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Securiant Aims Appliance at Small, Medium Businesses

Securiant Aims Appliance at Small, Medium Businesses
October 23, 2003

Securiant has unveiled the SpiderISA integrated security appliance, targeted to small and medium-sized businesses, preconfigured to integrate and deliver five security tools: vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection and response, network state monitoring, data correlation and event reporting and notification.

The product can be set up to run in about 30 minutes, the company said. The SpiderISA updates its vulnerability and attack signature databases automatically; it recognizes new application as they are added to a network; allows customizable, rule-based policies and procedures; and is available with up to four Ethernet interfaces to monitor multiple network segments concurrently.

"Our idea is to offer security through change management for mid-size companies with limited resource and expertise," says Richard JB Campbell, founder, president and CEO of Securiant. The product incorporates modified versions of the Snort open source code for intrusion detection, and Nesses open source code for vulnerability assessment.

Securiant developed the functionality for network state monitoring, data correlation and event reporting. The state monitoring capability can tell a security administrator if someone on the network has installed software or made other changes that open up a new port to the Internet.

Customers of Securiant to date include a local church that was hacked by a Trojan and had its computers taken over for broadcasting messages originating in Germany. The church found out when its ISP shut off its service for exceeding bandwidth limits.

"Organizations like that think they have nothing to worry about because they may not be storing critical information, but they are highly at risk. They don't realize their computers can be taken over by someone else," Campbell says.

Prices for SpiderISA start at $2,499. The product is available in three models: the SpiderISA 50-3FE, 150-4FE and 650-3GE, which each model sized for a specific network environment. The appliance runs a secure version of Linux running on an Intel appliance platform.

An optional 24/7 managed security services offering starts at $150 per month.

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