof, get out. Only thing is, she didn't count on actually liking her wards. Nor did she count on falling for one of them. Not until she met Ian MacPhie.

    Something about this sexy Scot turns her world upside down, and soon she begins to understand that the Vamps she works for are not cut from the same cloth as the Malcontents who attacked her friend. Ian and his friends drink only synthetic blood, never harming humans.

    Or maybe it is the thought of what's under that yummy kilt that keeps her heart pounding whenever Ian is around...

    All Ian wants is to find his own true love - a woman who will be as honest with him as he will be with her. That means another Vamp, right? He could never be honest about what he is with a human woman, at least not at first. Of course, the delicious little bodyguard working for him already knows... Now if he can just figure out the secrets she is keeping from him...

    I absolutely cannot get enough of Kerrelyn Sparks' LOVE AT STAKE series! With each release, I am even more of a fan of these books. Ms. Sparks takes a somewhat surreal paranormal theme and injects it with great big doses of humor, while also keeping the romance first and foremost in the stories.

    But the stories are not without their dark side, and ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A VAMPIRE is no different, despite its holiday theme. The Malcontents are ruthless in their determination to destroy the good Vamps and enslave humankind. Thank goodness for the Vamps like Ian MacPhie who stand between the Malcontents and the rest of us.

    In the midst of the danger, Ian and Toni find something beautiful together. They both fight it at first, as any good romance couple would, but they are fighting a losing battle. This pair is just too darn good together to resist for very long. Each fills a void for the other, making them feel complete and good when they've each always felt lacking previously.

    The road to happy ever after has loads of hiccups, of course. There is that pesky little fact that Ian is a vampire who believes he can only be with a vampire woman and Toni is a human who can't imagine being with a vampire. Add to that the vampire attack Toni herself suffered on top of the one that her best friend did, and her fears about Ian's kind are magnified exponentially. Then there is the little problem of her working for him, and her employment contract forbids fraternization. Sure she could quit, but doing so would mean her memory is completely erased of all vampire knowledge, including her memories of Ian.

    Somehow, Ian and Toni find a way to beat all odds, and the ride is absolutely captivating! ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS will leave readers laughing and wishing for their very own vampire hero to warm their Christmas season!

    **Courtesy of Wild on Books**

    Series Order:
    How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire (Love at Stake, Book 1)
    Vamps and the City (Love at Stake, Book 2)
    Be Still My Vampire Heart (Love at Stake, Book 3)
    The Undead Next Door (Love at Stake, Book 4)
    All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire (Love at Stake, Book 5)
    Secret Life of a Vampire (Love at Stake, Book 6)

    Connected Story:
    Sugarplums and Scandal...more info
  • Be prepared to laugh and have fun with Kerrelyn Sparks' latest!
    Ian MacPhie is ready, willing, and able to find himself a woman. Just back from Texas where he spent twelve days taking the magical vampire stay awake drug, Ian finally looks twelve years older. Ian is very happy with the results because he was made a vampire when he was fifteen years old and so for the last four hundred years he has not aged one day. When he wanted to spend time with a woman, Ian had to place them under an enchantment spell so that they didn't realize he looked like a minor. He has been thinking about his life and has decided to start looking for his soul mate - the one woman that completes him. Enlisting the aid of a close female friend, Ian lets her sign him up for an online dating service. When he finally goes to the townhouse in which he spends his days sleeping, he expects to meet Tony, the new bodyguard. Only, Tony is ACTUALLY Toni, and she is not thrilled to be guarding an irreverent flirt such as Ian MacPhie.

    Toni Davis has an agenda. When her friend was attacked by rogue vampires and subsequently reported the crime, everyone thought she was crazy. Everyone except Toni and Toni promised her friend she would find irrefutable proof that vampires exist. So, when Toni is attacked by the same rogues and is in turn rescued by a handsome kilt wearing avenger with long teeth, she jumps on the chance to guard them during the day so she can find the proof she needs. She doesn't expect to come into contact with one so annoyingly sexy or blatantly handsome. Ian MacPhie makes her heart jump start and beat just a bit faster - whether in desire or in anger. All Toni knows is that there is something about Ian that she can't live without.

