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9/1: Bugbear-I a Mass-Mailing Worm

9/1: Bugbear-I a Mass-Mailing Worm
September 1, 2004

W32/Bugbear.i@MM is a new variant of W32/Bugbear. It bears the following characteristics:

  • mass-mails itself to recipient email addresses extracted from the victim machine. It attaches itself to outgoing emails within a ZIP file.
  • opens a port for remote access
  • May also drop a separate backdoor component

    Outgoing messages are formatted as follows:

    From: Spoofed (using harvested email addresses, and strings carried in the virus).
    Subject: Various, selected from those carried in the virus.
    Attachment: GIRLS.ZIP zip archive. This contains the worm with one of the several file names.

    View them and other information at McAfee page.

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