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10/20: Spybot-DF an IRC Backdoor Worm

10/20: Spybot-DF an IRC Backdoor Worm
October 20, 2004

W32/Spybot-DF is an IRC backdoor worm. W32/Spybot-DF connects to a remote IRC server and runs in the background as a service process, listening for backdoor commands from a remote user. The worm may spread to network shares with weak passwords or by DCC. The worm may also spread through peer-to-peer networks, copying itself to the folder \kazaabackupfiles as DOWNLOAD_ME.EXE.

While the worm is active it attempts to terminate various monitoring programs. The worm may also log keystrokes, saving them to a local file or sending them directly to a remote user over IRC.

More information can be found at Sophos page.

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