training on how to get into the world of CCTV and beyond
Hi all: I need training on how to get into the world of CCTV and beyond.I have a little bit of PC installation background and therefore I think I can learn CCTV technology too.I have been reading a lot lately and feeling confident that I will be good at it.
Can some help me lead me to the right direction to where should I begin being successful in this field .I need to know asssembling, installing, sales and the rest there is to CCTV and DVR.

Hello AJ - welcome to the network video security market.


Associations & Shows

ISC West is coming up in Las Vegas beginning of April which is a great way to see all the products for security.
AJ, The industry trade shows such as the upcoming ISC West are a good why of getting overall training, Then I would find the manufacturers you plan on using for your market and go to them for even basic training. A lot of them have road shows that provide training. Distributor tradeshows also provide basic training. Associations like ASIS has a whole liberary of books to the end ,keep coming here and we shall have the Learning center up and running by then which I hope will include basic CCTV training.

Good Luck and Thanks,


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