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Vamps and the City (Love at Stake, Book 2)
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Who says a vamp can't have it all?

Darcy Newhart thought it was a stroke of genius – the first–ever reality TV show where mortals vie with vampires for the title of The Sexiest Man on Earth. As the show's director, Darcy's career would be on track again. And she can finally have a life apart from the vampire harem. Okay, so she's still technically dead, but two out of three's not bad. Now she just has to make sure that a mortal doesn't win. If only she wasn't so distracted by a super–sexy and live contestant named Austin...

But Darcy doesn't know the worst of it. Austin Erickson is actually a vampire slayer! And he's got his eye on the show's leggy blond director. Only problem is, he's never wanted any woman – living or dead – as badly. But if he wins her heart, will he lose his soul? And if it means an eternity of hot, passionate loving with Darcy, does that really matter anyway?

Customer Reviews:

  • Hilarious sequel.....
    The anticipated sequel to HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE VAMPIRE is even more hilarious than its predecessor!

    Austin Erickson believes all vampires are evil and must die. As a member of the CIA's Stake-Out team, the vampire slayer agrees to go undercover at the Digital Vampire Network (DVN).

    Darcy Newhart, former television reporter and now one of the undead, has devised the perfect program for DVN- The Sexiest Man on Earth contest. Vampire and mortal men will compete against one another for cash and to be master of Roman Draganesti's ex-harem (all of whom are temporarily residing with vampire Gregori and driving him absolutely nuts!). No one will know who is vampire and who is mortal except for Darcy and her staff. Austin gets a berth on the show but what will happen if he actually wins? And how will Darcy cope with her growing attraction to a mortal who detests vampires?

    From start to finish, Kerrelyn Sparks has written a story that will have readers laughing at scenes long after finishing the book. She again demonstrates her ingenuity with the portraits of the candidates on the reality show and the manner in which the candidate is revealed as mortal or vampire.

    Darcy and Austin are very strong characters who are polar opposites when it comes to their beliefs about vampires. Darcy is still struggling with the vampire lifestyle and dreams of seeing the sun again while Austin is torn between his growing love for Darcy and his loyalty to the Stake-Out team. Their love story is one readers will relate to as they must learn to accept one another's differences.

    The harem is the true highlight of this novel, however. Between Cora Lee and her ridiculous hoop skirts and Lady Pamela's snootiness, the harem kept this reviewer in stitches with their antics. Darcy drags the reluctant harem into the modern world, helping them develop not only their sense of style but also teaching them that they are intelligent women capable of making their own decisions. Overall, this is a novel that is sure to delight readers!

  • Torture... I speed-read so I coult get to the next book
    I'm a star person -- when I look for a good book, I check out the customer rating stars. Later books in this series had 4.5 ratings, so I started it. The first book in the series was good -- corny, but good. This one was soooo bad. The sad part was that it would have been good if the love part was believable. It was funny; I wanted to know what happened next! But, the romance just wasn't there. Honestly, you DO NOT plan to marry a person based on looks alone, nor do you fall madly in love with them by checking out there butt. If you do, you need therapy. Him referring to her as "sweetheart" was uncomfortable because he knew NOTHING personal about her -- you don't do that with someone you spent less than 24 hours worth of time talking to. Anyway, I forced my way through this book, literally speed reading to get the info I needed to understand the next book; but really, I just don't know if I can handle much more of this cheesy, slapstick, 80's sitcom humor. ...more info
  • Great! Keep them coming!
    I was a little scared to read this because I saw that it wasn't a continuation of the first book. I gave it a try though, and I'm glad I did! This book had me laughing out loud numerous times. Some of the humor was cheesy, but that's ok, it fit with the characters. I enjoyed every character in the book and I was interested the entire way through. I don't know what it was that kept me so engrossed, the whole story took place over only a few days, but I really loved it. I have a hard time believing that two people would fall in love in about 2 seconds, but hey, this is a romance book. I love it! I suggest this series to anyone that's a fan of fantasy and romance....more info
  • Not as much steam as the first one, but....
    Any book that makes me smile after reading the last page is one way I gauge a good read! This book not only made me smile throughout the story, but I hated to see it end and leave me hanging as to where the characters would go from there. I hope in the next book, the author will bring back not only Roman and Shanna again, but also Darcy and Austin! Wow! This book really has it all! You can't help but be pulled in to each and every character and look forward to the next one, hopefully, in this series! There HAS to be a next one!!...more info
    It's been four painful years since Darcy Newhart became a vampire. She thought that after her transformation, she'd never be happy again, never feel warm again, and never see daylight again. But then a mortal, Austin Erickson, with his golden hair, tanned skin, and hot body "burst into her life like a brilliant sun." Just as Darcy had resigned herself to giving up her old world-her family, friends, and career in journalism-and making the best of her situation by getting a job at the Digital Vampire Network, Austin shows up and tempts her with all that she can't have. Their relationship could never work, and she knows too well the pain of giving up a mortal life to ask that of him.

