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InstaGate SCM Offers Integrated Secure Content Management

InstaGate SCM Offers Integrated Secure Content Management
February 20, 2004

Network security vendor eSoft's InstaGate SCM for secure content management combines Web URL filtering, anti-virus protection and spam email filtering.

The InstaGate SCM can be delivered as an application or as software only. It can be deployed on the LAN, in-line with an existing firewall, or in the DMZ of an existing firewall, without requiring the existing firewall to be reconfigured. The product architecture allows software extensions, called SoftPaks, to be plugged in and work together in an integrated fashion.

The mail content security features allow spam, viruses and unauthorized attachments to be blocked or quarantined. Spam detection techniques include a combination of white and black lists, and message header and body analysis for accuracy.

The Web content security features provide URL filtering and reporting. Web requests can be monitored or blocked based on 30 different content categories, and custom white and black lists. User authentication allows different filtering policies for different users and groups.

The integrated management features tie multiple security layers together, simplifying the task of deploying multiple products from different suppliers. Web-based management tools allow configuration and monitoring from any location. Software and data can be updated automatically.

"One of the biggest challenges for customers is the integration between point solutions," says Reid Hislop, VP of marketing for eSoft. "Now we are supporting secure content management features with the firewalls customers have in place."

ESoft sells its software on an annual subscription basis. For 2,000 users, for example, the annual fee for the antivirus software would be $15,000; for the email filtering software, $4,200; and the URL filtering software, $14,000. For the minimum number of 10 users, the annual fee for the antivirus software would be $299; for the email filtering software, $208; and for the URL filtering software, $305.

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