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Description:The Zire 31 handheld is a great complement to a paper organizer because it's small and light, yet stores thousands of names, numbers, appointments and memos. You can also add a photo to a contact so you'll never forget a name, and you can s.Reviewed by: zire31fanatic from CA on Apr 11, 2005

Experience: 4 Months

Strengths: Everything except the weaknesses listed under Weaknesses.

Weaknesses: Cannot see in sunny light-outside-daytime, and alarm could be louder-much.

Summary: This pda is great. Of course the mp3 music or videos will drain the batteries. Everything will drain the batteries.

i love it. it is the best ever, i love it tons. I have had this pda the longest ever. I have alot of memory left, cause i am using the SD card for Music and Applications.

I am a fanatic about this PDA.

I had cassiopea ones (4mb) ones, palm 3x and some others. but this one is the greatest.

like i stated only problems is the sunny day one and tha alarm one.

The alarm could be louder for a hundred + pda.

i had an cheap pda electronic like device that was cheap and the alarm on that one was loud. I mean loud so loud it could wake me up in the morning unlike this pda¡¯s alarm, which I can barely hear in my pocket if it is quite enough.

I would recommend this pda for anyone who is mostly indoors, and or uses their pdas indoors.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: sbrun1663 from AZ on Oct 22, 2004

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Very small. Extremely user friendly. Nice color screen. The photograph slide show looks great.

Weaknesses: Protective lid is not enough. It is necessary to buy a hard or leather case. MP3 is only available with extension card.

Summary: It is extremely handy. It turns on immediately, I add a task or appointment and I switch it off: total less than 60 seconds.
That is the first time I use Graffiti writing and it is very easy. In case I have difficulty with a letter, I can still use the digital keyboard.
I definitively would recommend the PalmOne Zire 31.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: kyzersosie from NC on May 26, 2004

Experience: 20 Days

Strengths: Compact design, easy-to read color screen, good battery life

Weaknesses: Poorly-written documentation. Not too hip on the concept of non-replaceable internal batteries.

Summary: I was looking for an inexpensive way to manage my calendar, tasks and contacts and so far this little guy does just what I was looking for.

The display is not a TFT like the pricier models but it is just fine for day-to-day activities. I¡¯ve used the bundled Palm Desktop software and transferred pictures to the Zire 31 and they show up fine.

Apparently this can be used as an MP3 player as well. The documentation is very week in this regard and only states ¡°Expansion card required, stereo headphones optional, both sold separately.¡± I am assuming it is just a memory card and not some proprietary card.

The warranty is ONLY 90 DAYS!

All in all, this is a great little PDA for those needing to take their contacts, tasks and calendar. However, if you're into bells and whistles - then this is not the device for you and you should cough up the extra $.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: javajunkie80 on Dec 29, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Compact, power button on front, upgraded OS5, SD/MMC card slot, fast processor, strong IR, easily connects to internet

Weaknesses: Not all available apps support OS5 - not Palms fault really. Non-TFT screen - can't see it well outdoors on sunny days. MP3/Video playback drains battery. Non-user replacable battery. Rubber cover

Summary: I upgraded to a Palm Zire 31 from a Palm IIIc (which I loved BTW) merely for the extra memory and expansion capabilities.
PZ31 runs on the upgraded Palm OS v5.2.8 which supports some of the best apps on the web, however a lot of apps do not run at all, or will cause the device to hang due to the OS upgrade which is not supported in all apps. It's a trial and error process, but one worth going through. is great for getting apps for Palm OS5 and will list the compatability with each of its products.

I am happy to have the blue rubber flip-cover on the device to cover the screen but I really wish the device had have come with a protective case that was a little more substantial. Easily rectified by investing in a proper case though - and well worth the money, especially for women who carry their palm in a handbag with 100 other things inc. keys etc that can scratch or crack the screen.

The processor in the unit is quite fast, and apps open quickly and photo's are displayed nicely - although up-close photo's will display better than distant ones. The pixels are evident when looking at the screen, but it doesn't really detract from visibility for most things I've found.

I found it incredibly easy to hook up to the internet via the IR port and my mobile phone using GPRS. I use Agendus Mail and Web Pro 3.0 which give me access to email and fast access to webpages and supports a few more internet pages than other apps that are rated highly in the Palm user community.

There are a range of accessories out there for the palm Zire 31. Cases, battery extenders, screen protectors, game cards, education cards (check out, IR keyboards, travel chargers and sync cables.

One of the handiest things I found with the PZ31 is that it connects to my PC via a mini USB which is what my Sony Cybershot digital camera uses. Thus, I minimise desk clutter by using the one cable for both my camera and my PDA. On the other hand, without the universal connection that other palms use, the range of peripheral products is limited to those made specifically for the Zire 31 or to products that work via communication with the palm's IR port (like some of the more expensive keyboards).

