iPod 20GB 4th Gen. MP3 Player (20GB Internal Hard Drive) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Apple
Model: M9282LLA
: Number of User Reviews: 20

Reviewed by: bezboruah on Nov 27, 2004

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: Solid construction, excellent design, click wheel a big improvement over the past touch-sensitive buttons, sound quality definitely good, small and slim.

Weaknesses: No FM radio, no built-in microphone for recording (have to purchase it separately, must pay $99 for new battery from Apple when old one loses its charge, only supports iTunes; NO WMA MUSIC!

Summary: (Edited December 11th by bezboruah) When looking for an Mp3 player, I researched all the possible models to purchase. Since most of my Mp3's are CD based, not from an online store, I had no problem with gettting a WMA-only or iTunes-only player. After reading all the reviews possible, I came to the conclusion to purchase the #1 Mp3 player of all: ipod. When I got it, it came in very nice packaging: a cube-shaped box, NOT one of those plastic packaging which requires a jackhammer to open. Upon opening the box, I quickly transferred the ipod into a silicone case that I bought separately. I highly recommend buying a case in which you can still have access to the screen and controls without taking out the ipod, because the silver back is very prone for fingerprints and scratches. After popping the ipod into the case, I plugged it into the wall charger for its initial charge. Apple has come up with the neatest idea: simply use the same firewire cable that you use to hook ipod to your computer and plug that into the small block that goes into your wall outlet. It is really neat. (In fact, you don't need the wall charger at all to charge ipod. It charges when you plug it into your computer too.) Upon charging, I plugged it into my pc. iTunes recognized it immediately and set about to move my music collection over to it. Once done, I plugged in my Sony earphones (I've yet to touch the included Apple ones) and turned on the device. VOILA! I couldn't believe the music quality. It was unbelievable. I tinkered with the equalizer settings and found that the "Hip Hop" setting works best for me, as it brings out the bass sound nicely. I really didn't want to go to bed that night, since I was having so much fun with the ipod.

A quick thing to beware: Although you are buying the "20 GB" version, you only get about 18.5 GB of space on the iPod itself.

My Bottom Line: After using ipod, now I know why it is so immensely popular. You will definitely not regret buying one.

EDIT: I realized that I should mention that the battery life on the iPod is DEFINITELY NOT CLOSE TO THE ESTIMATED 12 HOURS! The most I get (usually on continuous play w/o the use of the backlight) is approximately 7-8 hours.

Reviewed by: Gandhim3 from TX on Aug 4, 2004

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: Sleek design, easy to use interface, lots of storage, can be used like a hard drive, now with longer battery life

Weaknesses: Scratches too easily. No user servicable battery. More expensive then the competition, but simple interface more than makes up for it, especially with the $100 price drop for the 4G models.

Summary: I purchased the new 4G iPod, after getting sick and tired of waiting for the iPod mini to be delivered. The wait times for that are just way too long. iPods are primarily an impulse luxury buy (especially given their price!). It is frustrating that you have to wait, and some people may not be willing to do so.

I was one of them - and I switched and purchased the larger 4G 20 gig iPod instead. The interface for both is practically the same. But since I purchased it through Apple's Education program for college students, the price difference between the 4G and the mini is only $40. Not bad when you consider the 5x storage capacity and 50% longer battery charge.

I have only had it for a day, but with iTunes software, it took me less than 15 minutes to transfer my (admittedly small) music collection to the iPod and off I went. I am a PC user and this has to be one of the easiest user experiences I have had in a while on the PC - just install the software, plug in the iPod and the software does the rest!

One word of caution. Out of the box, the battery had about 50% charge. You should charge it to full capacity (that is, until the iPod tells you it is "fully charged" on the screen) and then run it down completely so that the battery is fully depleted (it shuts of and can no longer be turned on). Then charge it back up to full charge again. This is called one full charge cycle. You can now start using your iPod regularly. It is also recommended to repeat this process at least once a month. Keeps the battery healthy for a longer time, especially important since you can't change the battery yourself - and Apple charges you $100 to replace it.

