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1/12: Mugly-D Worm Drops IRC Backdoor

1/12: Mugly-D Worm Drops IRC Backdoor
January 12, 2005

W32/Mugly.d@mm is an email worm is written in Visual Basic. It bears the followng characteristics:

  • contains its own SMTP engine for constructing messages
  • harvests email addresses from files on the victim machine
  • spoofs the From: address
  • drops an IRC backdoor (this is detected as W32/Sdbot.worm.gen.g with the specified engine/DATs)

    The worm constructs messages using its own SMTP engine, and harvests target addresses from the victim machine. The following files are searched for addresses:

  • .wab
  • .adb
  • .tbb
  • .dbx
  • .asp
  • .php
  • .htm
  • html
  • .sht
  • .txt
  • .doc

    More information can be found at McAfee page.

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