If you want to take advantage of the MP3 and video playback capabilities, you'll need to invest in an MMC/SD card. The palm, probably for memory reasons, doesn't allow you to put these things on its HDD. SD and MMC cards are not too expensive these days, and do come in handy for a range of other devices such as digital cameras etc. My 4 year old daughter can watch Stargate SG-1 on my palm Zire 31 or listen to The Wiggles, which keeps her happy on plane flights and long car trips. Even a small capacity SD card (64Mb would be the smallest I'd go) will hold a fair number of MP3's and video's, depending on how you encode them.

Sound on the Zire 31 can be heard via the device speakers, or via standard 3.5m headphones. It is loud and clear and exceptional for such an entry-level PDA.

The additonal software is ok. The only thing I added was Solitaire from the CD. For most other things I have preferred apps that I use. For a new PDA user however, I can definitely see the the software CD providing some useful applications for getting them started.

One other thing that I will mention, is that when you first begin to charge the unit after taking it out of the pack, you will not be able to turn it on. After about 20-30 minutes, the unit will switch on itself and you can start to play whilst it is hooked up via its AC adapter/charger (this is mainly for people who can't wait to start playing with a new device). It is recommended that you leave it to charge for the initial 4 hours, but if you can't wait, start playing after 30 mins and let it charge to full capacity over night.

I would highly recommend this PDA to most new and experienced PDA users. It is cheap (AUD$247 ($233 at minidigital), expandable (not expendable!), fast, and reliable. Definitely a PDA that I would buy again and again.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: jheaslip from NY on Sep 14, 2004

Experience: 60 Days

Strengths: large capacity for addresses

Weaknesses: Software should have room for more catagories

Summary: (Edited September 14th by jheaslip) I started using one of the original Pilots many years ago and have resisted getting a new on because I never used the model 1000 to its full capacity. Finally my old Pilot began to develop cracks and occasionally the screen began to go blank from time to time. I decided not to lug my laptop in and out of airport security and to treat myself to the Zire 31 - something much more modern. The first thing I found was that I could lift photos off the web and make airport meetings less clumsy by recognizing people without having to wave company literature at every deplaning passenger. The second thing I found was that I could past family photos and product photos with me. The third and really most important thing was that I could easily carry my entire 1500 company names and addresses with me.

I haven¡¯t even scratched the surface yet. When my extension card arrives I will be able to add my favorite opera and other musical favorites. The price of the Zire was about what I paid for upgrading the memory of the original Pilot

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: mdbstover from FL on Aug 12, 2004

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: It is a very economical palm for all it does. Easy to read and I like the notepad function -I can write on it like it is paper.

Weaknesses: Like all the other palms - for entering information I will use the computer keyboard or card scanner for ease

Summary: My husband bought this palm from a office max locally - I liked it so much I bounght another one on pricegrabber for $15 less and didnt have to leave the office!

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: skcreedon from IL on Oct 1, 2004

Experience: 21 Days

Strengths: Dollar value, display, memory, avalible plug-in.

Weaknesses: Occasionally loses focus (does not reconize stylus movement).

Summary: The Zire 31 PDA is a good value for the money. It has a sizable memory, plus a built in MP3 player. An additional menory card is recommended to hold MP3 files. Its Graffiti 2 is a difficult transition at times from standard Graffiti. The stylus is somewhat difficult to extract from its case and could use a slight redesign. The protective supplied leaves something to be desired.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: knlfuji from WA on Oct 14, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Upgraded Palm OS and applications, Very nice color screen, Expandable Memory, Compact enough, Reasonably priced

Weaknesses: Awful and useless rubber flip cover, Cheesy rubber cover for usb and power plug, No battery charging indicator, White plastic case back looks juvinile and cheap.

Summary: I started out with a second hand Palm III, bought a new Palm IIIxe and then upgraded to a Palm IIIc before purchasing the Zire 31. I really liked the Palm IIIc and would have stuck with it if it wasn't for my wife's need for using less batteries and losing data on her hand-me-down IIIxe combined with my looking for any excuse to upgrade, again. The IIIc color screen and rechargeable battery were perfect upgrades for her and so far, I am very pleased with the Zire 31.

The Zire 31 is compact compared to the bulky IIIc. I was concerned that the dainty Zire might have a cheap feel and delicate quality to it compared to the amoured tank like quality of the IIIc. I am pleased to say that the Zire is proving to be a well made and stout enough to be carried in my front trouser pocket as I did with my IIIc.

All in all a most delightful upgrade.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: ryansn from CA on Oct 3, 2004

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Much more versatile, useful than Handspring Visor. The op system does more and is faster than older model. Very compact and it does what I want it to.

Weaknesses: Graffiti 2 is much more complex than the original graffiti.

Summary: It is much more useful and the color screen is easier to see. The touch screen is more sensitive than the older models. I loved my Visor and expect to love this even more!!