Reviewed by: roomwithaview from MA on Sep 15, 2004

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: small, stylish, unique, functionality, improved battery life over previous generations, click wheel easy to use, beautiful backlight, fast file transfers, good sound

Weaknesses: lacks case, almost impossible to avoid scratches, dock is extra $$$, click wheel doesn't light up, cost of accessories adds up

Summary: once you get over the fact that this precious little machine cannot avoid being scratched, the true enjoyment begins. there's no feeling quite like having your entire music collection in the palm of your hand.

after a few days of use, everything feels solid and worth the hefty price tag. the click wheel works intuitively and the menus are quite easy to navigate. the on-the-go playlist feature is very handy. file syncing with itunes is very quick - both over firewire and usb 2.0. i believe i managed something like 10gb (around 2000 songs) in approximately an hour.

it's just so cool to look at the ipod. to me, it looks smaller in real life than in pictures. unfortunately all surfaces of the ipod are quite susceptible to scratches but after the first day or two i managed get over it. i guess the bottom line is i bought this to listen to music, not to showcase in a display case. get a decent case to protect the ipod from the most egregious blemishes and be done with it.

Reviewed by: DigantJariwala from TX on Sep 30, 2004

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Simple but powerful interface, lots of accessories, elegant design, lots of storage for more than just songs

Weaknesses: Still poor battery life compared to competitor offerings, mine stopped working after 6 weeks

Summary: (Edited October 07th by DigantJariwala) My iPod stopped responding after just 6 weeks of use. It suffered from flaky performance from the minute I got it - poor batter performance (max 2 hours, even with conservative use), sometimes would stop responding completely, hard disc whine, etc. I have sent it back to AppleCar - hopefully they will send out a replacement - I would not want to spend all this money and receive the same defective product back. I have still waiting on a response from Apple.

Having said that, when it was working like it was supposed to, it was the best MP3 player I had the pleasure of using (hence the 4-star rating). The interface combined with the iTunes software is a killer combination that the competition has yet to better! I will update here once I hear back from Apple - hopefully my defective unit gets replaced with a new one.

Update: Apple sent back the same iPod but it now seems to be working properly. I have no idea what was done - if anything - to fix the problem. Total turnaround time from my sending it in to receiving it back was two weeks. I hope I am just an anomaly (as the glowing reviews here indicate), but I am just glad I purchased the extended warranty. Apple still should give some indication of what was wrong or what was fixed on the unit. But nothing. So my rating stands at 4-stars and I would still recommend the iPod - just buy the warranty.

Reviewed by: lisawells from NY on Sep 25, 2004

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Large capacity, small size, elegant interface, ease of use

Weaknesses: Battery cannot be changed by user, expensive

Summary: As is true of so many Apple products, the iPod was ridiculously easy to set up initially. Syncing my music and contacts from my home computer to the iPod periodically is effortless.

I own a discman, but I never used it much--too much trouble. Now I can say my life has changed. It has a soundtrack. Buying the iPod was an indulgence I haven't regretted for a second.

The click wheel really does make for easy one hand operation.

If you can afford it and your CD collection is large, consider springing the extra $100 for the 40GB. I'm squeeking against the ceiling now and, although nobody could need to carry around more than 20GB of music at a time, there's something so satisfying in knowing that it's my entire collection in there. And so convenient, in that I don't have to pick and choose what goes in or out.

Reviewed by: wparker0198 from OH on Dec 21, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Everything about the apple iPod 20gb is good! Very Durable and easy to use. Works With WINDOWS!

Weaknesses: the back of the ipod can get pretty dirty, no fm radio, Cost $99 to get battery replaced.

Summary: This thing rocks. Highly Reccomended! the apple ipod is great. It is really worth the 300 bucks to get it. It has good sound quailty. If the apple ipod is to expensive for you then i reccomend the mini or the dell DJ or dell pocket dj.

Reviewed by: LuckyLuke on Nov 10, 2004

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: best looking MP3. Smooth, sleek, solid, ease of use.

Weaknesses: price. Need case for scratch and fingerprints protection.

Summary: The only debate on this product is "can I afford it?" and nothing else. However, consider only $50 more from Creative's Zen and almost the same as Dell's hence no brainer it's the winner.

Strongly suggest buying the case ASAP. The back shiny metal case kept all your fingerprints and scratched easily as mentioned by many other owners.

Dropped on the tile floor and nothing changed. My heart stopped for minutes and said "there goes $300+!" Small scratch and dent in the corner where it hit the floor. May be the leather case kept it from breaking apart. Please don't try this with yours. lol.

