Wireless security camera - funny story

When my dad discovered wireless security cameras online, he decided that he needed to have these for his home. So he put a wireless security camera over the front door of his house so that he could see who was knocking or ringing the doorbell. I guess looking through the peep hole or looking out the window was old school.

Next he installed a wireless security camera in the front window so that he could see what was going on in the front yard. Hmm, I guess that large picture window in the living room didn't provide a good enough view.Then he figured if he had the front yard under surveilance, he should set up wireless security cameras over the back door and in a window overseeing the backyard.

I wonder if he ever watched the movie, "Scarface"???

So anyway, one evening I'm at my dad's house and the front doorbell rings. I ask my dad, "So who's at the front door?" He said, "Hold on." as he switches the tv over to the station that the wireless security cameras are sending their signal too. I look at the picture on the tv screen and I can't make out who it is. I can just make out a figure of a person standing there.

So I asked him again, "So who is that?"

He repied, "I can't tell. It's too dark. Go to the front door and find out who it is."

I just about died laughing as I walked to the front door to find out who the visitor was.

After spending almost $800 on a wireless security camera set up for his house, nothing changed. My dad still sent me to see who was at the front door! I'm certain that was money not well spent. 8-)

For businesses that need video surveillance, wireless security cameras make sense. For my dad's house... forget about it.

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