Zire 72 PDA (312MHz, 32MB, SD/MMC Card, Palm OS v5.2.8) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Palmone
Model: P80722US
Installed Memory: 32
Operating System: Palm OS
Backlit Display: Yes
Average User RatingAverage User Rating: Number of User Reviews: 27

Reviewed by: divinity09 from FL on Sep 19, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Very attractive, excellent mac-bluetooth setup and function, excellent overall function and thoughtfully laid out.

Weaknesses: Some quality issues (D-pad doesn't seem to want to 'press'), and I know the paint will come off eventually (but that doesn't really bother me that much).

Summary: So I struggled for awhile over buying this or the Tungsten T3 like a lot of people probably will, and I can say I made the right decision. First, this is newer than the T3, and right out of the box it works better with my powerbook than a T3 does. Next, you'll use the camera more than you think you would. It's like those stupid camera phones I complained about for so long until I had one and needed to take pictures of something. It's just great to have a camera on hand. No, it's not a 5 mp camera, but it's just for catching a quick image. Also, you can draw on the images once in your palm, and that is REALLY useful. I'm a medical student, and I can take a pic in the gross anatomy lab, and write notes right over it and use it a s a study aid later. Voice memo is very cool, and I've used it to record things I didn't have the time to write down, either from myself, or a lecturer. I've also recorded some study groups. I haven't used the mp3 abilities yet, but that's because I have an ipod which I'm married to. But I can see the usefulness of having it. If you just need to have one thing on you (camera, mp3, computer, etc.) than it might as well be this. The battery life is really wonderful if you don't use bluetooth alot. After a week my battery bar was still half full, and I was using it mostly as a datebook, notepad, and some picture taking. I was really impressed over this because you always hear how terrible the battery life is in these. I'm sure it will get worse after two years, but they always do, and that's really when you're going to buy a new one anyway.

Some people thing that it's bad that this model doesn't have a cradle, but if you think about it it's really inconvenient to travel with the cradle (are you going to put that in your bag too?) as opposed to the power cord + usb. When I travel, I can just take the power cord, because you don't really sync that much on the road, and you can backup to an sd card if you need to. If you do need to sync, and you have bluetooth then you don't need the usb cable because you can blutetooth-hotsync which really works quite marvelously. Regarding blutetooth in general, the range was less than I thought it would be (by a lot), but it works great. I installed Sailing Clicker onto my powerbook and palm, and it's really great because I can control iTunes in my house, and powerpoint and keynote presentations at school. Unbelievable how 1.)cool it is, and 2.)how dependent you can grow on it. It has caused me to have to reset my handheld once, but I think that was on the mac end, as my system is REALLY cluttered and my OS needs to be reloaded.

Finally, if you're wondering if you should get a handheld or not, I think it all depends on where you are in your life. I bought a Palm in 2000 because I thought they were so cool, and I imagined all the great things I could do with one. It was cool for a month, then I stopped using it as much and ended up using a notepad and pencil (which I loved) for the next three years. I was out $250.00. This summer I had so many appointments to meet, people to get in touch with, etc. that I had little pieces of paper all over, and it was time to organize a little better. I pulled out that old palm and put it to work. But the limitations REALLY stuck out from an older handheld (no expandability for medical software, and hotsyncing with my powerbook), and I knew this fall I would need to pony up for a new model. I thought long and hard about this one, and I can safely say I made the right decision for what I needed at this point in my life. And it ties in my digital hub pretty well, and the extra features (like the camera) were a convenience rather than a selling point. If you honestly thin you don't need bluetooth (which was a selling point to me) then get a Tungsten E. If you need something more 'professional' (looking), get the Tungsten T3, but I think anybody can get by with any of the models. Just be honest with yourself and your needs.

In closing, I love this handheld. Hope this helps!

