iPAQ H4150 PDA (400MHz, 64MB, SD/MMC Card, Pocket PC 2003) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Hp (hewlett-packard)
Model: FA174A
Installed Memory: 64
Operating System: Microsoft Pocket PC 2003
Backlit Display: Yes
Average User RatingAverage User RatingAverage User Rating: Number of User Reviews: 9

Reviewed by: imperium999 from CA on Oct 27, 2004

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Small. Fast. Dual Wireless. Good build quality. Great screen. Has yet to be topped by any other unit, including HP's new line of PPCs.

Weaknesses: None really. Cradle is a little tricky. Only QVGA resolution. No camera. (these are not really weaknesses).

Summary: I bought this PPC a few months ago to replace my absurdly large Sony NX73V, which ran the Palm OS. It is my seventh PDA. I always preferred the Pocket PC operating system because it was more powerful and robust. However, more powerful and robust means it eats battery power much faster than Palm OS PDAs. I left the Pocket PC world in favor of Palms because of the battery life of my old iPAQ. This is the very first Pocket PC I've owned that I didn't have to worry about charging every night. I can leave it on standby, and with around 10 minutes of usage a day (average), I only have to charge it about once a week. The wireless works flawlessly with my home WiFi network (which is 802.11g). I never have to wait for the processor to catch up. I can see how other reviewers have trouble with the cradle, but these people are probably used to other cradles that you can just 'drop' or 'slide' in the unit. This one you have to carefully place in the cradle, which is a little unnerving when you're in a hurry. I find it to be no big deal. People have also complained about a 'yellowish' hue on the display when you tilt it up and down. I really had to look to see it, and I never would have noticed it had I not already known it was an issue. I find this to be no big deal either. The display on this screen is only Quarter VGA (QVGA), and there are a few units out there with full VGA screens at this point, but it's not an issue for me, especially since you're going to pay upwards of $250 more for that feature alone (in Oct. 2004). There's no camera like on more recent units, but frankly most users are on the fence as to whether they want one or not. Many corporate environments have banned phones and PDAs with cameras, so lots of us users don't want that 'feature' anyway. With an excellent form factor, this is the most 'pocketable' Pocket PC you can get. In conclusion, this is the best PDA I've ever owned and is currently the best bang-for-the-buck Pocket PC on the market. I wholeheartedly recommend this unit. You will not be dissapointed!

Reviewed by: wh2tby from TX on Jun 15, 2004

Experience: 5 Weeks

Strengths: Size, Wi Fi, Bluetooth and Feature set

Weaknesses: Cradle design, OS stability and complexity

Summary: I have owned almost all types of PDA from PSIONs to the first Pilots, to the first Pocket PCs from HP to the lastest PALM Tungsten T3 and this iPAQ 4155. I even had an ATARI Portfolio!! This is the first Pocket PC based PDA I have used that seriously gives PALM a run for their money. PALM based PDAs are easier to use. I have a Tungsten T3 which I would still be using as my primary PDA if it had WIFI. The iPAQ 4155 has all the features and the latest iteration of the OS is much more stable. It is still not as easy to use as the PALM but it has better 3rd party applications and better integration with Windows (the ability to sync with two machines is particularly useful), however you cannot use it with a MAC and the continued insistence of Microsoft refusing to support anything other than WIndows is a major issue for me. Size and WiFi are the best features. The PALM T3 is bulky and lacks Wi Fi in comparison but has a better screen and is easier to use. The cradle design for the iPAQ is poor and it is easy to damage the connector since it is not foolproof and you must be careful inserting the iPAQ into the cradle. It still requires a large number of keystrokes to get to the applications and some of the OS features are not easy to find. It is your choice but this is the best Pocket PC based PDA I have seen and can be recommended to anyone who is totally commited to a Microsoft environment. If you want easy of use, better screen and easy integration with MAC, LINUX and Windows use a PALM.

Reviewed by: dutchmaster on Aug 5, 2004

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: petite, good screen, intuitive OS.

