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7/13: Rbot-DL Empowers Remote Users

7/13: Rbot-DL Empowers Remote Users
July 13, 2004

W32/Rbot-DL is a network worm and backdoor Trojan for the Windows platform. It allows a malicious user remote access to an infected computer.

The worm copies itself to a file named winsyst.exe in the Windows system folder and creates the following registry entries:

Microsoft Update = winsyst.exe
Microsoft Update = winsyst.exe
Microsoft Update = winsyst.exe.

W32/Rbot-DL spreads using a variety of techniques including exploiting weak passwords on computers and SQL servers, exploiting operating system vulnerabilities (including DCOM-RPC, LSASS, WebDAV and UPNP) and using backdoors opened by other worms or Trojans.

W32/Rbot-DL can be controlled by a remote attacker over IRC channels.

More information is at Sophos page.

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