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10/29: Beagle@mm!CPL Detects Worms

10/29: Beagle@mm!CPL Detects Worms
October 29, 2004

W32.Beagle@mm!cpl is a generic detection for variants of W32.Beagle@mm that use Control Panel applets as droppers. These files contain a copy of the worm and usually arrive as email attachments with .cpl file extensions.

The following W32.Beagle@mm variants are known to contain copies of W32.Beagle@mm!cpl:

  • W32.Beagle.AU@mm
  • W32.Beagle.AV@mm
  • W32.Beagle.AW@mm

    Technical details can be found at Symantec page.

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