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Bulldog ProSeries Deluxe62 Car Security System Price
Bulldog ProSeries Deluxe62 Car Security System

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Bulldog Security

Manufacturer Part Number


Product Line
Bulldog ProSeries

Security System / Controlled Devices
Doors ? Starter ? Trunk

Security System / Siren Availability

Security System / Type
Car security system

Service & Support / Type
Lifetime warranty

Transmitter / Included Qty

Transmitter / Security Controls
Remote arm/disarm ? Remote car finder ? Remote door lock/unlock ? Remote engine starting ? Remote trunk lock/unlock

Transmitter / Type
Remote control

More Information

Bulldog ProSeries Deluxe62 alarm and remote starter system is a technological breakthrough utilizing the most advanced, state of the art technology and components. It is computer controlled and manufactured in the U.S.A. The dependability and variety of features make Bulldog Security the leader in the industry.

Bulldog ProSeries Deluxe62 alarm and remote starter system remotely starts your car to run the heater or air conditioning from an extended distance, remotely locks and unlocks your power door locks with built-in relays onboard, and remotely opens your trunk with a push of a button. It provides door, hood and impact protection, warn away protection and impact protection, and protection when doors are opened.

A programmable feature locks and unlocks the doors when the brake is depressed or the ignition is cycled. The Deluxe62 allows you to operate your system from up to a quarter mile away. Its remote starter section works on all diesel engines, and provides longer engine cranking for hard starting diesel vehicles.

This system automatically starts your vehicle when battery voltage drops below 11 volts. It also allows you to remotely program your car to start at a preset temperature, and automatically starts your car in extreme temperatures.

You can also remotely program your car to start every 3 hours regardless of temperature, or remotely program your vehicle to run 5 to 25 minutes. Never walk up to a dark vehicle again. When unlocking the vehicle by remote control the dome light will come on and stay on for 1 minute, or until you activates the ignition switch. This system also confirms that your vehicle has received a remote signal and will remain on if the engine is remotely started.

The Deluxe62 lets you choose between the vehicle's factory horn or an optional six tone siren, locate you vehicle in a crowded parking lot, and program off the alarm section when it is not needed. A programmable feature lets you choose from the easy to install tachless operation or the standard wire-in, tach operation. The Deluxe62 allows you to exit the vehicle while the engine remains running. It also allows your remote starter to learn new remotes, should you want to add remotes, or if remotes are lost. When the alarm is armed, this option breaks the starter wire in half so the vehicle cannot be hotwired.

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