    Kerrelyn Sparks never fails to make me laugh. Never. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A VAMPIRE truly kept me in stitches one minute and blushing the next. Ian's plans for one true love were cute; he had no idea what he was getting into when he allowed his friend to place that singles' ad. I laughed out loud more than once at the shenanigans between he and Toni. Ian loved to knock Toni for a loop and tried to get a rise out of her any way he could. More often than not, he could. His intentions were pure but the way Ms. Sparks has them go about fulfilling those intentions is what truly made ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A VAMPIRE the amazing book that it is.

    Toni is loyal to her friend first and foremost. The fact that she still has bite marks from a rogue vampire attack is never far from her mind - it takes Ian MacPhie, the luscious highlander that he is to forget them. Toni had an agenda just as much as Ian did and while hers did not involve marriage, she could not help but want forever with her vampire. Add in a nasty vampire villain and my life was complete.

    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A VAMPIRE is a remarkable love story. Previous characters play key roles in this book so I suggest reading the series in order, starting with How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, Roman and Shanna's love story. Readers will not want to miss a single minute of this entertaining and ultimately satisfying series. Releasing just in time for Halloween, I suggest grabbing a box of chocolate, some hot cocoa, and your favorite chair to settle in for a witty and fresh look at vampires and the women who love them.

    ***Natalie S. for Wild on Books***...more info
  • Sexy and funny vampire romance
    Toni's best friend was sent to a psychiatric institution because she said she was attacked by vampires. Toni promises to find evidence that vampires exist and therefore she accepts a daytime job at Romatech security to work in the household of an assumed vampire. There she meets Ian McPhie who turns her whole life upside down. He teaches her the difference between good and bad vampires, but although she feels attracted to him, can she trust him to tell the truth? And is he really going to help her to free her friend?

    For me Ms. Sparks is the Queen of the funny Vampire Romance, because all of her books are special and each of them is unique. Ian McPhie's long awaited story is no exception to this rule. From the first page to the end, the book is absolutely spell binding and it is a wonderful combination of comedy, romance and suspense as well as some darker elements that will sometimes keep you on the edge of your chair.

    Ian was from the beginning one of my favorite characters and I could hardly wait till he got his story, at one point I was worried because the expectation was pretty high, but I wasn't disappointed.

    Fasten your seatbelt for an emotional roller coaster ride, because Ian and Toni have to overcome quite a few obstacles till they find their happy end. In addition to the wonderful story of Ian and Toni, we meet a lot of old friends and new friends are introduced, who we will hopefully see more of in the future.

    I can highly recommend ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A VAMPIRE to everyon, who is looking for a funny, sexy book to warm up their cold winter evening.

    Courtesy of Loveromances and more...more info
  • Cute and Sexy Vampire Read (B Grade)
    All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks may have a very unappealing title along with a cover that looks like the Batman signal in the sky, but this was an enjoyable read. Her vampire men are beyond sexy and the majority of her heroes are highlanders in kilts! This latest tale is about Ian MacPhie. Ian was changed into a vampire when he was barely a teenager, and because of it, he always looks like a young boy. Dating for him was impossible and since he has taken a drug called Stay-Awake for twelve days, Ian has aged to look finally look like a grown man. Now he wants to find a woman to spend his immortal life with. He is looking for female vampire companionship, and soon he is forced to put a single ad placed in a paper. And because of that, he soons has more than enough women problems. There is a rumor going around that Ian is a virgin, and soon all these vamp women want to be his first. Ian does have sexual experience, but has never had the long lasting relationship he has always longed for. He doesn't want to date any human women, but unfortunately he can't help but fall for Toni, a new security guard who watches over Ian and his other fellow vampires during the day. At first these two bicker back and forth, but then their feelings change to love.

    Kerrelyn's books make me laugh because her characters are adorable and the situations they find themselves in are hilarious. Plus, her sex scenes are very steamy. There is one such scene where Ian and Toni are intimate and Ian wants to kiss and suck on her, but not on her neck or for her blood, but another place altogether. So very scandalous and hot I say!