    But Austin only looks like a gorgeous surfer-dude. He's actually an undercover CIA agent charged with tracking and killing vampires, deemed terrorist threats by the government. Austin's assignment is to infiltrate the Digital Vampire Network and become a contestant on Darcy's new reality TV show, sort of like "The Bachelor" for vamps. While he's supposed to be gathering as much intell as possible, Austin finds himself falling for the show's beautiful, sad director. Someone as vibrant, compassionate, and sweet as Darcy couldn't possibly be a vampire. Right?

    Convinced that she is mortal, Austin sets out to save Darcy from the evil vamps who must be holding her hostage, and ends up having to confront his own prejudices and stereotypes about these creatures of the night. Will he learn that, like humans, "vampires could be good or evil. They could love or hate," before it's too late? Will Darcy allow herself a chance at love despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that separate her from Austin?

    VAMPS AND THE CITY, the follow-up to Sparks' HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE VAMPIRE, admits readers into a Harry Potteresque world full of magic and wonderfully eccentric characters drawn with heart and creativity. Sparks' witty, intelligent story deftly walks the line between laugh-out-loud humor and sweet romance. This book will leave readers dreaming about the sanctity of true love and the risks Austin and Darcy take to be together long after the book ends.
    ...more info
  • Great at times--very funny....While at others--blah, blah, blah
    I loved HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONARE VAMPIRE very much! I enjoyed finding more about Shanna, Roman, and Romantech. Darcy's antics were very funny at times(imagine a vampire not wanting to explore all the benefits until she must)FUNNY!! Autin a.k.a. Adam was funny at times. But overall, this was a BLAH story. The hero and heroine didn't have much depth. It seemed to drag through most of the book, but it finally got interesting at the end....more info
  • I hate to do this!!
    I was looking forward to this sequel like crazy. I absolutely loved How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, but I'm afraid that this book didn't come close to that first book. In fact, I still haven't finished VATC. I didn't get into it right away, but hoped that I would. I never did. Something just didn't click. After thinking about it, my conclusion is that I like it when the guy is a vampire (Roman, in HTMAMV, was absolutely delicious. He is in my Hall of Fame), but when it's a vampire woman and mortal man, it doesn't work for me.
    The minor characters that I loved in the previous book weren't as wonderful as I remembered them.
    I will eventually finish this book. I will have to re-read it to finish it because I can't even remember half of it. I hope Ms. Sparks re-reads her first vamp book and gets inspired for the next. I still have hopes for Connor and Ian. (I hope they weren't killed off in this one. I didn't get that far)....more info
  • fun Vampire romance
    Former TV journalist Darcy Newhart detests being a vampire as she can no longer see herself in a mirror or have her picture taken by a non-digital camera. However, thanks to the information age, she has been selected to direct a new reality show on the Digital Vampire Network, The Sexiest Man on Earth. The contestants, some humans and some vampires compete for the title since digital cameras enable vampires to show up on the screen with the prize being the vampiric harem of Roman Dragnesti (see HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE VAMPIRE).

    CIA Stake-Out Agent and psychic Austin Erickson goes undercover as a contestant with the objective being to destroy this rat's nest of killing vampires. However, Austin finds himself attracted to the director of the show who seems nice and caring not bloody and murderous as his superior Sean Whelan insists all vampires are. As Darcy and Austin fall in love, she rejects any permanent relationship since she still struggles with being a creature of the night and unsure of star-crossed partnering with mortals.

    VAMPS AND THE CITY sparkles with humor, suspense, and romance. The story line is fun not just because of the antics of the lead duet; the five vamps first prize consists of delightful interesting individuals whose differences add to the overall plot as readers wonder who will the harem. Vampire romance fans will appreciate this refreshing tale and look forward to more as the confrontation with the evil vampires remains unsettled.

