uViewit motion detection software

1. uViewit is motion detection software that controls your video camera(s), web cam(s), or DV camcorder, and records all activity to your COMPUTER, transforming them into stealth video surveillance devices!! Now with Audio!

2. uViewIt lets you REMOTELY ACCESS your camera(s) using an Internet browser. You can view live images, review recorded events, or video conference with friends. 

Advantages of Digital Recording and Reviewing:

  • Saves time! Digitally recorded video can be recorded and reviewed much faster than VHS tapes.

  • Saves money! Eliminates costs of replacing old tapes or servicing video recorders.

  • Saves space! Today's PC hard drives hold tons of data. Now they can store your video recordings in any format. (ie. MPEG4, Indeo, RawAVI, etc.

  • Saves police work! Snagged a thief? Easily print the crystal clear images or burn them onto a CD!

  • Saves quality! Since digital quality does not degrade over time, the images will be preserved forever!

Download  10-day trial copy