    Katiebabs...more info
  • Stocking Full of Vampires
    We've watched Ian McPhie physically grow up over the last several books of this series and now he's headed home to Dragonesti's New York townhouse to make it all pay off in his pursuit of love with his perfect vampire woman. But what he finds when he gets home is that none of his friends recognize him, he's outgrown his coffin, woman are sure he's a 500 year old virgin, and the new guard who's supposed to be watching over him during the day is not Tony but Toni- a female who sets his blood to boiling!

    Toni didn't plan to help her best friend like this. she thought she'd pop down to Central Park, prove vampires didn't exist and then go help her sick friend. Instead she got snacked on in the park by Malcontents, or at least that's what Connell the vampire who saved her calls the bad vampires. Impressed by her fighting skills he gave her the options of either A. Having her memory erased or B. Work for them as a day time guard since they are currently short staffed during a vampire war. Toni chooses the later so that she can maybe prove her friend isn't crazy, that vamps do exist. But her proof seems laughable and her luck goes from bad to worse when her friend ends up institutionalized and her boss Ian starts watching her...not to mention the no fraternization clause she signed with the company and that if the two of them are caught lip-locked her memory is history anyway!

    Everything is complicated by the Russian vamps taking a sudden interest in Ian, coupled by his internet love hunt for the perfect vampire making him the most talked about vampire in the nation. Women and assassins are knocking in his door and somehow he ends up on vampire television harassed by the biggest gossip of them all. But Ian and Toni help unwrap each other just in time for Christmas with no lumps of coal in sight! This was a great addition to the series and a good find for the genre for the holidays.

    The Love at Stake series in order:
    How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
    Vamps and the City
    Be Still My Vampire Heart
    The Undead Next Door
    All I want for Christmas is a Vampire...more info
  • An early Christmas present from NYT bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks!
    Fans of Kerrelyn Sparks' enormously popular Love at Stake series have been anxiously waiting for the story of Ian MacPhie, a Scottish warrior turned vampire, doomed forever to look only fifteen years old. Well, this year Christmas has come early for Ms. Sparks' fans and for Ian because he's aged a dozen years with the help of a special potion.

    Ian is truly unique hero. A grown man and battle-scarred warrior on the inside, he's been treated for centuries like the fifteen year old his outward appearance reflected. Now that he has "matured," he must find his way through the modern dating scene--a complex situation that is at turns laugh-out-loud funny and tenderly poignant.

    Armed with his grown-up physique, sweetly old-fashioned Ian is looking for a special lady to share his life. He only has a few requirements: honesty, loyalty, intelligence and beauty--but not necessarily in that order. Above all, she must be a vampire like him.

    Enter an honest, loyal, intelligent and beautiful *mortal* stage right. Though she'd rather not have anything to do with them, Toni Davis has her reasons for getting mixed up in the immortal world. Ian's enemies, the Malcontents, have kidnapped her best friend, and Toni will risk anything to save her friend--even getting close to the beings whom she hates.

    Kerrelyn Sparks' novels all have broad, cross-genre appeal. Romance readers who have never read a paranormal before will love this witty, sexy series. Fans of dark paranormal will delight in Sparks' wry humor. All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire, the fifth book in the Love at Stake series, is the perfect companion to snuggle up to this holiday season!...more info
  • Good one
    I really like Sparks she is very imagative. She really draws you in and makes you care about the characters....more info
  • Amazing Vampires
    I can truly say that my husband and I await each new Kerrelyn Sparks novel with baited breath. This one lived up to the expectations nicely. This is a stand alone book but is also great when read in order from #1 on. ...more info
  • BITE ME!!!!!
    I Love that in this book their their was a love bite. I would have liked alot more because that is what Vamps do when they are aroused!! I love Constantine (Tino) I just wish their more interaction between Tino and Roman his father!! I also like that we get to revisit old characters. This could have been a 5 star book if it didn't follow the same formula as her other books and again I must say it need more sensual romance between the main characters. However the book is well written....more info