My 8 yr-old picked it up and used it w/o any instruction from me, nor any prior experience with MP3 players.

iTunes installation and connection was done by my 11 yr-old. However, it doesn't download album cover (images) on your existing collection. Only those you buy from Apple. While Microsoft Windows Media Player will download every album cover for your entire collection. Hear that Apple?

Was worry about the battery that I can't replace myself but I figured this will last 2 years and by that time my daughter will want whatever new thing available instead of carrying 2yrs old device connected to her ears. lol. It may be the phone/PDA/DVD/MP5 combo with 500 GB... 2 years is a long time...

The biggest secret ingredient of this device, and the key selling point for me to justify the cost, was that I used it as my digital camera pictures storage on vacation. Before, I have to carry my laptop to download pics from the camera. With this, no laptop is needed. ONly need to buy the Belkin Media Reader, or Belkin USB Link (they're same size as iPod). If you have a lot of music, may consider the 40GB. Better yet, jump to iPod Photo 60GB. They weren't available when I bought mine and I was going to a cruise vacation so I need it bad. lol. Otherwise, I may holding the iPod Photo instead (wishful thinking...)

Hope this help.

BTW, Apple products are solid but Apple.com is the opposite. Stay away from it.

Reviewed by: hnymustprtzl from CA on Nov 15, 2004

Experience: 4 Days

Strengths: long battery life, fast uploading (2500 songs in 30 mins), make playlists on ipod, looks spiffy

Weaknesses: not quite reliable---probably a good idea to get extended warranty

Summary: overall, a very good product. extremely easy to navigate (just make sure you label your songs in itunes good, the more intricate data the better organization in ipod). playlists on the go are actually very handy and useful, not to mention pretty easy to make. other generations had less capacity and battery life for the same price and this comes with even more features. an excellent mp3 player, and very impressive (in performance and visually) compared to similar products.

Reviewed by: lschutz from MI on Dec 26, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Great looking, click wheel is the class of mp3 players, great software for organizing music, size and form are ideal for a 20Gb, long list of optional extras.

Weaknesses: Still one of the highest priced mp3 units, extras are high priced, standard earbuds are adequate, but not high quality.

Summary: Clearly the class of mp3 players. The Ipod in pearl white is still a classic look. The sound quality and ease of use of the G4 click wheel are best in class. Very nice and compatible appearing extras, such as the Griffin Itrip are available online; some are even reasonably priced. The 20Gb Ipod is a bit large for exercising, but fine for walking or travel. The mini would be fine for exercising. I purchased a Creative Nomad Muvo2 for exercising. It is smaller and lighter than the mini, but the screen, controls and software and not nearly as good.

Reviewed by: bochan7 from CA on Sep 25, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: it is probably the best designed mp3 player in its class and not to mention the lightest i've ever had

Weaknesses: weakness is the battery life, although an improvement, still lacking a bit.

Summary: (Edited October 02nd by bochan7) When i first wanted to buy it, there were some setbacks, but after finally purchasing it, i do not regret buying it at all. Not only is it good for my music, but its my hard drive that i carry around for my projects.

Reviewed by: cotto from IL on Oct 8, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Size, ease of use, easy to read display

Weaknesses: iTunes finicky, will not allow transfer of files back to PC. It also requires you to keep all music on PC and will erase your iPod if you don't and use AutoSync.

Summary: I am very pleased with this unit's simplicity and size. It is much smaller than the Archos Jukebox I was using and easier to use. Files are managed by "tags" and this is nice-you just need to famaliarize yourself with ID3 tags to get the most out of it. I recomend getting a third party progam such as Anapod to manage you files. With iTunes, you cannot move files off of the iPod and cannot access them through Windows explorer. Getting another program greatly increased my experience with this great player.

Reviewed by: kchoi10 from NY on Aug 18, 2004

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Compact size, easy to navigate

Weaknesses: Battery life no where near 12 hours, no remote

Summary: I am please with the new IPOD. It is the smallest 20GB MP3 player currently in the market, but that comes at a price. The click wheel is very sensitive. I have to lock the unit, otherwise I would accidentially adjust the volume when I put it in my pocket. I have drained the battery twice and at most I got 8 hours per charge. I have no idea how Apple came up with 12 hours playtime.

Reviewed by: zachnny from NY on Aug 10, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: navigation system and battery life of 4th generation is improved over previous versions.

Weaknesses: need to buy a case or risk scratching fragile casing.