Reviewed by: Boxcar_Hobo from TX on Aug 16, 2004

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: Stunning LCD display Fast processor Full-featured (camera, audio recording, organizer, etc) Light-weight (only 150grams) and compact

Weaknesses: Not compatible with many Palm accessories (cradle, etc) Not (yet) WiFi capable Poor build quality (paint flaking)

Summary: (Edited August 16th by Boxcar_Hobo) The Zire72 is a fun little multimedia PDA suitable for people who want to organize their daily activities and have a bit of fun along the way. I picked this PDA over the Sony Clie PEG37 because I liked its design and Bluetooh functionality.

Aside from its dazzling screen and vibrant colors, the Zire72 does not excel at any particular area. Take for example, the digital camera. It is suitable for taking the occasional picture outdoor, but it is completely useless indoors, as one would expect due to the lack of a flash. To be fair, however, it is still one of the best digital cameras you can find on a PDA. It's surprisingly convenient for making a 30-sec movie to email to family or friends using the camera.

The mp3 player is fine for listening to some mp3s, but if you're serious about your music, you would (and should) get an IPOD. Keep in mind that the sound output has a powerful gain. You will need a set of headphones with volume control.

Some people prefer WiFi over Bluetooh for accessing the Web. WiFi 802.11b is the protocol of choice right now for most internet access points (airports, etc). However, Bluetooth is more optimized for low-power wireless communication. I have a USB Bluetooth adapter and use my own PC as the internet access point. WiFi adapter cards will be available soon for the Zire72 so it will be both Bluetooth and WiFi capable.

The power consumption efficiency on the Zire72 is not great but not terrible. The Zire72 will run for about 3-4 hours with the screen on. Try turning off Bluetooth to save power.

Many people have reported that the first batch of Zire 72 have a terrible paint chipping problem. My fingers are crossed as I haven't owned it for very long yet. It is also somewhat inconvenient to use the carrying case that comes with the Zire. I wish Palm would go back to the Flip screens they used to have. Not using a case is not an option with such a fragile LCD. The Zire 71 LCD was notorious for cracking.

The Zire72 offers a little bit of everything and is definitely an upgrade over its predecessor. Don't expect it to replace your digital camera/IPOD, however. If you need work with mostly business applications, consider a PocketPC. Otherwise, the Zire 72 packs a ton of popular features in a stylish package. I am pretty satisfied with my purchase.

Reviewed by: lnstrong from NC on Jan 9, 2005

Experience: 45 Days

Strengths: Color display, mp3 player, camera, ease of sync

Weaknesses: no flash for camera, tone controls for mp3 player, cover for power, usb expansion card slot and ear phone plug

Summary: As a former Zire 21 owner, this was a major upgrade for me. It took me about a year to exceed the memory capability of the Zire 21 and with no expansion capability, I wanted something that has become very helpful in organizing my work, home and son's hockey activities. I didn't want to pay the amount ($299) for a PDA but with the $50 rebate, free 512MB SD card (with a $15 rebate) it was very hard to pass up. I have become a power PDA user, taking it everywhere with me. Having schedules, appointments, work documents to review at home, not to mention games and music all in one very conveient piece of electronic is simply fantasic. I really do not know how I ever got along without it. The built-in feautres and software alone is worth the price. Plus the combination of freeware and purchased software has satisfied all of my business and personal needs. I have looked and compared many of the Palm and PockePC PDA's and believe me, the color screen, sharpness and crispness of the characters will truly amaze you. And the ability to listen to music while you play many of the games available for the Palm or review my email and other documents from work has me patting myself on the back for purchasing the Zire 71. For the price, you can be a power PDA user without spending $400 of more.

Reviewed by: LittleBlue from NY on Jan 11, 2005

Experience: 20 Days

Strengths: Color Display & Brightness, Ease of Use and Nice add on software

Weaknesses: Camera could take better pictures

Summary: (Edited January 11th by LittleBlue) Upgraded from Palm Vx because of the fantastic display and ability to see and use it even in the dark.
From past experience of Palm turning on in my pocketbook, I purchased the hard case and problem has been solved, that is really the way to go (as this also adds extra protection to the camera lens).
I purchased mine from the Palm One site where they offered a limited edition Silver Metal model which I chose as I had heard about the problems of the blue paint chipping.
I would reccommend this Palm to everyone.