Weaknesses: a little pricy

Summary: The setup was easy & painless, including loading ActiveSync onto the desktop. The display is a joy to view and though I am still learning about its capabilities, I see where it will be indispensable in a short period of time. It is small enough to easily fit in a coat pocket so it can go everywhere with me. I am very pleased so far.

Reviewed by: copgam from VA on Jan 1, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Light weight, attractive, wifi, and bluetooth

Weaknesses: Cradle design

Summary: (Edited January 01st by copgam) I had a problem with the last Pocket PC I purchased from Best Buy with a service plan two years ago and this model was given to me to replace my older version in the same price range. This is night and day ... I guess technology has come a long way. This product is a fraction of the size of my old one and does not require a separate card for wireless internet. Despite the poor cradle design, this product is among the best in its category and I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful and attractive pocket pc. This is a five star product.

Reviewed by: pmalay from CT on Aug 2, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Wireless capabilities. Hi-Fi and Bluetooth I love them.

Weaknesses: Location of IrDA is very incovenient. Docking to the cradle is tricky.

Summary: Got this toy couple of weeks ago. My first Windows PDA. Been a fan of Palm OS. But didn't find anything in the Palm world matching the capabilities of HP 4150. I tried Sony TH-55 and after realizing it doesn't support Bluetooth, I got rid of it. Overall its a great first experience. Docking to the cradle could have been simpler. You have to slide it at an exact angle and the docking station has very low fault tolerance for this. Activesync setup process can be gruesome if you want to sync it with more than one computers or sync it in more than one ways. I would truly love to get my hands on 6315 though....

Reviewed by: yaz on Dec 6, 2003

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: Light, thin form factor. Bright color screen. SDIO slot, on-board Wi-Fi.

Weaknesses: Cradle poorly designed, no holster, some programs not loading, no support for product on HP site yet.

Summary: I bought the Toshiba e740 last year and was sorely disappointed. Buggy, bulky, and poor support from Toshiba. I thought I was going to correct all that with the Ipaq 4150. It is light and has some nice features. However, the cradle is poorly designed. There is no holster, I think rediculous for $400. Some programs are not loading, and there is no support for the model on HP web site, at least to my knowledge. Wish I had waited for or found something else more reliable.

Reviewed by: private from CA on Jul 22, 2004

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: Built-in wireless, very quick opening files + programs, tiny.

Weaknesses: Cradle design!

Summary: I've owned my H4150 for about a week now. I was using a HP Jornada before this...still love HP PDA's. Nothing to complain about as far as performance, features and reliability are concerned. Setup is quick and easy. Only downside to this PDA is its cradle...must be carefull inserting unit into cradle (does not insert easilly) and I'm afraid to brake something everytime!!!

Reviewed by: dindia on Jul 21, 2004

Experience: 8 Months

Strengths: thinnest, lightest pda with all the features, quick processor, reasonable price, windows based (mine doesnt freeze like the others, but then again i dont use it as a laptop like they probably are)

Weaknesses: Screen colour looks off compared to the 2200 series, not a big deal but its something

Summary: I've owned this pda a few months now and havn't had major issues with it. Wifi is great, bluetooth same, easy to setup and get connected, HP did a really solid job with the 4150. Great investment!

Reviewed by: online_buyer_since_1996 from FL on May 31, 2004

Experience: 6 Months

Strengths: Size, WiFi

Weaknesses: un-stable environment. IE freezes when connecting to WiFi. Battery life.1 hour.

Summary: (Edited March 30th by online_buyer_since_1996) 1- This machine is not well designed. Its navigation buttons are very stiff. It will hurt your fingers to use the middle navigation button.
2- Initially, IE freezed when connecting to WiFi or Bluetooth. I had to do three (3) hard resets.
If you are not an expert on this OS watch Pocket PCs might be an undiscovered country until you spend sometime to learn it.

3- Battery life with wireless connection on is less than 1 hour.

On the other hand, it is still the best sized Pocket PC. Its wi-fi capability, when configured properly, might be very functional.

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