Wireless Pen Camera

Wireless Pen Camera

The most covert undercover hidden camera you will ever find. The Wireless Pen Camera is pure genius. Favored by seasoned surveillance professionals, you will find it hard to put this pen camera down. With it's fingernail size 2.4GHz transmitter expertly concealed inside this working pen you get full COLOR, wireless hidden camera video with just one click of the secret on/off button.

And it actually writes!!!!

The pen camera operates for up to 40 minutes on 5 GPA76 or SR44 watch type batteries (15 included) when you are using this as a body worn hidden camera or can operate for up to 6 hours on an external 9 volt battery.

The included wireless pen camera receiver is powered by a 12 volt 180mA AC adapter or with an external battery holder for portable undercover use.

Professional Quality CMOS Camera
A 50 degree field of view is perfect for face-to-face interactions or viewing the activity of a person from across the room. The 1 Lux light level required for this camera will give you good video in normal room lighting. You will experience varied results in dimly lit rooms.

The camera lens is near the top of the pen on the opposite side of the clip. You can easily clip this on your pocket, shirt, purse, bag, even the pen holder on your desk.

Video Receiver Connects to your VCR or Camcorder
The video receiver is designed to be used with your existing camcorder (with video inputs), your VCR, or our Micro DVR. This pen hidden camera does not record to itself. You must have an external recorder if you want to record the video. Most professionals use our Micro Digital Video Recorder tucked away in a purse, bag or briefcase.

Sorry, audio is not available.

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