Reviewed by: zippy1000 from CA on Oct 27, 2004

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Good color, ease of use

Weaknesses: After 3 moths the AC connection broke. I had to call India where I couldn't get any follow up. Poor Tecnical support. I even have extended warranty.

Summary: Try a brand with better support. A friend has a HP and they have been very helpful Tech support is just as important as the product.

Reviewed by: bloodworked from TX on Jul 6, 2004

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Great PDA. Has everything that you could imagine on it already and is easily upgradable.

Weaknesses: After you own this PDA more than a week the blue grip flakes off and begins to look very bad.

Summary: It is good but the paint issue is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Functionally it is a 5, but overall, because of the look, it is a 4

Reviewed by: cabomix from CA on Aug 23, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Just like the older zire 71 but much better. Bluetooth. Better sound. Farly stable.

Weaknesses: No WIFI integrated, and has document's to go standard version instead of pro version. Lack of access for additional battery. Still locks up. Camera is too slow and low quality lens.

Summary: Sturdy and well behaved. So far no problems with the software, bluetooth works great with my cell phone siemens s56. IR works great transfering all kinds of information. Better louder sound but speakers aren't loud enough, yet.
I used to have the zire 71, and the new zire has improved everything that the old one did by far... But as all computer systems is not fail safe, yet.
For what it is accountable this zire deserves and excellent rating.

Reviewed by: jwong74 from IL on Dec 9, 2004

Experience: 8 Days

Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: Better with Hard Case

Summary: (Edited December 17th by jwong74) First own PDA, very nice and light. I Purchaed from Officedepot.com with 100 dollar rebate and 30 dollar instant offer. With this kind of price PDA, It's very worth. Bluetooth connection to my Nokia 6230 are perfect. Fast connecting with internet. Plus It have a lot of features what I don't except. Digital Camera on this device are clear and fast taking pictures. Weaknesses parts is. It should come with hard case and more onboard memory. I will add another 512mb of SD card memory. Over all I will recommended all of you who want PDA.

Reviewed by: stogner from SC on Nov 10, 2004


Strengths: Lots of functions, good price

Weaknesses: Battery can not be replaced

Summary: Palm builds product with batteries that cannot be replaced. Batteries regardless of technology need replacing within a year of purchase. I bought the Zire 71 and now the battery needs replacing but I cannot. I should have bought a Pocket PC. Every vendor of Pocket PC, Cell phone and MP3 player all understand that batteries don't last forever. Palm does not understand this and I will never buy another Palm.

Reviewed by: jessgmann on Aug 24, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Camera, mp3 player

Weaknesses: Word to go difficult, not enough memory must get expansion card

Summary: This pda looks cool with its blue face. There are a lot of customizable features as well. The camera is fun to use but not that practical really. The calendar is definitely the most used part. Before you buy, know that to really use its best features you must also own a bluetooth cellphone, and will need to buy an expansion card.

Reviewed by: DocPDA from ME on Jun 22, 2004

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: I really like the neoprene covering, it's very good when you're tired and your grip starts to fail. Fine camera that is quite underrated. The sound recorder is quite handy.

Weaknesses: It lacks wi-fi and a flash but that's about it. I don't have wi-fi access so wi-fi doesn't matter to me. The camera still takes excellent pictures in some very dimly lit areas without a flash.

Summary: I love this machine. It has everything that someone could want. The lack of wi-fi could be a problem but you've got bluetooth so it's not so bad. I don't use either so I don't mind. The camera is excellent and the voice recorder has excellent sound pickup. It's not bulky like the big boy Sonys (NZ-90, etc.) but it matches up pretty well in terms of features. I wish you could choose colors (chartreuse anyone?) of the outside covering (Palmone are you listening?). The blue is nice but I'm partial to kryptonite green myself. I tried this machine before I bought it and my choices were either this or the TJ-37. This unit has a higher resolution camera and was more ergonomic. The jogwheel (TJ-37) is offers excellent tactile feedback but the keypad becomes surprisingly intuitive in its own right after a minute or two.

