Wireless Web Cam Features

Using a Wireless Web cam just got a lot easier with the XCam2, a tiny camera that can transmit LIVE COLOR video up to 100 feet. The XCam2 wireless web cam integrates a color analog video camera and 2.4-GHz transmitter into a single device that is smaller than a golf ball. You can add multiple cameras and scan between the cameras like changing channels on your TV! Learn more about how it works.

Wireless Web cam is tiny, portable, and fits anywhere!

  • Wireless Web Cam lets you talk to friends on the Internet!
  • Wireless Web Cam lets Grandma watch the kids playing
  • Wireless Web Cam lets you check on your house while on vacation
  • Wireless Web Cam lets you monitor the store from home
  • Wireless Web Cam lets you see who stopped by while you were gone

Wireless Web Cam sets up in only 5 minutes! Easy to Use!

Because the web cam is wireless, simply place it wherever it will have the best view! Plug the Video Receiver into your PC or TV. The signal is automatically sent to your PC or TV (or even VCR if you want to record the action). 

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