Classic Road Angel Accessories

- A range of optional accessories for the Classic Road Angel GPS Safety Device

Some vehicles are enhanced with a UV protected windscreen. This protection may block the GPS signal on which the Road Angel depends. If this is the case with your vehicle, you will need to purchase a re-radiating aerial. This aerial will also allow the user to mount the unit in a more discreet area within the vehicle rather than on the dashboard. The aerial is powered via a 12V cigar lighter plug, with an additional socket built in to enable you to power the Road Angel unit as well. For the motorcyclist, there is the option of the motorcycle kit, which includes a fitting bracket and hard-wire kit. Note : The Road Angel is not weather-proof, and therefore we recommend that you ensure that the unit is sufficiently protected from the elements should you wish to use it in the rain.

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  • Color Weatherproof IR Camera
  • Black and White Bullet Camera with 3.6mm Lens
  • Monochrome Wired Exit Sign Video Security Camera
  • ProVideo by CSI/Speco B & W Covert Camera Inside Functioning Ceiling Speaker
  • Wireless Hidden Color Exit Sign Video Security Camera
  • CCTV C/CS Mount Lenses
  • Portable Memory (various)
  • B & W Board Camera with Infrared LEDs
  • Eyeball Pinhole Video Security Camera
  • Professional dome cameras - for work or home
  • External Li-Ion Battery for Cameras & Camcorders
  • Security Camera Product