There are some people who worry about scratching the lens of the camera (it's on the back) but if the unit sits in a coat pocket (remember to take your keys out first!) then this isn't likely to happen. I think that the idea is not to drop it on the floor. The neoprene gripping surface makes this less likely to happen.

I'm sure I made the right choice based on the features offered, the price and the design. This unit is winner.

Reviewed by: anklesmd from MD on Jun 21, 2004

Experience: 4 Days

Strengths: Speed, color, speed, camera, and speed.

Weaknesses: Wire sync and power cords aren't as nice as the cradle was.

Summary: The neon blue hardware is nice. The speed in this model is leaps and bounds better than any other palm or sony Clie I've used. Palm finally got the color screen working. The camera works suprisingly well, IF there is enough room light. The ability to take pictures in your Secure-Digital digicam and pop the card into the Palm for viewing is a great help. I would highly recommend getting an SD card, you'll use the camera more than you think!

Reviewed by: atlas48 from TX on Aug 10, 2004

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Color screen, high resolution, nice look and feel, camera, ease of use

Weaknesses: few, mainly lack of documentation

Summary: In many aspects I found this PDA to be a good buy. The only thing I didn't really want/need was the 1.2mp camera on the back. Starting up this was great and navigation was very easy. The main thing I disliked was the lack of instructions and indepth description of all the options that are available with contacts and the organizer/calendar. However, once you figure out the basic functions and abilities the PDA becomes enjoyable to use. It has a very comprehensive layout which allows the user to access contacts and insert appointments with ease. The overall battery life has been acceptable with daily use of just organizer(4-5days w/o charge). The camera is pretty reasonable quality with proper lighting. I have not yet used the realone player that is included. Overall I was pleased with the product and it has helped me keep track of appointments with a very stylish look.

Reviewed by: SECINST from CA on Oct 2, 2004

Experience: 45 Days

Strengths: Durability, Speed, Ease-of-use, Camera, Cost, audio recorder, High"Snazzy-ness factor"!

Weaknesses: No flip case, Needs longer Batt life, or changeable battery, the nav button is a bit finicky.

Summary: (Edited October 02nd by SECINST) My old Palm 505 crashed one morning, and by that afternoon I was out of my depth trying to work without my "auxillary brain". Several of my co-workers had new I-paq units, but I'm not completely sold on the windows system for PDAs, it seems too "bulky". I went to the local store and after much seaching settled on the Zire72. I had not done my research, but it seemed right.
I'm very glad I did. It was really the right decision. Price, function and options all seem to be right where I wanted them. I had no trouble setting it up in the docking computer, all of my old 505 settings went right to it. Didn't lose a thing! Well, almost,.. Some of my older games didn't make the transition very well, the new processor is too fast, and makes the application unuseable.
**WARNING** If you're an old time Palm user, and a superstar on the Grafitti interface, .. THEY've CHANGED IT!
"T's", "I's", "K's", "-" , and a bunch of punctuation are now different. WHEN DID THEY DO THIS? It causes some serious spelling errors. Also the Capital letter function is now WHERE you write the letter, not a function of upstroking the stylus prior to writing the capitol letter. Probably the most frustrating part of the whole conversion process!
Also, as a pet peeve, I think I'd really like a return to the days of being able to turn OFF the backlight if I don't need it, I don't always NEED brilliant color, and being able to change the battery if I'm remote and cant spare the time it takes to re-charge. One of my big power use's is the Palm reader, or electronic books function while I'm waiting in airports, or trying to get to sleep in hotels, and the old Palm IIIxe used to be able to handle 2-3 DAYS of use, now after 2-3 hours I cant use the palm again till I get to my luggage, retrieve my charger, and do without for an hour or so. Better to pop in 2 new AAAs and go!
At least they should make an aux power pack for us serious system users.
But all in all, all ranting aside, if you use your Palm 72 like most people it is a great, and I mean GREAT tool.
Unfortunatly I'll probably have to have one ,(or something like it ) for the rest of my life. It's already got too much in it for me to ever go back to just wetware memory alone.

