wireless security cameras revisited

I know of at least one company/vendor deploying security camera "devices"
that operate on their own private RFC1918 networks. Unfortunately, I have
yet to physically see the device -- my only encounter(s) with it have been
on "war rides" (riding on the train -- another play on "war dialing"), and
at that, I can only assume it is a camera because of the following:

        -- its ssid is "camera2lotd" (camera number 2, in lot d)
        -- when I pass the device on the train, the train is passing a bunch of
                commuter pay parking lots in a shady part of town

I don't know who owns these parking lots, or who manufactures these camera
systems, so I have been unable to contact anyone else about this. Should
the opportunity present itself, I'll investigate this particular location
further to see what, exactly, this device is. The only clue I have so far
is the MAC address from the camera which appears to originate from Agere
based cards.

My question is, does anyone happen to know of any camera installations that
operate like this? For all I know, it could very well be a custom
"solution" which includes a PC and a Logitech Quick-cam, but I don't think
that is the case here.

Thanks in advance,


(PS. Yes, this method of wireless investigation is rather interesting.
You cover large areas of land quite quickly. In addition to the wireless
devices of other people on the train, you get traffic from all sorts of
interesting locations including CVS, City Hall (2 Cisco 340's), APs in the
middle of the woods, large office complexes, and bizarre traffic in the
middle of the train yard.)

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