Rutland 503 Windcharger

Rutland 503 Windcharger Manufacturer: Marlec
- Features
- Safety turbine protected by an outer ring
- Trickle charges in windspeeds as low as 5 Knots
- Produces 25w in 19 Knots
- Produces up to 60W, nominally 5A 12V in 50 Knots
- Stainless steel fasteners and marine grade materials
- 500mm turbine diameter
- Compact turning radius of just 225mm
- Generate free electricity from the wind

Recharge your batteries with this environmentally friendly windcharger from the renowned Marlec engineering company. The Rutland 503 is a unique mini windcharger ideally suited for trickle charging battery banks of up to 100Ah. Originally designed with the weekend yachtsman in mind, this compact and cost-effective windcharger will find other uses in many applications where an alternative energy source is required, such as caravans, etc. No radiated interference - complies fully with BS EN5008-1 1992.

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