Reviewed by: cbmcsamsam from CA on Jun 26, 2004

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: All in one handy PDA with a very slim design. Comes with a nice design carrying case as bonus. The software installation is simple and easy. The OS interface is direct and user friendly.

Weaknesses: The camera doesn't has enough protection for its len. The sound recording is not sensitive enough.

Summary: With the expansion slot, you can almost do everything with this handy PDA. But the light sensor is not sensitive enough when doing video shooting. For voice memo you have to press and hold the button during recording, and this is not covenient.

Reviewed by: cflewellen from OK on Nov 30, 2004

Experience: 7 Months

Strengths: I previously owned a Zire71 and unlike users complaining about the cradle I am happy I don't need all the extra clutter. The camera is definetly an improvement over Zire71.

Weaknesses: The biggest complaint I have is PalmOne rushed this model out and as a result did a terrible job with the paint flaking. Based on other users they had to be aware of the problem. This is a turnoff.

Summary: I called about my paint flaking problem and found PalmOne not to be helpful at all about resolving the problem. After paying $250.00 for a Zire71 and Zire72 within thirty to forty days of each other you would think they would work to accomodate you as a customer.

They wanted me to ship the Zire72 back to them and leave you completely without a unit, that was unacceptable since I depend so much on my PDA.

This thing goes everywhere I go, as a result if I had to replace this unit would I purchase again? No, lack of a battery and support.

Reviewed by: deresore from CA on May 15, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Internal Camera takes good little pics. Bluetooth works great for wireless internet, remote controlling, and HotSyncing. Doubles as an MP3 player and video player.

Weaknesses: When you plug in the head phones it is really really loud and you have to turn the volume way way down.

Summary: Overall a great buy with tons of integration into all sorts of things. I even set it up as the universal remote for my TV, Stereo, DVD, Satelite, VCR, and TiVo. I think that it is becoming attached to me.

Reviewed by: ds9er16 from CA on Oct 30, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Wonderful design, great compatibility with bluetooth phones (Tested with: Verizon - Motorola V710, Sony Ericsson T61c; Cingular/AT&T Wireless - Sony Ericsson T616, Nokia 3620).

Weaknesses: No protection for the camera unlike the Zire 71 (Zire 71 required you to slide the back panel down for camera usage).

Summary: I love the new bluetooth on the Zire 72, plain and simple. I have used it time and again to check and send e-mail with my Verizon Wireless phone acting as my internet connection.

The design of the PDA is superb. The only flaw lies in the lack of protection for the lens on the digital camera. The built-in memory is a bit low, but it doesn't take alot to get a compatible memory card for the video capture and MP3 music storage. The space on the PDA is sufficient for photos taken on the go. The pictures taken by the camera are rather nice in comparison to the Zire 71 or other PDA cameras. The lack of any optical zoom is the real limited factor with the Zire 72's digital camera, although the feature is hardly expected.

I've used the Zire 72 on both my PC and Mac and haven't had any issues when swapping the device between the pair of computers, which is something I've always liked about any PalmOS device. The ability to take a document done at home on a PC to the college campus and finish it up on a Mac is certainly a great thing and very convienent, not having any transfer or formatting bugs in the documents.

Definitely a recommended buy, especially if you're multiplatform or simply looking for a PDA with mobile power to work with your other devices (i.e. Bluetooth mobile phones).

Reviewed by: rgpai from NY on Oct 8, 2004


Strengths: Very attractive, excellent mac-bluetooth setup and function, excellent overall function and thoughtfully laid out.

