Wireless Table Lamp Hidden Camera
Attractive working Table Lamp works great in living rooms, office, den, and more. This working Table Lamp contains a mini camera and transmitter expertly mounted inside. The included receiver connects directly to any VCR up to 700' away. The system consists of a working table lamp with built-in transmitter and camera. Plus it also includes the matching Receiver.

For home or work, this camera will give you the view you need. The round lamp can be pointed in any direction to achieve the correct view. Choose from B/W or Color Camera. Built-in 700' Transmitter will penetrate walls, ceilings, floors, and other objects, but at a reduced range. An optional 10 Mile LOS Repeater is also available so you can send the signal over long distances.

This camera comes in your choice of Black&White or Color. Simply plug it in and connect the receiver to any VCR. You can set your VCR's timer to start recording or start recording manually. Either way, you get a camcorder quality picture. This camera can be connected to any VCR. You can record for up to 6 hours on a T120 tape, and for up to 8 hours on a T160 tape. Standard system includes Table Lamp with built-in 700' line of sight camera/transmitter, matching reciever, power supply and connecting cables for receiver (Lampshade not included)

Video travels hundreds of feet through walls, floors, ceilings, etc

700 foot line of sight range (unobstructed)

CCD chip technology to produce an amazing 420 lines (B/W) of resolution (380 lines Color) for crystal clear images sharper than most camcorders

Record easily to any VCR, or check out our digital video systems and PC computer cards to record digitally

Powered by a single power cord

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