Xceltronix Announces AutoCloser: Device Cuts Crime by Automatically Closing an Open Garage Door
AutoCloser attaches to an existing garage door opener and senses when the door is open. The device's timer then initiates a door closing sequence in five (5) minutes if the door is still open. Police departments regularly report that 40-60% of home thefts and robberies occur when the garage door is left open. Thus, AutoCloser increases home security when a family member forgets to close the door.

Plano, TX (PRWEB) December 2003--Xceltronix, Inc. today announced the introduction of AutoCloser, the 24/7 Garage Door Guardian. The electronic device attaches to a homeowner?s existing garage door operator (motor) and senses when the garage door is open. After a user prescribed time (2 to 20 min. with a 5 min. default), the device continuously beeps during a cycle that partially closes the door, reopens it, and then closes the door completely.

In a typical scenario, a homeowner leaves home for work or shopping and forgets to hit the remote door closer. Or perhaps school-age children open the door to play and then move to a different part of the neighborhood, leaving the garage open, unattended, and vulnerable.

According to Gregg Irvin, President of Xceltronix, AutoCloser was designed to solve the open garage door problem. ?We noticed that neighbors routinely forgot to close their garage doors. We learned from the local police department that 60% of home burglaries and thefts occur due to homeowners who inadvertently forgot to close their garage door. We verified this problem with numerous Police Department Crime Prevention Reports in every region of the United States.?

Xceltronix, an electronic design company, developed the AutoCloser solution after careful study of garage door technologies. After multiple generations of product development, the company achieved an easy-to-install solution that requires 20-30 minutes. AutoCloser does not override or interfere with any of the safety mechanisms on the operator. Once installed, the device operates seamlessly with the garage door.

The device incorporates special infrared sensors and innovative design architecture to sense when the door is open. The device?s internal timer immediately begins and unless interrupted by the normal remote closer, initiates the door closing process. For homeowners who want garage access while doing yard work or other activities, an override button allows them to leave the door open. When the homeowner closes the door, it automatically reactivates the automatic closing function in AutoCloser.

The company is marketing the product through a network of garage door dealers. According to Irvin, ?Garage door dealers recognize that whenever a local resident leaves a open garage door, it invites property crimes and home invasions. As responsible members of their communities, garage door dealers are helping homeowners and their local police departments prevent and reduce robbery and theft in their communities. The company estimates that installed dealer prices will range up to approximately $150, depending on the locale.

About Xceltronix

Xceltronix is an electronics design firm that specializes in the design and development of embedded, real-time systems for commercial and consumer products. Established in 1996, Xceltronix is located in Richardson, Texas, just south of the Telecom Corridor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Our talented engineering team has experience in hardware, firmware and software development, as well as system integration and test.

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