Weaknesses: Some quality issues (D-pad doesn't seem to want to 'press'), and I know the paint will come off eventually (but that doesn't really bother me that much).

Summary: Sturdy and well behaved. So far no problems with the software, bluetooth works great with my cell phone siemens s56. IR works great transfering all kinds of information. Better louder sound but speakers aren't loud enough, yet.
I used to have the zire 71, and the new zire has improved everything that the old one did by far... But as all computer systems is not fail safe, yet.

For what it is accountable this zire deserves and excellent rating.

Reviewed by: sl795 from NY on Aug 27, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: The zire 72 is easy to use and can perform almost any function that you would want from a PDA.

Weaknesses: The camera is not the best, but for the price it is just fine.

Summary: I bought the zire 72 hoping that it would be the best all around buy for a PDA. I am very happy with my choice and would purchase it again if given the choice. It is extremely easy to use and accessories for it are easy to find online. The quality of the built in digital camera is not the best, but I did not buy the zire with that feature being the most important one. The camera is a nice extra feature, but don't expect the quality of a digital camera. Also if buying a keyboard, only the infrared wireless keyboards are compatable with the 72 model.

Reviewed by: elinecadena from MA on Sep 10, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Very good processor speed. Mp3 player, voice recorder. 1.2 Megapixel camera including video capture.

Weaknesses: No cover lens. Design: you have no choice. There is only a model in Blue Color. It doesn't include headphones and memory card.

Summary: It's an excellent organizer, besides the other features as Mp3 player, voice recorder, good quality camera.
There is no cover lens, but the hard case for Zire 72 (not included) protect it while leaves it easily accessible through a sliding door.
There is only the blue color model, but it's a nice blue.
The Mp3 kit from PalmStore (headphones, memory card, card reader) is very expensive, but you can purchase it much cheaper if you look for these pieces in other stores.

Reviewed by: mba33i from WA on Jul 16, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Lot's of features.

Weaknesses: The fading color of the shell.

Summary: Lots of features compare to most. I mean alot of the pdas doesn't come with that much for $250. This one comes with most things that you will need in your everyday life.

Reviewed by: Rigidy from OH on Jul 11, 2004

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: Everything it is awesome! The camera the speed the reliabilty. I love this thing. I bought it because i am on the road and I have a bluetooth phone to go with it so I can check E-mail.

Weaknesses: Palm Ones Phone driver support. My phone is only 3 weeks old and there is no driver for it yet. Need to be quicker with getting Drivers out.

Summary: I couldn't be happier with this thing. I took a big rick because I wanted a PDA with Windows on it but I said no and bought the Palm Zire 72! It has Real one for my MP3's, it has a great camera. I couldn't be happier I highly reccomend this palm it has EVERYTHING that you could want!

Reviewed by: ebox_jc on Oct 4, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: The LED color is good. Also the it is fast. Useing 256 MB SD card was good.

Weaknesses: Touchpad too sensitive. The original style very poor. The battery could not enough to useing as like a business man. The paint of case was very easy to damage.

Summary: It is a good PDA to use. Just my feeling. The battery was poor then before model. It is maybe the media and the color screen use too much power. I need charge everynight. But it is a good thing. When I charging, I will backup my data to my computer. also to the SD card. I feel bad of the paint of the case. I just own it for two weeks. It is look like a little bit ugly. I think I will take off the all paint next week. I think it is will look like different.

Reviewed by: xsli77 from OH on Nov 12, 2004

Experience: 11 Days

Strengths: good design and lots of function

Weaknesses: seems that battery can't be replaced and power is too easy to turn on when it supposed to be off

Summary: This is a very cute little machine with good design and lots of function, including but not limit to, using as low end camera, playing MP3 and using as an organizer etc. with this many functions, at the same time, you still find that there is no problem to use it
but I thought their design has some problem, first, I still didn't figure out how to change battery, and second, a small touch of any button will turn on power, which I think is not very good for power reservation.

so, I rate three out of five for this product, a fair value

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