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Avaya Unveils Updated VPN Client Software

Avaya Unveils Updated VPN Client Software
February 6, 2002

Avaya Inc. last week announced a new version of VPN software called VPNremote 4.0 Client. VPN software enables remote workers to securely connect to their corporate networks, including WLANs.

The software is a desktop application for Windows operating systems. It is free to enterprises and service providers when they purchase Avaya's Virtual Private Network Service Unit (VSU) security gateways.

Avaya said VPNremote 4.0 Client software also supports voice over VPN (VoVPN)applications. Mobile workers can re-direct their office phones to their mobile laptop - using Avaya IP Softphone, for example.

Effectively, this could allow businesses to eliminate toll call costs for mobile workers by using the VPN client to secure traffic sent over widely available, low cost, shared IP data networks.

When used in the Avaya Wireless LAN portfolio or on any 802.11 wireless LAN users' desktops, the Avaya VPNremote 4.0 Client software meets the stringent security standards of Avaya's ICSA (International Computer Security Association)-certified IPsec VPN solutions.

Using the Avaya VPNremote 4.0 Client software on the desktop of 802.11 wireless LAN users protects enterprise networks from unauthorized intrusion, and protects sensitive information from being compromised when transmitted over wireless networks.

This story was first published on 802.11 Planet, an site.

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