Wireless Security Camera System Protects My Home and Family

Finally, a home security system that is worth the investment made to make it work right for my home. I have installed X10 wireless security cameras throughout the perimeter of my house to keep my family safe and protect my property from those who want to have something for nothing. A combination of 3 - XCam2 InstantON WideEye Security System Cameras (on the pan and tilt Ninja mount) and 1 motion detector camera (with the two flood lights) gives us the feeling of knowing what is going on outside without the intrusion of people peeking in on our inside.

The ultimate addition to this Wireless Home Security Camera System was the purchase of the Firecracker and MultiView software for my Dell computer. This sharp program gives me the control I need to do it right.

Now I have a 24/7 Security Camera System equal to the best I have seen for a fraction of the price. The transceiver switches between the designated four security cameras and does so reliably and according to the settings placed on the program. Now I can tape my security cameras on my VCR with the cameras switching to cover all areas and providing me with a total feeling of knowing it is all covered on tape in case I need to show it to the local law enforcement agencies if my perimeter is violated.

The quality, sharpness and the reliability of the Wireless Home Security Camera System gives me confidence that when I am asleep or away from the home, we are able to provide a reasonable level of deterrence to protect our home.

The Wireless Home Security Camera System works well with or without motion detectors. Since I can switch the frequency of the wireless security cameras, I can see all areas almost simultaneously with minimum interference. I highly recommend this Wireless Home Security Camera System for anyone who desires a sound and inexpensive method of protecting their home or work shop. I have truly enjoyed setting this system up to satisfy my needs and I am sincerely thankful for the online technical assistance that I have been provided by X10 since my purchases.

Starting with 1 camera and 1 receiver, I have built a system that works and does what I expected it to do and not have to take out a loan from the bank to do it.

Thanks to high quality workmanship and low cost prices, I can afford to protect my family and property.

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