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Veo Wireless Observer XT Network Camera Price
Veo Wireless Observer XT Network Camera

Overall rating:

Key Features

Network Camera

Image Sensor Type

Interface Type
Wireless - IEEE 802.11b

Still Image Capture Resolution
640 x 480 ? 320 x 240 ? 160 x 120

Video Capture Resolution
640 x 480 ? 320 x 240 ? 160 x 120

Digital Video Capture Speed
30 frames per second

Other Features

Special Features
Auto Exposure ? Automatic White Balance ? Built-in Motion Detection

Color Depth
24 Bit

Audio Support
Built In Microphone


1 Year



Included Accessories
Power Adapter



Product ID

More Information

Plug the Observer XT into your network and you're ready to see and hear what's happening when you're not there! Accessing the camera is as simple as surfing the web, just point your browser to the camera's onboard web page. You'll find everything you need to view, listen to, and control the camera from anywhere on your network or even over the Internet!

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