viewing streaming video from company
I've set up a Planet ICA-101 camera. I have no problem viewing it from my ISP. However I never able to view it from my Company workstation. This is the same problem when viewing other demo sites like I believe that my company's network admin blocks ActiveX, streaming video traffic, using firewall rules and/or virus-control software... However, I am surprised to find out that I have no such problem viewing Does anyone out there know why such difference? May be difference streaming types, IP ports? How can I make my camera also viewable from work? Thanks a bunch!

Try to get a Port Sniffer - many available on shareware sites which will tell you if you have the ports open correctly for the camera.

What port is the camera communication over is important - recommend getting it on 80 if possible is the best way to get through firewalls.  Another thing to look at is where you company has a proxy server there are many ip cameras that don't work across proxy servers.

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