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: MNMKari from VA on Nov 21, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: user friendly, color display makes it easy to use, upgradeable

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: I am definitely pleased with my purchase of this palm pilot. It is user friendly for us "technology challenged" people. I love the aspect that I can hook it up to my Dell laptop and transfer information between the two using Microsoft Outlook.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: mecco on Jun 22, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: mp3, expansion slot, functions, 16M, durable, small size

Weaknesses: low res. color screen, not standard 4 buttons, no internet

Summary: This is the first PDA I ever have. Before I chose it, I checked everywhere for reviews on this zire 31, I did find a lot of negative words against it. However, I did not find any of them so obvious on the one I am using. One is the battery life, Palmone said it's one week for normal "standby" use, and 4-6 hours for game, mp3, and movies. But a lot of reviews said it drain too fast and terrible. My case is close to 6 days normal use, usually standby, (besides, installed some software with usb plugged in, and tested games and movies for short time without usb plugged in). After my SD card arrived, I played music a lot. though I did not test the whole time before the battery drain, I did notice that 2/3 remained after one hour of mp3 playing. Another one is the functions, some reviewers complained it malfunctioned a lot, and the replacement always kept the same problem like the battery meter would show you only 75% after one night charging, and you need to hard/soft reset often, etc, however, I did not experienced any of them, all functions did well as expected. Another pro is that you can install a lot of applications on the integrated 14M memory (16M, but only 14M left for you), generally enough for you. I have installed everything I need and there is still 5.5M left. Such applications, freewares or cheap ones are available , you can find some terrific ones if you spent some times (several days for me). All applications were installed successfully, several showed fatal error when I tried to use them, I just deleted them immediately, nothing harmful. There are other good things which are expected I cannot list here one by one, you can try it. One more thing I want to talk is the MP3 player expansion card, and you can also watch movie on it if you like. I have installed a movie player on it , but I don¡¯t think I am going to watch the movie on it , I prefer to watch in Showcase cinema or on my 19¡± flat computer screen. For the SD card, I have bought 256M, the larger, the better. Besides, if you want internet, you can just buy SDIO card and insert it into the slot, I did not do that because the SDIO card is too expensive for me and I don't think I need internet on it. Just go to my desktop and laptop to do that! However, there are also some drawbacks, one is the color screen, it¡¯s not LCD, and with only 160 x160, so it really fades under the day light, but it looks really good indoors. The low resolution screen is also nightmare for movies and pictures. The low resolution made me a little bit uncomfortable since I am fan of high resolution and big screen for everything, but it might be not so painful for you if you used to the small computer screens and low resolutions. I think it¡¯s fair when you think about the money you paid. Another one is the buttons, it¡¯s not standard 4 settings, so you will find some problem when you try to play action games on it, but it not problem for me because I think why bother to play that kind of game on your PDA, go to your super computer! So I just installed some puzzles, simple games, and chesses which do not need my fingers to move fast. Hope all above words can help you to decide.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: turnerseth from VA on Nov 12, 2004

Experience: 45 Days

Strengths: Palm OS system. SD chip slot. MP3 player is cool feature.

Weaknesses: Beware! Unreliable, backed up by a lame so-called 90-day warranty. It would be a cool product if it was built to last a few years rather than just weeks.

Summary: I bought a Zire 31 after my "vintage" Handspring Deluxe finally died. The new (as in not used or refurbished) Zire 31 didn't last 5 weeks before it just stopped powering up one day. I contacted Palm customer (dis)service, which informed me that they would not honor the 90-day warranty because I bought it from Amazon. Fortunately, Amazon replaced it in just 2 days. Unfortunately, the replacement didn't even last 12 hours. Shipped by to Amazon for a full refund.

Yeah Amazon. Boo Palm! "Dude, I'm gettin' a Dell!"

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: sledderz from MN on May 12, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Ease of use...features and price

Weaknesses: None found yet.

Summary: I was very pleased with this Palm. I've owned 2 other models before. The Zire is very easy to navigate through...consistency of applications and operations as the previous models. I would recommend this to anyone who is ready to purchase a PDA of any type. The price, features, and versatility you have with this model is a bonus!

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: 246 from NY on Jul 26, 2004


Strengths: Zire 31 is a great PDA for a first timer. Easy to use and very straight forward instruction on the software installation

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: I'm please with the product. It is a handy PDA. A good starter for a novice. Compact, light and very functional.
Long battery life and easy to read screen.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: nifftthree from MD on May 14, 2004

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: Color-good quality, fair amount of useful memory at 16mb. Easy interface, easy setup and quick to use. Very lightweight.

Weaknesses: Grafitti 2(Im used to version 1 so it means learning a new version.)

Summary: I purchased this as a way to get my wife organized as I currently have a sony clie. I am impressed by my first palm product. It was easy to setup, and had excellent documentation. The associated software was easy to install. Had to go to the support site to download outlook 2003 conduits but that was extent of my hassle in installing. Overall, so far an excellent buy.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: janetq from CA on Jul 21, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: great color

Weaknesses: rubber cover

Summary: I've owned both Handspring and Palms. The color on this is great - but I wish it could be backlit. It is hard to see in bright sunlight. The rubber cover is ridiculously flimsy. It's light weight, but doesn't feel as sturdy as my Handspring Edge.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: GClince from CT on Jun 18, 2004

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: User Friendly

Weaknesses: Memory

Summary: This will serve and a very good replacemet for my old Palm IIIxe - I enjoy the color screen too. Functional as well and able to play music. Easily downloaded my contacts from Outlook 2003 to the PDA - Easy to configure to my laptop.

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