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Multimedia 2000 PocketRetriever (PREBX401) Price
Multimedia 2000 PocketRetriever (PREBX401)

Multimedia 2000

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remote access / control, PDA software




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Service / Support
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Operating System
Microsoft Windows 2000 / NT4.0, Palm OS 2.0 or later, Microsoft Windows 95/98

More Information

PocketRetriever is the ultimate application for handhelds running the Palm OS, allowing you to remotely access your desktop PC. Use PocketRetriever on your handheld with a standard modem or data-enabled cellular phone, and no matter where you are, you'll be connected to the entire contents of your home or office PC. Don't ever get caught without important information again! PocketRetriever lets you view virtually any text file format or picture, including the most popular image files, on your handheld computer. Search your hard drive and download any file, not just pre-selected ones. Then beam, e-mail, or upload your files to other PCs or handhelds. Modify your text files on the road, and store the modified files back on your PC. In addition, PocketRetriever allows you to remotely install handheld applications, documents, and databases. You can even use PocketRetriever to monitor remote cameras, interfacing seamlessly with a PC-based home security system. PocketRetriever truly put...

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