XRay Vision Software - Watch your Home from Work!
The amazing XCam2 with XRay Vision software enables you to transmit LIVE color video to your PC and send digital snapshots to any remote PC via the Internet! It's the ultimate way to view everything that's happening at your home/office remotely! The secret to this earth-shattering technology is an incredibly powerful software interface. It uses the included sleek USB converter to capture and manage images from any X10 Wireless Internet Camera, and make them available to you remotely - either through an Imagebase or via e-mail! It's a complete kit!

When XRay Vision detects motion, it can automatically email you a snapshot to your work email address! You'll see exactly what's going on!

The way you view images is entirely customizable. You can set the software (locally or remotely) to update you with new images every 10 seconds or every 2 hours. You can even have it take an Internet Camera snapshot only if it detects motion! You use the remote viewer on your work PC (free download) or if you're away on vacation, you can have XRay Vision update a web site with new images or email the images to you!

Webcam Kit Components XRay Vision Features

  • Internet Camera with XRay Vision works right out of the box
  • Internet Camera with XRay Vision doesn't require you to add cards to your computer!
  • Internet Camera with XRay Vision connects to your computer's USB port
  • Internet Camera with XRay Vision sets up in minutes (hassle-free)
  • Internet Camera with XRay Vision offers hands-free operation
  • Internet Camera features a 2.4GHz transmitter (sharp & clear)
XRay Vision doesn't even require a permanent Internet connection! Pre-set XRay Vision to recognize your specified "ring", and with a call to your PC at home, XRay Vision will automatically connect to the Internet and send images using your current Internet provider!

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