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1/28: Sdbot.Worm!166912 Spreading

1/28: Sdbot.Worm!166912 Spreading
January 28, 2005

W32/Sdbot.worm!166912 is a variant of W32/Sdbot.worm, and bears strong resemblance to the many other members of this rapidly growing family. It bears the following characteristics:

  • propagates to machines vulnerable to the following exploits:
  • DCcomRPC
  • propagates to machines with poorly secured network shares (weak username/password combinations)
  • propagates to MySQL and Microsoft SQL servers that are poorly secured (again weak username/password combinations)
  • propagates to remote machines (it generates random IPs) by attempting to copy itself to a number of shares
  • provides a backdoor to the victim machine, thereby compromising data on that machine (significant remote access functionality is availble to the hacker)

    More information can be found at McAfee page.

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