Worlds Best to Feature Foster Rad

Foster Rad provides Laser Engineering Exhaust Systems to motorsport enthusiasts, and markets the LASER product line exclusively

Deerfield Beach, FL May 7, 2005 -- New Line Media Solutions is pleased to announce the selection of Foster Rad for its innovative, educational television series, World's Best. The company will be featured in a segment on "Performance Exhaust Systems" in the Sportbike Performance Series.

Foster Rad is partner with the Laser Engineering Company that provides Laser Engineering Exhaust Systems to motorsport enthusiasts. Foster Rad markets the LASER product line exclusively and is dedicated to providing superior customer satisfaction, excellent dealer development and live technical support. Its main value is to serve motorcyclists and inspire with excellence.

The Laser systems for automobiles, motorcycles, scooters and SuperSide sidecar racers are made from the world's finest materials. They are unbending, high-quality, high-performance exhaust systems which supply enthusiasts with new technology, dynamic styling and enhanced performance. Their fit, function and durability are designed to endure years of demanding use.

Foster Rad, based in Queens, NY, through its entrepreneurial spirit and values, for the past 29 years has maintained its passion for innovative designs and fine craftsmanship with close attention to the customers' needs.

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