    Harriet Klausner
    ...more info
  • Could have been better
    I read the entire book with no problem only because I am a fan of the series. The humor is great and as was the story HOWEVER Darcy really got on my nerves. I found her to be a whiner. Yeah sure, she didn't want to be a vampire, but seriously its been FOUR years! Get over it!! Maybe if she spent less time resenting her natural she would not have been so unhappy. Way to negative. She just rubbed me the wrong way with her constant boo hooing. ...more info
  • Fun but Flawed
    Like so many others here, I adored HTMAMV....Roman and his company were awesome. Loved Shanna and the guards (especially Conner!) and I grabbed up the 2nd and 3rd books of the series so fast your head would spin. And there is much here in "Vamps In The City" to enjoy. The focus this time is Darcy, a four year turned vampire, who is starting a realtiy show on the Digital Vampire Network. She signs Austin up to be on the show, knowing he is mortal, but not knowing that he is a spy for a group called Stake Out. Stake Out's aim is to kill all vampires. What is good? The entire reality show plotline. Roman's ex-harem are needing a new master and the winner of the reality show will get a million dollars AND this harem. These girls are pretty funny and very entertaining. I liked seeing what they would do within the series and outside of it. The glimpses at some character's from the first book were entertaining too. Darcy's story of her turning was interesting and some talked about (but not so much in first hand) vampire killing was introduced as well. What was not so good? The whole romance between Darcy and Austin was weak. The supporting characters were more entertaining than either of our two leads. Darcy was ok, but she lost a lot of points with me (and apparently some other reviewers) because she was so miserable being a vampire. Here life really wasn't bad enough to support her feelings on this. The pluses sure seemed to outweigh the negatives. Austin was even worse. Austin immediately got off on the wrong foot, by snapping up tons of pictures of Darcy's legs, butt, and chest before he even knew who she was. It was weird, and not in a good way. He is so grossed out by her being a vampire, he did everything but lose his lunch over it. In a romance story you expect there to be sex scenes, but this seemed to be the only thing between Austin and Darcy. I never felt anything stronger develop. If I had to make bets, I would see this fairy tale romance fizzling right out once the relationship gets past the honeymoon stage.
    Still worth the read and I still can't wait to read more from this series. Hopefully this was just a bump in the road....more info
    I must admit with a few other reviewers here. I loved HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE VAMPIRE...... but and a HUGE but, I trudged through VAMPS IN THE CITY and was tempted not to finish it.

    The plot and premise was ludicrous, boring and not even that humorous. The whole reality show The Sexiest Man on Earth, was very far fetched, ridiculous and nonsensical. Even having the women from Roman's X-harem be the judges in the contest. PLUEAZE!!!!!

    There was little or no chemistry between Darcy and Austin and a lot of "Oh, how I hate that I am a vampire" bemoaning from Darcy to Austin about her situation. It was very annoying and you wanted to just smack her at times!!!

    This was a very poor sequel to HTMAMV, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I hope that BE STILL MY VAMPIRE HEART redeems the series, as VAMPS IN THE CITY didn't do justice to the first installment, in my humble opinion. ...more info
  • Cute
    It was cute, enjoyable and easy to read. I loved the ladies...they were great. ...more info
  • Unbearably cheesy, poorly written, unoriginal characters, no real vamps.
    I thought the first book in this series was bad, but this was even worse. Only my obsessive perseverance enabled me to finish it at all. I found it stylistically awful, complete with glaring grammatical errors, shoddy writing, and overuse of annoying phrases such as 'holy moley' which induced near-ceaseless groans of revulsion. The premise, while somewhat intriguing, was wildly unrealistic and this showed through repeatedly in the plot. Both hero and heroine were stereotyped past the point of realism (blindly hateful mortal, self-loathing vamp), as well as illogically constructed and insufferably annoying. I wanted to stab them both. Many, many times. The secondary characters were even more obnoxious with few exceptions, though thankfully Sparks didn't subject readers to their perspectives.