Summary: I also own a 30GB 3rd generation iPod, and bought the 20GB for my wife as a birthday present. I'm impressed with the new clickwheel. With my old iPod, it's very hard to manipulate the controls when it's in a case. I'm also hopeful that the battery in the new iPod will not deteriorate as quickly over time as is the case with previous versions.

Reviewed by: Michelenman from TX on Nov 29, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: It can hold alot of music It has a sleek design Attractive Lots of accesories Good Discounts available Backlit USB 2.0

Weaknesses: Bad Headphones for such a good piece of equipment The back can scratch without proper protection NO DOCK!!

Summary: This is a great buy because it is so stylish and it can hold an insane amount of music. This works well with I tunes and other programs.

Reviewed by: uplate on Aug 24, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Very compact, very easy to use, very good sound quality - almost CD-like. The click-wheel (just like the ipod mini) is really intuitive.

Weaknesses: You do have to "lock" when the unit is not in use, since the controls are so easy to brush. The battery is picky and needs to be charged and maintained with care (it's not user-serviceable).

Summary: (Edited August 25th by uplate) I chose the 20 GB model (~5000 songs), since by the time I filled it up I'd want to buy the next generation model, right? I also chose the 4th generation ipod instead of the 3rd generation to get the longer battery life (12 over 8 hours).

The price has dropped, but the dock and remote are no longer included, or the case for that matter. (Apple sells a nice, reasonably-priced InCase sleeve right now that fits great.) I don't think the dock and remote are truly needed, so it's a price drop for me.

It's great enough to want to use every day. It's becoming affordable enough to not be afraid to take out of the house. It's versatile in that it accepts many file formats. It works with Mac (firewire) and PC (USB 2.0 cable, which is now included.) It's certainly fashionable.

You get the best results if your operating system is up-to-date on your computer, so check the requirements carefully at the Apple.com site or you could be disappointed with performance.

Reviewed by: gmizuiri from CA on Sep 23, 2004





Reviewed by: claudia120 from CA on Oct 16, 2004

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: cool look, good design and light weight

Weaknesses: scatch the surface easily

Summary: (Edited October 21st by claudia120) I just received my ipod about 2 days ago. I have found out that it is very easy to use and get use to the function. I can say, simple and easy. You don't really need to look at the guide book and easy to find the solution. I really love it and I would recommand people to buy it. The size is very small and easy to put in your pocket and carry it. Good mp3 player.

Reviewed by: mvillano from GA on Aug 12, 2004

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: size and usuabilty is consistent with 4th generation product; simple, clean and elegant user interface

Weaknesses: Price,Limited accessory and sealed battery

Summary: Opening the box itself was a Zen like experience. Yah, sound like corny but each piece is wrapped carefully and nested like egg like carton for each pieces. The main box unfolds into a two box with middle as a hinge. So from the beginning from the packaging down to main iPod exudes style and functionality. iPod size and usability is consistent with 4th generation product; simple, clean and elegant. The iPod click wheel is great which makes navigation a breeze. I only have 300 odd songs and click wheel navigation makes it intuitive. I donĄŻt think there is any thing out there that can match current iPod in any area except price. I expect some competition from Sony close to Christmas. So far nothing comes close to iPod. Lastly, as an old Mac user, I am happy to see familiar Mac font lives on the iPod. If iPod has any weakness, they are price and limited accessory included in the $300 for 20 G model. iPod only comes with just the basic and no more. It supposed to have longer battery life but iPod unit remains sealed

Reviewed by: BJ2100 on Dec 27, 2004

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: NONE

Weaknesses: Battery, Size, Price...

Summary: I bought a Ipod from reading all the reviews I thought I was getting the best player, that one could get at this point in time. Boy was I wrong, after about a week the battery died, there went another hundred bucks... The size is too big I wanted something smaller but since the thing got such good reviews I went with it... The price is too much for it I can buy an external HD 200 GB for around $250 bucks. this is 20 GB for $400... Anyway who in the world can manage 20 GB of music and has time to listen to it all...? If you get anything over 2 G on a MP3 player its just throwing away your money...

Reviewed by: gretnaweaver from PA on Nov 21, 2004

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: ease of use, sound quality, iTunes, better battery life, and bright backlight

Weaknesses: no dock, scratches easily

Summary: when i first got mine i put all of my songs on it and ran a marathon and i did my best time and qualityied for the boston marathon in april

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