passive 8-channel loopthrough switcher
Click to enlargepadPanasonic WJ-SW208 Switcher

The passive 8-channel loopthrough switcher offers superior quality manual switching to small scale CCVE systems. The switcher's double switch circuit design provides optimized impedance conditions for all standard configurations. The switcher's design is especially beneficial in systems with long cable runs, where impedance mismatches and improper termination can degrade picture quality. The unit is capable of manually switching up to 8 cameras as well as looped through to monitors or other video equipment-while maintaining proper cable termination. When used in conjunction with the System 100, each connected camera will be capable of control by the WV-CU161 system controller. Camera input:8 (BNC). Features include camera loopthrough output:8 (BNC), Video Output: 1 (BNC); Video Return Input: 1 (BNC) and Camera Selection Switch: mechanical lock-release push type. The unit is UL listed.

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