    The sex scenes were so incredibly fake and overblown that I felt painfully embarrassed reading them, and not the slightest bit aroused. Upon reading the word 'nubbin' I nearly threw the book across the room; similarly terrible terms and phrasing abounded. As for vampires, while the actual world-construction is quite good and fairly original - I really like the brand names and the form of vampirism mostly appeals - the leading vampires are basically NOT VAMPIRES. I don't want to spoil too much, but they don't bite and their blood is flavoured, they have no distinguishing personality traits, and barely use their vamp powers. What is the point of reading about VAMPIRES WHO DON'T BITE? Where's the blood, gore, and horror? Those elements are severely lacking in Sparks' series.

    As both a romance and a vampire book, this fails epically....more info
  • Vamp Delight
    Darcy Newhart has created a show to turn the vampire world upside down. The Sexiest Man on Earth--the first reality TV show where vampires and mortals compete.

    However, one contestant, Austin, keeps distracting Darcy making him her vote as the sexiest man on earth. Can she produce a winning show and remain a professional where Austin is concerned?

    Austin's beliefs are turned upside down when he enters the Sexiest Man on Earth contest. Working undercover never bothered him before but he's no sure who is right and who is wrong.

    Ms. Sparks continues to to delight in this novel. A thoroughly enjoyable read for those who like the lighter side of vampires.
    Bravo, Ms. Sparks! I look forward to your next book....more info
  • Hero seemed like a stalker to me.
    This book started out innocently enough, but I didn't find the hero all that likeable. He seemed like a stalker who only had lascivious ideas in mind with regards to the heroine. Likewise, I didn't understand why the heroine liked him. She knew nothing about him. Her attraction was all based on how he looked and visa versa. I put the book down after around 200 pages.

    ...more info
  • Series Still Has Bite!
    Most of the great characters from the first novel in the series, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, are back including lovable Gregori, The Harem Ladies, Shana & Roman, & highlander Conner who is this time portrayed as slightly more dangerous...

    Catching up 8 days after the finale of Millionaire Vampire, the Stake-Out team is still up to their usuaul tricks. Sent to spy on the Digital Vampire Network in hopes that it will reveal the location of Shana, the head of Stake-Out's daughter, Austin Erikson spies something he likes in the form of Darcy. He falls totally in love at first site.

    Now that Roman's harem has been kicked out thanks to Shana, Darcy is being allowed the opportunity to work again- as long as its in the vampire community. Gregori has implored her to get the rest of the harem out of his house ASAP. So when her new boss is set to fire her for being female she coerces him into keeping her with the idea of a reality show. The Sexiest Man on Earth will be the winner of millions of dollars, the disfunctional harem, and the darling of female vamps everywhere. Only Darcy is adding a secret twist-5 of the contestants are human!

    Seeing their chance to infiltrate vampires, Austin & Garret are assigned by Stake-Out to infiltrate the show as contestants. When the spies beat vampires in the challenges their getting closer & closer to winning the competition. Austin's main goal though is to solve why Darcy went missing four years ago, figure out if she's human or vamp, & get a lot closer to her with the aid of the penthouse hot tub...

    This was a very quick but great read,especially after the show starts taping. I cried at the end as well, but something in the resolution of the story was missing for me. Oh, well! We're sure to get to see more of these fantastic characters in the next book in the series. Bring it on as fast as you can please!...more info
  • What's A Harem to Do?!
    I love this series and the 2nd book in the series does not dissappoint. This follows Darcy the newsest members of Roman Dragonesti's former harem. She just wants a life like she had before being turned into a vampire. Now she has an excellent resume but bosses who think women are not cut out for work. Like in the olden days when they were still human! This story follows the harem creating a bachlor like tv show to find a "new master". Also continued is the storyline between Shanna and her father Sean who is part of the Stake Out Team who wants all vampires to die....more info
  • uhhh no
    This was the 3rd book in the series I have read and I am so glad I didn't start with this one. I probably wouldn't have continued reading the other books. I almost didn't finish this one because I didn't like the main characters and to be honest I didn't care about them that much. I got so sick of Darcy whining about being a vampire and I feel like I barely got to know Austin at all, but what I did see really turned me off. I hated how disgusted he was with her after he found ouT she was a Vampire, couldn't even look at her. I hated how she forgave him so easily for betraying her and trying to kill her entire race. Also, i found it kind of creepy at the beginning when he was taking all those pics of her from the parking lot. It was also alittle silly how fast they fell in love. They had only known eachother for a few days and had barely spoken an entire sentence to eachother. Do yourself a favor and skip this one and read Ian's, Jean Luc's or Roman's stories....more info