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Neoteris Extends Gateway Access

Neoteris Extends Gateway Access
August 6, 2003

A new option added by application security gateway vendor Neoteris to its Access Series product enables full network connectivity to a broad range of resources and applications.

Neoteris this week released the Network Connect upgrade option that provides full network connectivity to a broad range of resources and applications, including wireless LANs, streaming media and server-initiated meeting collaboration software.

"This new option extends the range of choices we give to customers, enabling them to better make the tradeoffs in provisioning access to different constituencies across the enterprise," says Vivian Ganitsky, manager of product marketing for Neoteris. The Access appliances employ a category of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) the company calls an Instant Virtual Extranet platform.

The tradeoff is in the level of secure authorization that can be achieved. The most secure authorization available in the Neoteris product line is the Core Access connectivity, which requires no software on the client and is accessible via standard Web browsers. This is the lowest cost option and the most popular among Neoteris customers.

The company's Secure Application Mansger and new Network Connect alternatives do require thin client software and grant a wider access that trades off a degree of authorization control, with Network Connect being limited to IP address and port range authorization. As a result, the company recommends that end point security also be deployed with Network Connect.

Network Connect is available as an upgrade option to the Access Series, priced in the range of $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the number of simultaneous users needing support.

Neoteris also unveiled the Host Checker API, which allows for tight coupling of the Access Series appliances with end point security products and applications. Specific support was announced for products from InfoExpress, McAfee, Sygate and Zone Labs. The API allows administrators to verify that the firewall, virus scanning and intrusion detection technologies are operating in compliance with corporate security policies.

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